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GATE 2016 Official Answer Keys

GATE 2016 official answer keys are announced by Indian Institute of Science, which is GATE 2016 organizing institute. The exam for Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil is conducted in different sessions. Please follow the session based keys to know expected marks. Once you know the marks you can used GATE score calculator to know your scores. Once you scores are known you can use IIT Gate cutoffs and CCMT GATE cutoffs to know previous years GATE cutoffs in IITs and NITs.

Please follow the blow table for Session wise GATE 2016 papers and official answer keys.

GATE 2016 PaperGATE 2016 Answer Key
Aerospace Engineering PaperAerospace Engineering Answer Key
Agricultural Engineering PaperAgricultural Engineering Answer Key
Architecture and Planning PaperArchitecture and Planning Answer Key
Biotechnology PaperBiotechnology Answer Key
Civil Engineering Paper 1Civil Engineering Answer Key 1
Civil Engineering Paper 2Civil Engineering Answer Key 2
Chemical Engineering PaperChemical Engineering Answer Key
Computer Science and Information Technology Paper 1Computer Sc.and Information Technology Answer Key 1
Computer Science and Information Technology Paper 2Computer Sc.and Information Technology Answer Key 2
Chemistry PaperChemistry Answer Key
Electronics and Communication Engineering Paper 1Electronics and Communication Engineering Answer Key 1
Electronics and Communication Engineering Paper 2Electronics and Communication Engineering Answer Key 2
Electronics and Communication Engineering Paper 3Electronics and Communication Engineering Answer Key 3
Electrical Engineering Paper 1Electrical Engineering Answer Key 1
Electrical Engineering Paper 2Electrical Engineering Answer Key 2
Ecology and Evolution PaperEcology and Evolution Answer Key
Geology and Geophysics PaperGeology and Geophysics Answer Key
Instrumentation Engineering PaperInstrumentation Engineering Answer Key
Mathematics PaperMathematics Answer Key
Mechanical Engineering Paper 1Mechanical Engineering Answer Key 1
Mechanical Engineering Paper 2Mechanical Engineering Answer Key 2
Mechanical Engineering Paper 3Mechanical Engineering Answer Key 3
Mining Engineering PaperMining Engineering Answer Key
Metallurgical Engineering PaperMetallurgical Engineering Answer Key
Petroleum Engineering PaperPetroleum Engineering Answer Key
Physics PaperPhysics Answer Key
Production and Industrial Engineering PaperProduction and Industrial Engineering Answer Key
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science PaperTextile Engineering and Fibre Science Answer Key
Engineering Sciences PaperEngineering Sciences Answer Key
Life Sciences PaperLife Sciences Answer Key

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  1. Sruthi

    Could you please tell me how one can apply for admission after 2 years with 2016 gate score ? I have attended 2016 gate and i am planning to do my PG by 2018. How will be my gate rank /score calculated in 2018 using my mark in 2016 exam . Should i need to apply for 2018 for my rank to be calculated ? what are the action items from my side ?
    Thank you.

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