What Are We Doing On This Weekend!!!

We usually don’t realize the potential of using our weekend for studies. Have you ever caught in a situation where you don’t have anything to do on weekend? You don’t have a friend to talk, no one at home, nothing is being planned for the weekend. Usually in this situation we either try to sleep or sit in front of TV and change channels, try to call some friend or just find a way to pass our time.

If we think a little, we actually need to make a situation like this to make best use of this time for GATE preparations. To make best use of weekend, let’s make an environment like, there is no plan or commitment on weekends, no friends, no family members, no TVs, no phone calls and no going out. Don’t ever think that life is boring that way. Usually students get into wrong association between wasting time and entertainment. Similarly they associate some useful act, such as studying, reading a book or novel, playing skilled game as boring life. This will usually keep them away from constructive work, making all constructive effort as boring and time consuming.

I always told my friends that if we want to be called lucky we should be either genius or hardworking. I am saying lucky because these are the people make best of their lives and time. With genius I don’t mine the talkative, I mean the real sharp mind that understand and remember everything in one short. They are god gifted and very few of us are blessed with this. Another attribute is hardworking that will definitely an alternative to not being genius at certain level.

I am not a genius for sure, but I am good in giving a try in a best possible way, whether physical or mental. What I learned in M.Tech was a great asset to me and a building block for growth so far. Continuous hard work with clear focus will take you to a place where most of the genius struggle or miss to reach. If a smart guy understands something in an hour and a normal guy understand the same stuff repeating or rereading the same stuff three times, he should do it. And always remember if that smart guy goes out for a day and the normal guy study that day he is already ahead of him. If he keeps doing it continually, we see that he already ahead of the best known in class.

On the other hand, the worst thing is being an average student and not having a motivation and patience to beat the best in class. We need three hours to understand and we are not patient enough to give it an hour, then we can understand where we will be. The lazy attitude is like cancer, kill a human being slowly and finally take us to a very painful death our dreams.

Let’s decide what do we want in life, are we ready to give our nights and weekends for that? If not then we should not take the challenges and live a life that takes us somewhere we don’t know. If we want a life that goes according to our dreams, we need to give hard work with patience to realize them. And I strongly believe, this will make us happy and on the same time, family and friends will be proud of us.
The bottom line is there is no alternative to hard work with consistency. Opportunity only knock our doors when are prepared to welcome it, otherwise opportunity never look like an opportunity itself.

Let’s tighten our waist and work hard for the coming GATE exam. We don’t have time to waste, as exam is too close and there is so much to cover. For other details do visit GATE preparation guide. I really wish you all a wonderful luck for GATE preparation and I hope you will make the best out of it.

I m planning for a series of posts for motivating students under the heading “Beat the best in Class”, similar to Must read articles for M.Tech aspirants. I hope to cover the procedures, habits, and motivation required to compete with the best or smartest students of the class. Please do suggest me a good name for the series of post if you have one. You can also share it with friends on Facebook and orkut by pressing the share buttons above and below the post.

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  1. sunny

    sir, you are the most self motivated and a tankhouse of inspiration !!!!!

    thnx for being here !!!!!

  2. richa shrivastava

    sir , this is really very inspirational article which help students lots …….who wants to prepare for GATE but due to sum reason they don;t concentrate their mind in study ………like me … i need sum more article from u on “how to concentrate our mind” .

  3. tajeswita gupta

    sir, last year i have qualified gate with ec but not with good scores even i work harder. this year i have taken admission in a govt. college but this year i want to make it iit and also have to prepare for my exams. my concepts are good. how could i make that, what i have to add to make my sucess ensure.

  4. bharath

    sir… i was really scared by reading this but finally relised the words are fact. ill start pren today. but i dont have proper basics in can you help me how can i get my basics of eee branch. i need best authors of my resp. t. books thank you

  5. michael

    Sir.. ! One more point you have to add which wastes a lot of time all the year is MESSAGING.. Most of the guys are addicted to it. If there is nothing to do, then they start sending “Hi” to some friend.I sincerely request my friends to come out of that habit. It is dangerous than alcohol i feel

  6. saquibnawaz

    thats a beautiful post!

  7. shalni

    it is really nice…… please also guide us for the preparation of job interview also.

  8. xyz

    i have been working really hard all my life but i always fail not because because am a dumb head because i have some severe mental health problems just wanted to say that if life wants it can take u anywhere it wants and even if u work hard,your article just made me realize how unlucky of a person i am work hard hard hard and fail everytime…

  9. dharshni

    The article was very inspirational.. It really INSPIRES and IGNITES!!!
    Give constant motivation like this in the background ….
    Thanks for your advice…

  10. Mohit Abhishek

    Great thing. I am really motivated with your advice. I always try to by-pass the websites which gives useless details to the students. But, yours is great. It is the first place, I had seen which motivates for AIR rank 1. First time in life, I had become a fan of such website on FACEBOOK.

    Thanks a lot.

  11. dileep

    thanks u sir for your inspirational article

  12. Saurabh

    One more if u lyk
    “Even d genius has to give extra-effort”

  13. Saurabh

    ” yes i can do it”

  14. Saurabh

    Sir your posts are all superb.

  15. Kamalika

    Was really looking for such a topic to read…Thanx a lot for such a motivating piece of writing… 🙂

  16. dhivya

    hi zahid:)

    i need motivation letters from yo and also study materials for biotechnology

  17. Manish

    Thank you Sir. Its very inspirational article. I think title for your new article should be like only ‘Beat the Best’ bcoz hardwork and sincerity make winner in all areas.

  18. Bakha

    Dear Sir,
    It is nice to see that you are doing great!! Keep posting bro..

  19. Aditya Lodha

    i would prefer to call u my friend (not sir)…

    the posts thourhgout the blog are best & quite inspirational… please continue the work or motivation for the students going for PG, especially in India.

    i would like to suggest the name of your upcoming series as —> “To be the best…”,
    as, i think that, one should be the best not only in class, but also in his/her profession…. then why to add the parameter ‘class’ in that & limit the vision?

  20. Saraswathi

    Sir your post is really inspirational and motivating… thanks a lot for it 🙂

  21. Paras

    Mr. Zahid

    this topic is really inspires me.
    Can you please tell me from where u did urs
    Pls make reply

  22. DINESH

    sir, this is a very inspirational article written by you for gate aspirants.

    i have a query sir…………is it possible to get your ms or mtech degree as early as possible by submitting your research early?

  23. Karthik

    “becoming better than the BEST” . .;-)

  24. suraj sawant

    Zahid sir ,
    this letter just turn on me and bring me a step further,
    keep in touch,

    yours truly

  25. Kallol

    Sir great article. You can use the name ,”win the pinnacle of success” as your upcoming series title.

  26. sandeep sahu

    thanks a lot sir for ur continual support, guidance and motivation for preparing GATE exam.

  27. raghu

    “beat the best ” will be good :-):-)

  28. Subrata Roy

    Thank u sir for such an inspirational post….it taught me how to realize my dreams. Do post such inspirational posts, it really revitalizes the mind and gives that extra bit to put down our 100% to make our dreams come true. Thanks sir….

  29. akanksha

    article is very inspirational for me..Thank you sir

  30. vivek garg

    ” what it takes to be the best in class ! ” may be a title for ur upcoming article series sir

    1. Zahid

      Thanks Vivek for a nice title. Lets what others have packed for us 🙂

  31. vivek garg

    m a fan of urs sir. gr8 Job!

  32. Bikram Ballav

    Thank you sir … this article is very inspirational …your thoughts are very true for every common people ..

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