Today I am little feverish, as temperature gone down to -14 degrees. When I reached office I received a desktop background saying “Time is the most valuable thing man can spend, how you spent 2010? This is really a question worth asking individually.

I do plan and evaluate my year since my engineering (university) days. Planning and evaluating is always good for every single individual. If you read management books they even say that having a written long term plan and its short break downs will help you stay in focus and ultimately reach your goals.

When I was in final year of Engineering studies, I was totally confused about what is next? I always want to do something great but don’t know what it is, as most of you must be having same spark in you. I studied in private engineering college in a remote place and there were not good opportunities after Engineering. Wanted to go to New Zealand, Australia or Canada for higher studies but there was no proper guidance and confidence.

Finally waited and joined a better university for M.Tech. One day I fell sick and a generous HOD took me to hospital. On the way to hospital, he asked me why you did I joined here for M.Tech. And told that I guess you would have tried one more year and joined IITs. At that time I was too desperate for PhD, I told him M.Tech is like a bridge to me and not a final destination. I cannot wait another year for a better bike to cross it. My ultimate goal is to cross it and go to next level as soon as possible. He told you will definitely go there. But I had to face enough to get into PhD, will share that experience in coming posts.

The point I wanted bring here is, stay focused on what you are looking for. Ultimately your knowledge in one or the other form will help you to do what you desperately desire for. Yearend indicates it’s time to evaluate oneself, remember the mistake happened during whole year. Find out the reasons for failures and make a plan to overcome them in coming year.

By evaluating I don’t mean to the very serious and don’t cherish the good moment with friends and welcome New Year. I mean give a bumper start to the New Year with new energy, new goals and celebrate the success in previous years, and learn from past mistakes.

Stay focused on your goals, without being too obsessed with the celebrities and their shows on yearend and their multiple telecasts on the TV for months together. They are not going to write your exams, they are not going see your results, and they ultimately they are going to help you if could not challenge the competition.

If we are average, remember nothing can save except our hard work that we do when everyone else is having good time. And our good time reserved for us and whole world would be waiting for it to cherish. Believe me that day will come.

Keep working hard there is too less time for GATE 2011. Stay focused, be sincere and stay humble.