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Phd is one the degree in my life that I enjoyed thoroughly. Right from registration till convocation. This gave a new direction my life and since then there is no looking back. I am not praising myself here, I just want to bring the hidden treasures PhD have for an average student like me. That can miraculously change the course of life.

InI is old enough to have readers completing their Master degrees and still looking to explore best possible opportunities in life. So I decided to share my experiences on this. My views changed with my age and experience in industry hope the joy of PhD and experience in unique country and company would bring a better overall view of life after master and PhD.

InI will have a complete new blog for PhD. I will update it before Ramadan and make another video if possible. Could be introduction whole new PhD stuff. Youtube channel and facebook would remain the common platform for GATE. Masters, and PhD.

Here is the first brief vid related to PhD. (leave my hair in this vid : D, they grow fast, even when I make them soo short )

One can do PhD right after B.Tech , therefore this series would help B.Tech students too. Specially average students will find it enormously handy and motivating because they usually get neglected and need to put an extra effort move ahead. PhD gives a chance to them with that little extra time and flexibility.

Do get ready for an exciting move over the life of an ordinary student who finally could reach out many like him. One degree from IIT and a bit of attitude and a bit of luck and a bit of everything made his life span memorable.

I would be more personal in PhD videos, because PhD is just not studies, its much beyond that and would define your rest of life.

Do subscribe to InI on youtube, facebook and google plus. One the PhD blog is set, you can subscribe to that too.

Wish you and a great luck ahead and look for your comments and suggestions.


  1. Jeanaustin.S

    I am not intrested in teaching.Can we get job in industry after ph.d because i finish B.E Mech M.Tech thermal engg in full time?

  2. Hiren Bhataria

    I am a B.E – I.T with 2 years of exp. as s/w developer in TCS.
    I have done my Masters in Marketing in 2017 from Mumbai University.
    Will doing a PhD in abroad right after my Master be beneficial as a fresher in this filed?
    Please guide me about the Corporate Jobs prospects after getting a PhD in Management – Marketing.

  3. Bhumika Taldar

    Hello sir
    Soon will be enrolled in PhD in march and have to submit synopsis by next week but confused about topic kindly help me out in choosing the topic.

  4. dhanesh

    sir give me a idea to get a job after M.E


    Asslam-wa-alykum Zahid, This is Moghal Abdul Kalam holding MCA in hand and pursuing M.Tech CSE 2015 and project workis going to submit this Dec-2015. Can I eligible for appearing entrance exam for Ph.D conducted by JNTUniversity, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh as my is not comlpleted and the required qualification is MCA & M.Tech. Further, Let me know what is the best universities for Ph.D. Is IITs Bombay, Banglore, Kahragpur or Kanpur is best. And which one is better among Regular and Part time. I am very eager and enthusiasting to study Ph.D. Pls give me a list of universities and their qualifications and name of the entrance test to qualifiy / eligible for it. Thanks


    Hi i saw your video and opened website i am MBA and want to do PhD in Management. I want to consult my profile with a guide or academic supervisor. Do you have some suggestions for me?

    1. Zahid

      Please visit for more details on MS and PhD

  7. shiv singh

    I have completed my M.Sc. in CS, Can I do M.Tech (Part Time) and Ph.D.(regular) in same time duration.Is it eligible for future reference.

  8. Satya

    Hi Zahid,

    This website is simply amazing. Thanks InI Team. I am expecting new blog on PhD. soon ; with full load of useful information. Yes, I believe the way facts are mentioned in InI could surely motivate all of us for a great doctoral research.


  9. Amit

    i completed in 2013.presently i am working as assistant professor in private college.i want to do phd in parttime.can part time phd completed student apply in iit or nit for faculty position.what is better is part time phd or full time phd.please guide to me.

  10. MOHD

    Assalam-walekum Zahid
    Ramdam Mubarak
    I’m at final phase of my masters of technology.I have done my masters one year internship at IBM-ISL.I didn’t get absorb at IBM-ISL so I’m bit worried about my future because my academic performance is like mtech-8cpga,btech-56%,12th-70.14%,10th-70.21% and I qualified gate-2011 with 355 score.I want to pursue Phd at iit’s or iisc so being an average or below average guy would i get phd seat or clear gate with good gate score.What you think being a guy who scored an 56% in his graduation can get phd seat even he scores good in gate and also complete phd?

  11. Kritika

    Hello Sir,
    Sir I want to apply for Ph.D next year after completion of my M.Tech..
    Is it a right decision to apply just after M.Tech coz i got to knw frm few ppl that v must apply after certain experience..

