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Bigger The Aim Higher The Sacrifice

This morning I woke up for morning prayer and after the prayer jumped into lovely reddish bed and kissed my pillow thanked it handling this head for years without complained and closed my eyes. In few seconds i felt something is buzzing, ops it was my phone. I love everything I have though. I was a message from a close friend asking me to join him to visit Seoul (capital of South Korea). I said lets sleep and decide at 10 AM.

I woke up well ahead of 10AM, mailed him to ask about the visit. He wanted to attend a wedding that I don’t want and already visited Seoul a day before. There was no good reason for me to go in a while I thought i am missing something for quite a long time. The messaged him let’s start in at 10.45AM beam.

I started on time picked him from his place and went to Seoul in 30 to 40 minutes had a good time with him, dropped him near subway station and went to masjid. Did my afternoon prayers and sat there for some time met few friends. They forced me to join for lunch with them, but somehow with lots of effort got a leave from them but said to one them to join me for coffee after a while because I was going to meeting someone i was missing for quite a long time.

Then i moved for lunch and went to a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and took Moroccan mint tea and met the guy i was missing for quite a long time in peace. Though in Iteawon area, was less crowded because here weekend start in night: D. I asked me several things about what’s going around how life is and what is next. A very powerful personality, whenever i struck with him I felt I have a lot to do ahead. I talked about many things and many decisions, long term short term and much more. I never know how come two hours passed, and my friend gave me five calls.

One thing I wanted to ask him ever and waiting for my time. This was real good time no one around and in peace for hours. I asked him, tell me one thing, I have decent job that pays me three time higher than other engineers, I have a beautiful and peaceful home, I have one of the best cars in the world, I enjoy luxury that many don’t even know then why would I have to blog and work much harder than others. People relax, have fun, and do lot other stuff and when I take myself don’t even have time to think about a movie. I watch a movie may be in six months or so. Why do I have to be scheduled like that. He just smiled and shared with me, Bigger is the Aim higher is the sacrificed.

I am totally an average guy with extra crazy attitude towards life, want to higher and see the world from it. Someone is like me I take them there and if someone is not like I leave them where they deserve. It may sound bad but take it from me live is short we have a lot of big things to enjoy. You respect Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and many more like them. But wait for a second, and see how they got there. By travelling, sleeping all day and night long, watching TV, dying for movies, making friends on internet or chatting with people. Just think about that for a moment and you will realize what you have to do ahead. They all had bigger dreams and they lived up to their, it’s my and your turn now. If you have bigger Aim get ready to give a bigger sacrifice.

I met myself, sat alone and gave a thought for next. GATE is just next to you and your life is just next to you. If you are average and want to leave a mark in the world, time to give blood, sit and get ready to give your best. Traveling to explore is a bogus and false idea at this age. Much more travel come in life when you grow, much more opportunities come to explore. I am not a big travel fan but I had been to all Asia, Africa, Middle East, and all India. You don’t need to take the most valuable time for that, your wives or headbands will do that for you don’t worry. TV will suck your life with no important stuff. You can watch all later when you are free. You can meet the most amazing people if you sacrifice and do great in life, otherwise meet only people in situation like yours.

If you are taking up GATE this year, I ask you sit alone for some time. Check what are you doing and how much you have do for making it to IITs and beyond. Take it from me, rest is all nothing for you once you realize the importance and value of knocking doors of IITs. Make higher goals in life, reach your dreams and believe me you make your parents much more proud when they see you growing higher than living next to them sucking their lives. You cannot imagine the happiness your dad will feel when he says that his son or daughter made it to IITs. Take stand give that feeling parents. It’s not easy and free, you need to sacrifice. Just remember higher is aim bigger is sacrifice. Stop all time wasters and stay focused and stay concentrated. Sleep with GATE in mind and wakeup with that mind. We need honest dedication for it. Just few and rest of the life you will remember this time. If you waste this time you really don’t want to remember it. Take a call and give a shot.

Wish you all great luck ahead.


  1. NAVIN

    really inspiring article

  2. Jagat Narayan

    Thanks Sir.

  3. Raveena Rajput

    Pursuing big dreams seems like it will take up everything and also is never the accepted thing in small towns….but u gave me the insight..thank final year civil…gate aspirant from 3 yrs..trying hard to make it…BIGGG…will hopefully meet u after emerging from current state… 🙂

  4. Saketh

    Thank u’s inspiring and the last lines are outstanding

  5. Monika saluja

    Yes, our younger ones need this kind of inspiration. Good job, really contribution to the society.

  6. Harish M

    Sir great article. Thank you so much for such an inspiring post…

  7. Rakhi Mahanta

    Thank you so much sir…..this article is really a very inspiring article…..The each and every words of last two paragraphs are touched to my heart..

  8. sachin

    Thanx a lot Sir!!!

  9. ray

    Inspiring sire
    thanks !

