When I was young my father told me a story and later I heard quote and every time I want to give up something I remember those I just don’t want to give up on that. It is true for everything including going to IITs to finding a job and to most of my personal decisions.

I tried to get into IITs for Bachelors’ degree, could not make it. Tried for masters, could not get it. Finally landed there for PhD. Getting in  there was already a great success for and I was damn happy to be in registration lines of IIT for PhD and that happiness led me to complete PhD in record time with a great love from my surroundings.

This  is my 7th year in one of toughest companies, job and countries. After three years felt like running out of it and felt burnt. When I stayed patient but didn’t compromise on my basic principles and kept trying to learn and improve and understand,  I was lucky to get the work I love to do and cherish it. Sometimes I feel, I would have left this place would have left it with a feeling of being failure or unsuccessful. This might have given me a bad taste of place, people and work. Now I feel truly lucky and if I leave this place, I would leave it with a desire to return to it as I do with IITR.

My dad works in Saudi Arabia for the biggest oil producer in the world. He started working there from early days of Saudi Arabian Oil exploration. He always have many interesting stories to share from his job. Once on a dinner he told a story about an oil digging project.  This is really an interesting and intuitive story.

Once few scientist told an oil exploration company that one specific site if they explore can find oil. The company started digging the site for several years and could not find anything there. The CEO again asked scientists, they said according to analysis they must have oil there but their finding can be faulty. The CEO ordered for dig again spend millions of dollars and not making any profit. After a decade of digging and making losses on paper for company the CEO ordered to abandon the site.  After few years the board of directors decided to try a new CEO and nominated the research group leader as CEO.  The new CEO looked into abandon projects and asked to start digging the site again. The CEO then and a board member suggested him that he should not waste more money into it. But the new CEO after reading the reports ordered to reopen the site and start work. My dad says, after digging for mare less than 30 days they started seeing oil sings there and in two moths they reached oil reserves. These reserves become world’s richest oil reserves and everyday produce millions of barrels of crude oil to the world. The new CEO became the life time chairman of the company and company became one of the world’s largest oil supplier.

There are lot of lessons in this story for and still draw lessons from it. First and foremost is to know what are we looking for and what is its worth. If it can change your whole life its worth giving a good try, if it’s just good for couple years don’t worry too much about it. I strongly believed a degree from IIT would change my life upside down and felt that the best bet I can ever make. I tried till reached there and every time I had other opportunities at hand I felt they are just temporary and in long run won’t benefit me much. This made me clear that I must go to IITs whatever it takes.

Second important thing to constantly work and move towards it. Without a good try it is called dreaming and without giving a good effort is called fooling. You cannot enter  IIT without a good try and without a good effort. So don’t ever think that you will get all in your hand by just talking or thinking about it. Giving up or sticking comes when really started working on something and gave it good time. Once you started giving effort don’t give up. We don’t know how close to success we are when we just give up. Think about the first CEO, dug  the well for more than a decade and gave up when he was just so close to success. Remember him and give your best efforts.

Remember the famous quote from Thomas Edison

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up : Thomas Edison

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Wish you all a great luck ahead and keep rocking.