Thank You All For InI’s Half A Million YouTube Views

I was looking at the stats of InI YouTube channel last time, it was well short to half a million views. I felt that I have enough time to see these again, but it was not that short : ) Ramadan started and I took some time for myself and was relaxing until received an email from from a YouTube subscriber indicating that the channel crossed half a million views.

The stats are amazing at InI YouTube channel with average view longing 4 minutes. Even this is Ramadan where I love to spend most of the time on myself and having a physical challenge for some time I could not stop myself making a video for 4 minutes and sharing stuff coming on InI.

We are looking forward to make InI an awesome place for admission guidance, which no other website can match. With the data being collected for years and insights from placements and industry shifts I strongly believe we prove unique and best possible guidance to students.

I hope with your support and extremely dedicated efforts we will make the best possible tools from all engineering students and help them reaching best decisions based on data and analysis.

If you are preparing for GATE or already reached IITs do keep an eye at InI YouTube channel and InI itself to get more updates on all fronts.

Thank you all again for all support and love you shown to InI.

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