When Life Strikes Take a Pause and Reflect

Making cutoff tools is fascinating challenging task. I have been working really hard to get all B.Tech cutoff data in one place. That is a huge huge work for someone with a full time job at hand. By reducing couple of hours of daily sleep and a great team of dedicated people I started to give the best possible and authentic tools to students. Just a month and half passed I met with a surprised cycle crash. I have been cycling for 10 yrs (cycling I mean minimum over 40Km in one go).

It was a surprising for me even the event was crazy. When I returned from hospital a friend who visited me said bro. you really needed rest and you were not taking it properly so this is a gift from God for you to take rest for couple of days. I just remembered a saying of prophet SAW where says take advantage of 5 before 5 it goes like

Take benefit of five before five: Your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before you are preoccupied, and your life before your death.

This is second time life stroked and really almost near at the same time last year. This time I calmed down a bit. Stopped all programming and big data processing works and just collected myself to look deeper into life. Few things were annoying for long time and being annoying I kept a watch on them. I figured out that I should place them in their place. Ramadan was coming and I was like crazy guy was busy in my daily schedules and other stuff. This gave me a good time to reflect on what is coming and how much importance I should give it to that.

Eventually in two weeks time I became more clear of a person. I became more desirable to win in what I am doing more than ever but with a bit of urgency. I cleared all never ending distractions among people and things and channelized myself. I Took time to organize my goals set new priorities and more importantly planed Ramadan.

Life keep striking us, importantly it hits hard take a pause and reflect spend time on self and connect yourself with greater goal and people and ultimately almighty. Every stroke will be a blessing. This give us a chance to clean ourselves from within and our surroundings. Keep oneself away from low aiming or aimless creatures, worthless thoughts instead reflect and stand up to deliver. We can make every calamity an event of great start.

Let’s look forward for a great start and excellent future.

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