Phd is one the degree in my life that I enjoyed thoroughly. Right from registration till convocation. This gave a new direction my life and since then there is no looking back. I am not praising myself here, I just want to bring the hidden treasures PhD have for an average student like me. That can miraculously change the course of life.

InI is old enough to have readers completing their Master degrees and still looking to explore best possible opportunities in life. So I decided to share my experiences on this. My views changed with my age and experience in industry hope the joy of PhD and experience in unique country and company would bring a better overall view of life after master and PhD.

InI will have a complete new blog for PhD. I will update it before Ramadan and make another video if possible. Could be introduction whole new PhD stuff. Youtube channel and facebook would remain the common platform for GATE. Masters, and PhD.

Here is the first brief vid related to PhD. (leave my hair in this vid : D, they grow fast, even when I make them soo short )

One can do PhD right after B.Tech , therefore this series would help B.Tech students too. Specially average students will find it enormously handy and motivating because they usually get neglected and need to put an extra effort move ahead. PhD gives a chance to them with that little extra time and flexibility.

Do get ready for an exciting move over the life of an ordinary student who finally could reach out many like him. One degree from IIT and a bit of attitude and a bit of luck and a bit of everything made his life span memorable.

I would be more personal in PhD videos, because PhD is just not studies, its much beyond that and would define your rest of life.

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Wish you and a great luck ahead and look for your comments and suggestions.