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MS In US: Did I Miss It?

Finally I am in final of engineering and there is all hope that I will pass without any additional effort. Seventh semester was really cool and easy. Eight was fun there was nothing much to do academically and had lots of worries and sadness. Worry about future and sadness about leaving friends with whom I spend my good four years.

It few months back it was really a great trend to see friends applying for GRE and TOFEL. Few of them were getting ready to go for jobs and few were confused like me. Students with preparing for GRE TOFEL were well respected and have a great image among girls and rest of the class used to envy it. I had friends from both the groups who were writing GRE TOFEL and who are not. I wrote GATE but I missed trying MS in US. There are several reasons that I would like to share with you.

I was less confident to take GRE or TOFEL. I was studied in a non English medium school till high school and moved to English medium when I was in +2 (intermediate or pre-university).

Lots of uncertainties made me step back. Uncertainties like result of GRE and TOFEL, uncertainty of being selected by a university, uncertainty of getting visa even if everything goes fine. So many uncertainties made me to push myself back.

Huge fee and living cost of the universities in US was another factor. With my calculation at that it was around 10 lakhs for MS tuition fee and RS. 30000/- . At least I have to manage my living even if I get full fee waiver. I know myself very well, even when living with all luxuries I could not do great in exams how can I do well with a job and studies hand by hand. Studying well was my priority at that time and I desperately wanted to be best, which I missed in my B.Tech.

I was more confident of my technical skills and subjective knowledge than English and quantitative skills. This was another major factor for choosing GATE over GRE or TOFEL.

A well defined procedure for M.Tech admissions and easy to ways of finding colleges made GATE and M.Tech more lucrative than GRE TOFEL and MS in US.

With my present status and position let me look back at my decision and share with whether my decision was good or bad. I hope this discussion will help many to understand what is good and bad. I am afraid that this will be a longer post if bring why I opted to go for M.Tech instead of job. I will try to write that in future, if time permits. For time being let’s see it from the M.Tech and MS perspective.

The decision was good form my stand point at that time. At this point I think I am ready for more challenges and adventures. At that point my decision was good to have stability and I feel that stability gave me a confidence to move on. But one the same time I don’t mean that friends who went to US for further studies made a mistake they are doing good in their own sense too. Whatever decision you make you need to be contented and focused on your goals.

I call you to know the depth before diving into water, mare the dream of going to US may land you in a never expected mess. But once you decide be honest to it. Give your heart to the decision and stay happy and focused. Work hard to achieve your goal and never leave a stone unturned. With this I wish you all a great luck.



    In all your post, at the end you write With this I wish you all a great luck.
    Can you write a post on LUCK, if time permits you , i.e. your perspective about LUCK.

  2. Patel Jemin

    it’s always great for me to spend time for InI and some time it gives me inspiration and some time gives me right direction… but sir i want to give u suggestion that u can categorize your article so that one can gone through directly from home page …because i found some of article as related post and that are good informative..and that are not found from home page.
    Thanks a lot sir…for such good article at one place…keep it up your job…because you are getting many blessing from many students around world.

  3. Vijay

    Well, this post cleared many doubts. And also looking forward for posts on mtech in india.

  4. prasadz

    I agree with you Zahid,and i also made the same choice and opted for u for writing the post it helped me to strengthen my decision and i feel i’m not the only one who feels thi

  5. Shahid

    Excellent post !

  6. Tuhin Roy

    Good sir.
    We really want this type of writings.
    Many many thank you for sharing such type of important experience.

  7. raj

    Thank u Sir,:-)mind is so clear after d post….

  8. Shashank

    Are you sure Indian institutes offer same or at least comparable research facilities as their foreign counterparts? I don’t see much of original research or ideas coming out of Indian universities, so there must be something better over there.

  9. Shiva Chitta

    I think this is the problem ,which lot of Engineering Graduates facing nowadays due to crazy about NRI s around our circumstances.
    But as for my knowledge we have well Universities in India,which are better than most of foreign universities.

    At this time I want to share Qut. which I follows generally….
    “Opportunities are always under our feet.We don’t have to go anywhere .All we need to do is recognize it.”

  10. praful

    good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the dilemma,i think every student face in his life which he/she has to tackle himself,but your detailed experience will show ways for others.

    thanks again.all other post like about your busy schedule is also encouraging.

    so plz keep going on

  11. mubeen

    bravo!!!please keep posting n giving us an insight to our ownselves!!!u type pretty good english….am sure u would have cleared GRE or TOEFL.!!!

  12. sandhya

    thanks sir for sharing your experience with us. It really help us to decide right direction for future.

  13. Nipun Ahuja

    Besides all, I find your English good and find all your articles very interesting. 🙂

  14. Zubin

    Wah! An excellent write!
    Indeed I see no point in going abroad if you are confident enough about your capabilities. Except for those who are looking for super-specialized research work in areas like computational neuroscience, I believe that the India institutes offer the same stuff, at least in the Masters level. Why waste so much money, time and energy to for a degree abroad, when you can get it rather easily here! Go there for conferences and vacations. 😉
    #”A well defined procedure for M.Tech admissions and easy to ways of finding colleges made GATE and M.Tech more lucrative than GRE TOFEL and MS in US.”- Expecting a post soon regarding options after MTech.

  15. mohd shahzad tyagi

    Very nice. you were rigth that time.

  16. ajinkya

    really good information
    thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    may god bless you sir.

  17. shoaib

    Thanks zahid Brother…for great continuous effort from u.

  18. Hardik

    great one sir….
    this kind of your posts are giving us right direction…..

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