  10. Vikram Ojha

    Thanku!! zahid u r real source of inspiration for me and many of friends who were preparing for gate-2012 n those r preparing for GATE-2013

    Thanx a lot Sir!!!

  11. Akhilesh

    Really inspiring article sir……

  12. subroto kar

    Respected Sir,
    sir i have done my btech in the year is quite frustrating being unemployed since then,qualified gate 2012,but that was not good enough to secure place in iits or nits.already i have 2 year gap(1st between my xii nd btech,and now this).right now i m preparing for gate sir kindly help me whether this year gap gonna affect me in near future if i m able to get into iits or nits 2013 around.
    Sir,please reply.Waiting for your reply.

  13. Aniket Narvankar

    Respected Sir,
    Sir,I have completed BE CSE from a college from Mumbai University,my percentage are 64.47.Sir,it is my dream and aim to work for companys like Adobe,Cisco,Google,Samsung,Amazon etc.I want to ask is if I get admission to M.Tech in a good college(like IIT/IISc or NIT ) and maintain a very good cgpa in M.Tech will I be able to get job in any of this companys.What is the criteria of this companys when they come for placements(do they see M.Tech cgpa only or both BE and M.Tech marks).Sir,please reply.Waiting for your reply.

  14. Kallol Dey.

    Awesome article …..

  15. Amol Walde

    I have been visiting your blog for quite a long time. I your silent admirer. I am a huge fan of yours. Whenever I feel lost your words show me the way…

    Thanks a lot SIR..

  16. mitu

    hats off bro..its awesome

  17. manju`

    The topic name itself is enough!!!! Heart touching!!!!

  18. rohith

    No words to describe!!!! I am speechless you are absouletly true!!!!! Zahid bhai!!!

  19. Adithya

    Zahid Sir, wonderful article. Very inspiring.

    I am preparing for GATE 2013 and I have been studying regularly for the last 2 months for 4 to 6 hours every day and have covered 4 topics of ECE. Shall I continue this way or should I press the accelerator even more? I know the study timings depends on individual but still I guess you would have a better idea on this. Please reply.

  20. Poornima

    That was truly inspiring! Thank You!

  21. Shiva Chitta

    Its Really an Inspiring article Sir, This single article Illustrates, how the Name (I n I) suits for this blog….

    n Salute to your friend. We told in a simple and Inspiring manner.

  22. WhizKid

    Quite true…Ordinary people doing extraordinary things will make Extraordinary people.

    Mr Feynman on thinking:

  23. Anuj

    Hello Sir
    Its good to hear from you at this crucial juncture.
    I did qualified GATE”12 but couldnt make it to IITs NITs,
    but Thanks to your enlightening words i am sitting full time for GATE”2013 & I hope that this would be the Last time & i’ll make it… 😀
    Would wait for your Words of wisdom in incoming future…

  24. Sandip more

    Thats great article i have read sir…Thanks for inspiring the young Indians….

  25. shoaib ahamed

    Heart touching article zahid Bhai…..thanks for a lot…….:)

  26. Saleem

    Great Blog. Full of Guidance and Inspiration.

    Thanks Bro..

  27. Amin

    That was really an inspiring one.Sir I completed cse.nw i want to do cse.I qualified gate 2012 but nt with good rank around 8000…sir i cant afford to drop a year.Tell me will it b worth doing from bangalore private colleges and if so which colleges in bangalore are good for cse.i wnat to work hard in but i need a platform…please reply…Thanks

  28. Ashish

    Back with Bang..

    Thanks Sir for Keeping the Spirits High

  29. sunil

    sir u always inspired me alot ………..
    i’m in the company of all about education from last 5 years
    at present doing mtech in controls from nit alld.
    this article is amazing

  30. krishna

    @HEM:Dear Hem,The mere fact that you are confused suggests that your new job seems to be good & satisfying one. But the desire to do Ph.D is seems to be even greater than job. As a frnd, If you can afford/allocate a lot of time & hardwork and has a great appetite for reading, I think Ph.D is your arena,provided that you have no financial constraints.You have to understand that Ph.D is just the beginning !

    If else, job will be ideal solution.

  31. divya

    very inspiring .thnkyou.

  32. Jay

    Thanks Zahid Sir 🙂

  33. Arun

    Thanx a lot sir for this beautiful quotes….


    hello sir,
    i am in a big confusion now a days.
    i have done in civil engineering from a private college in orissa this year.
    i have been doing a job from six month ago but that is not as much as good as a expected.
    i have got another good job in a private firm in a metro rail construction,which i will join soon.
    i have an option to go for ph.d. in water resource engineering from NIT Rourkela.
    so what to do?
    should i join a private job or to go for ph.d.
    is NIT will be good to have a ph.d. after
    please guide me.
    can i join in industry or infrastructure sector after ph.d?

  35. Tuhin Roy

    There is no word for the comment.

  36. Pallavi

    as usual inspiring………….

  37. Vinod

    Hattttt zahid is back after long time…

  38. Lorin Ahmed

    Another great article Zahid Bhai… 🙂

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