InI Forum Improvements For 25000 FB Likes And 1500 Youtube Subscribers

InI’s likes on facebook, Google plus, Youtube and Feedburner are increasing everyday. Each time InI reach a landmark figure on social media I make sure there is some descent improvement on service. This is no exception, and there is a great improvement in few services.

First improvement is in InI forums. It became super clean and the speed is much better. I took extreme care in making is clean so that the content gets the first seat. The reason I am focused on forums is to make sure you all interact and help each other and those discussion will help not only you but also help people after you. I am also looking for some people to take charge of forum moderators in coming days.

Second improvement is about forum login methods. InI is not deeply intergraded with not only with facebook but also google login is added. You can use either facebook or google account to login now. No need for any account creation and remembering passwords. The best thing is InI neither have your passwords nor use any private information. You just your account to login and use forums, rest is managed by either facebook or google account.

Third major improvement is in speed. Made a lot of improvements on sever side and also toward simplifying design. You will see a lot towards this end in future too.

Finally, all this is to help you for preparing for your exam and keep you in focus. If you spend sometime on forums it will remind you about exam and you will find your future classmates here.

With the hope that InI and forum will help you in realizing your dreams I wish you all a great luck.


  1. V.Giridharan

    Congrats sir. God bless you and all the best

  2. Saptarshi Pyne

    Dear Zahid Sir,
    I would love to make future classmates at InI Forum.
    I really really appreciate your strategy.
    A healthy level of multicast will help us to emerge as a strong Group.
    It will leverage our information base and contacts over outsiders.
    While for critical areas, broadcast of your wisdom and experience
    would remain vital. Thank you for the improvements.

  3. isa

    congrats sir…
    god bless u…………

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