Ever Thought Of Meeting Zahid Personally , Here He Is …

Finally the month of Ramadan is at the verge of end. You might have seen a heavy shopping spree in you town people buying and buying and eating and eating. Yes that says they are getting ready to say bye bye to great month of Ramadan.

For me these days of Ramadan is bit painful, because of everything I do during this month make me look nothing have been done. Not a shopping guy, though do it but super fast and quickly, especially in Ramadan. Food is my big dont care stuff. The productivity during this month is totally like a heave storm. I am was not active on InI but trust me I write a lot during this month for different forum and other blogs. I really love the time I spend there, and meet a lot of great people and keep them very dear to me and feel blessed that Allah SWT (god) blessed me such a nice company of great and pious people.

Apart from All that I would like to share with you all that your buddy is going to back on InI in a while. For now he is travelling to India, yes for Eid. On the same time, I feel like meeting few of InIites.

How is this idea?

Because on my personal page many wanted to meet me. I am coming to India on a short visit, so thought why not spend some time with InIites. I wish I could meet all of you in one place we have a great party and brain storming for GATE or PhD or just a kind of great meet up.

I can give an hour to few of you. Schedule I will share with you, and other details too. Location and date we will decide later. Let’s make the figure to ten. I would like to meet 10 friends from InI in Hyderabad.

If you were looking for this crazy boy sometimes around and still interested to see him, this how you can catch him. mail at zahid @ with a heading ” InI Hyderabad meet up”. Add the following details just for me to make it easy to figure out what kind of conversation we are going to have.

Current Location (District and State):
Why do you want meet Zahid? (just few words would be enough)

I will close this post as soon as I meet 10 people, whom I would love to meet to.

Yes you are right this could be a startup for study groups for GATE and other higher studies and quickly going to expand along with InI.

This to promote competiveness among students and support within student community to grow and help each other on self sustaining model.

I will be travelling tomorrow and request all of you to pray for me and my family.

Wish you all a great luck and looking forward to hear from you.


  1. jatin kashyap

    I met him today. And believe me , he is just awesome guy. Once again Thanks for inviting me to your home zahid sir.

  2. H srikanth reddy

    Hello Friends I have small doubt about admission….
    Suppose if i take admission through GATE-2013, If i get Good Score in GATE-2014 Can i cancel Gate-2013 admission in 2004??
    please help me????????????

  3. Vinoth Kumar

    happy RAMADAN for u and ur family .

  4. Tuhin Roy

    Wish u & your family happy & safe journey….
    This is the greatest offer, but sorry i can not come….
    Hope we may meet another time….

  5. Bashir

    JazakÁllah Khair! Hope to meet U soon brother. But, Eid is near and limited vacations for NITians M Tech, better I’ll pray for ÏnI Kolkata Meet”.. Regards! πŸ™‚

  6. Sam

    Hi sir,
    I wish to see u, but because of distance
    i am a keralite

  7. paresh

    Zahid, why not take advantage of google hangouts and have one meeting that way. Hydrabad is already the GATE hub, people in other places need you more dear.


      TRUE 😐

    2. Zahid

      Great ideaParesh.
      I m seriously considering a hangout. If possible will post it after Hyderabad meet πŸ™‚
      Than You soo much for the great input πŸ™‚

  8. jatin

    Welcome back , i am feeling so lucky that i am now in Hyderabad. Basically i belong to Punjab. And i would love to meet you face to face.
    Thank you

  9. sohaib raza

    lucky to be a hyderabadi…thankyou very much zahid bhai…waiting for you

  10. Saptarshi Pyne

    Dear Zahid Sir,

    Have a safe journey.
    This is going to be a huge leap for InIites.
    It will bridge the gap between the virtual Dark Knight and the real Zahid Sir.
    Hope to enjoy this experience in a periodical (annual, biannual) and national level (praying the Almighty to have an ‘InI Kolkata Meet Up’ πŸ™ ).
    Great thought.
    Best of luck to all InI Hyderabadis πŸ˜€


    Wow!!! The greatest offer ever for an InIite! πŸ™‚ Thank you… Badly hope to be there, but… 😐 May be another time πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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