We Have A Box And It’s All Up To Us What We Fill In

When I think about studies and being best in class, it reminds me of a small talk I had with a very successful person when I was at high school. Sorry, it was not a personal talk, it was a public lecture for 5~7 minutes and that’s it. At that time I felt unsatisfied with the length of his speech and wanted to listen more from him, later realized that he made the audience explore the endless application of the advice.

The simple idea was just mapping a human brain to an empty box and the things we remember and think about are the things, which we fill in the box. Every one of us knows what is important for us and what is not. So it is just that don’t fill your box with the unwanted and unimportant things. The more valuable or expensive bag means successful and a great life.

What make a box valuable? Yes, it is its contents. Now the question comes what is this precious content. It depends on person to person. For me everything that helps me realize my dream is precious. And my dream was to go to IITs and be the best there. For some friends, it was early money and so called cool life, later they realized I was on the coolest route. As my goals were clear, I tried to fill my small box with the most important stuff I needed to go there.

The size of the box varies. I have a very small box, that mean I remember much less than other people do. Therefore, I have to be super choosy about what goes in it. I cannot afford to remember things that don’t help me with my success and growth. This approach helped me to discard everything from this little magic that is distracting me from my dreams unconsciously.

By discarding I don’t mean to live a boring life and sit in some jungle or stay alone with books. We need to be smart to not get into things too much by which they occupy a tiniest space in our brain. For example listening to music by not remembering the lyrics, going for a movie and watch it but don’t discuss too much about it. Do everything but don’t die for it. Make sure if you are busy you can easily avoid it for next time.

For example, a new movie in town and you are dying to watch it, and make plans and think about it. A new drama series and all girls die to watch the next episodes and discuss them. A new girl in class or college, guys spend hours discussing about her. These things occupy ones brain more than real stuff. Finally one realizes that he or she cannot do anything now and give up and end up screwing their children to realize their dead dreams.

I ask you to give importance to important things instead of loosing focus. We live in a very competitive atmosphere where people work hard day and night. There are great number of very smart people, who just can crack any test in the world. If they go out and die to watch movies and memorize songs and act cool that suites them. Sorry to say, I cannot afford it, I am an average student and need to use my box efficiently to stand with or little ahead to all those smart kids.

Think about yourself and decide what is the size of your box? What and how you are filling it. If you sense anything wrong with it, go ahead and change your settings (priorities) and follow them. Live your dreams and don’t leave your dreams for next generation.

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I wish you all a great focus and wonderful luck ahead.


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