I Am Super Nervous To Face This Ramadan

It was a summer night in 2007, I was sitting alone in a room waiting for a call and mom came in twice and asked me if she can give me some tea. I looked at watch it was 2 AM, I was deadly nervous, I asked mom please take rest I don’t need anything n dont disturb me. She could easily figure out that I m nervous n worried, she said relax if it’s good for you will happen and if it’s not you can never make it and god is with you. It was a great moment I cried a bit. Yes I finished PhD at time, and when we are very very nervous its good have a shoulder and mom is best for that. She came near chair and consoled me. I had an interview from one of the top companies in world and really didnt had internet and proper phone line to answer them.

Many things make me nervous mostly when I feel they are highly important for my success in future. Usually Exams, interviews, meeting someone and other things make us nervous because we consider them highly important and think that our life will have a changing effect with that. I really had tough time with entrance exams and interviews as our education and future depends on them. Finally I had the interview and after four rounds I could not make it. It was and is wealthy experience and I still value the amount of pressure I went though.

This time I am multi times more nervous than those days. Ramadan is round the corner and I really want it be best of all I passed. For many years I made a list of activities that I can do and use time more efficiently and stay healthy and strong to keep special prayers intact. I read a lot and wrote a lot during Ramadan till last couple of years. Now technology and mode of communication has changed I will use something other than mails.

We also get nervous we target for 100 percent in anything or we win or lose or have a fear of missing an opportunity. Few people I read about used to prepare and wait for Ramadan as long as 6 months and when I see my preparation I feel nervous. It’s like you are set to take as much gold as you want from a gold mine and have one month limited, Any smart man would not leave it without making sure that he takes the maximum out of it.

I request all of you to help your fasting friends in whatever way possible. The best way to recommend them to stop doing something wrong and ease their work. I request all Muslim readers to be at most humble and polite at least during this month and steadfast at work and prayers.
Ramadan is not about eating and partying it’s all about being a better human and getting close to Allah SWT. Kindly dont make it a party season for thirty days. I am adding a sound clip for you to know importance of this day and prepare yourself.

Kindly all of you pray for me and all other Muslim friends to have an incredible Ramadan ahead. I thank you all for being with InI and keeping me your deep prayers. Thanks you All.

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