  12. dushyant

    Dear Sir,
    Is it advisable to obtain an australian or USA degree of phd ?
    Will it be beneficial, how?

    I will be highly obliged if you can throw some light on this

  13. ANIKET

    I have got admission in KJ Somaiya College Vidyavihar For ME Information Security.
    I am in huge confussion wether to join the course or make one more try.
    please guide me about college research faculties,placement for ME.Please anybody comment. I need help


  14. kartheek

    sir, can u pls tell me, phd under good institute like IIT or phd under good guide ,we have to choose(both is not possible in my case) & am interested in industry(not teaching field) after phd.

  15. Neha Gupta

    Sir one suggestion for you . .
    please while posting video make sure about what you will going to discuss.
    most of the time i find you confusing.
    You said after phd more options and freedom but havn’t give any other fields so that we can decide to do phd.
    you said abt where to do phd but don’t give a single name of any institute.
    most of the time you only say this video is for this and that and we will discuss that but nothing is told by you.

  16. Bhavesh Vanjani

    You said in Blog you had done Phd. in unique country, also we all know you are been out of Country from so long
    So I think you are the best person guide regarding this question

    Which country is best for engineering courses (bachelors or masters, or doctorates )
    and How can we get into other country’s university ?

    this is really very toughest/hardest question to answer by your own self and also difficult to find on “Google”

    I hope you will guide regard this ,please.

  17. praveen v

    sir, could you tell some thing regarding IIST.

    As iam interested to pursue a career in Space Engineering.
    At present there is only 3 general seats per Mtech branch.
    My self got call from Machine learning and Geomatics. department.

    Can you compare these with IITs or ant other top institutes.
    As a ISRO fan and a with a gate score 0f ~500(!!) ,i have to prefer this.!

    Praying and preparing to get in those 3 seats.

  18. bakeel

    sir.. waiting for ur Ramadan post too.. plz also share your time table in the month of ramadan.. that is a great source of motivation..

  19. Umesh

    I want to know about JRF in IIT and CSIR lab. opportunities after it. whether it is equivalent to MS by research?


    I have completed B.Tech ECE in 2011 under WBUT and appeared in MBA Finance final exam.under WBUT, result is awaited. I want to get PhD in finance . Pl. guide me how can I do ?

  21. KUMAR

    Sir. i am following InI since 2010. You are doing great work. Thank you……..

  22. Rajesh

    waiting for it knowledge n info


    Sir, I am selected for phd from NIT Jaipur… what should be mine steps to move towards a new research. And I have a bad experience in education sector and now waant to jump for company after phd……how is it possible……hoping for your golden words.

  24. Reshmi

    I would love to hear your Ph.D experiences.The first time i found this blog was when i was preparing for my GATE.Though this blog doesnt cover much into my area…Biotechnology…I am fond of reading all the general stuffs.You are great motivator.I am looking forward to do my Ph.D studies.god bless..:)

  25. Kuheli Sai

    i have seen your blog even before taking admission to engineering college for B.Tech. From that time i am motivated towards GATE.
    At this juncture, i am not yet decided whether i should do P.hd or not. But i am very much sure that your blog will inspire me again to get another degree in my life.

  26. juzer

    i did hear about Ph.D after But dunno details..
    can you please eloborate.. because I am nearing end of B.E. and wanna give it a shot seriously

    1. Rahul

      Have some details :
      IISc and majority of IITs do have B.E. ( plus most of cases GATE qualified also ) as eligibility criteria
      IIT Kanpur has higher Engineering aggregate as requirement

      The course also covers more subjects as compared to Ph.D after M.Tech

    2. Rahul

      Happy Ramadan !!
      And please do check for TIFR GS (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) in mid of August and JEST (Joint Entrance Screening Test) in December for Ph.D and Integrated Ph.D Programme

    3. Rahul

      Also, please do check
      INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY for Post Graduate programmes during month of May
      BARC Training Schools in second half of November

    4. Rahul Kulkarni

      Also do check in Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. (JAM) , this time being organised by IITK

  27. Jaba Banik

    Would like u too throw some light on doing phd from abroad too.looking forward to ur phd blog.all d best !!

  28. Dinesh

    that vl b vry gud move fr those who r really interested in research……welcome…..

  29. himanshu

    Ah thanks alot……
    timing for it couldn’t been better for me….

  30. ashish@smschacha

    Sir, Please let me know the list of good universities for doing PHD in india..

  31. Nikita Purohit

    waiting 4 it sir…………


    Really looking forward to the InI Ph.D. Blog. That would truly be a new direction. All the Best to the upcoming blog! 🙂

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