Another frequently asked question by GATE applicants is about GATE organizing institute. This question is asked with the common misconception that the question paper would be similar to earlier years or the toughness of GATE question paper depends on organizing institute.

The reality is that the organizing institute will only moderated the paper setting process. Professors from almost all the IITs and IISc are requested for question papers. After collecting papers from selected professors a common paper is set. It’s neither a paper from single professor nor form a single institute.

I suggest all the GATE applicants to get ready for the toughest exam possible. If we are ready for worst situation surviving would easy and given a chance we may knock the doors of IITs.

In this post I tried to give the best possible information about GATE organizing institute after visiting different blogs and forums. The list of GATE organizing institutes is as follows.

Year Organizing Institute
2019 IIT Madras
2018 IIT Guwahati
2017 IIT Roorkee
2016 IISc Bangalore
2015 IIT Kanpur
2014 IIT Kharagpur
2013 IIT Bombay
2012 IIT Delhi
2011 IIT Madras
2010 IIT Guwahati
2009 IIT Roorkee
2008 IISc Bangalore
2007 IIT Kanpur
2006 IIT Kharagpur
2005 IIT Bombay
2004 IIT Delhi
2003 IIT Madras
2002 IISc Banglore
2001 IIT Kanpur
2000 IIT Kharagpur
1999 IIT Bombay
1998 IIT Delhi
1997 IIT Madras
1996 IISc Banglore
1995 IIT Kanpur

This is just for the information of GATE applicants to avoid their curiosity and a part of GATE Preparation Guide. It really doesn’t matter which IIT is conducting GATE. If someone is trying to interpret the toughness of paper then it is just an imagination.

I tried to make as accurate as possible, but still if you find something missing or wrong please feel free to correct me by dropping a comment. Do not hesitate to give your suggestions or share some valuable information with thousands of students.

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I wish you all great luck ahead with GATE preparation and M.Tech admissions in 2011.