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GATE 2017 Official Papers and Keys

GATE 2017 Official Papers and Keys are officially available publicly at iitr website. This can give you an idea about how was your paper based on marks. Also, you can verify you marks from the online answer sheet available at IIT Roorkee official GATE website.

Once you get ab idea of number of marks obtained you can use GATE score calculator to get an idea what could be your GATE Score based on the expected marks using be GATE score calculator.

GATE Score Calculator

Once you get score you can check if you can get admissions into IITs. For All other iit gate cutoff data since 2013 do check IIT GATE cutoff tools.

IIT GATE cutoff tool

You can also check if you can get the information for NIT GATE cutoff score using CCMT GATE cutoffs or NIT GATE cutoffs.

NIT GATE cutoff tool

The official papers and keys for GATE 2017 are as follows.

Question Papers Answer Keys
AE: Aerospace Engineering AE: Aerospace Engineering
AG: Agricultural Engineering AG: Agricultural Engineering
AR: Architecture and Planning AR: Architecture and Planning
BT: Biotechnology BT: Biotechnology
CE: Civil Engineering (CE01 CE02) CE: Civil Engineering (CE01 CE02)
CH: Chemical Engineering CH: Chemical Engineering
CS: Computer Sc. and Information Technology (CS01 CS02) CS: Computer Sc. and Information Technology (CS01 CS02)
CY: Chemistry CY: Chemistry
EC: Electronics and Communication Engg. (EC01 EC02) EC: Electronics and Communication Engg. (EC01 EC02)
EE: Electrical Engineering (EE01 EE02) EE: Electrical Engineering (EE01 EE02)
EY: Ecology and Evolution EY: Ecology and Evolution
GG: Geology and Geophysics GG: Geology and Geophysics
IN: Instrumentation Engineering IN: Instrumentation Engineering
MA: Mathematics MA: Mathematics
ME: Mechanical Engineering (ME01 ME02) ME: Mechanical Engineering (ME01 ME02)
MN: Mining Engineering MN: Mining Engineering
MT: Metallurgical Engineering MT: Metallurgical Engineering
PE: Petroleum Engineering PE: Petroleum Engineering
PH: Physics PH: Physics
PI: Production and Industrial Engineering PI: Production and Industrial Engineering
TF: Textile Engineering and Fibre Science TF: Textile Engineering and Fibre Science
XE: Engineering Sciences (A-H) XE: Engineering Sciences (A-H)
XL: Life Sciences (P-U) XL: Life Sciences (P-U)

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  1. Zahid

    data available
    1. JAC Delhi (done)
    2. IPU
    3. KCET
    4. KEAM (done)
    5. WBJEE
    6. MHCET
    8. MPCET (Need to check this)
    9. Complete JOSAA Data



    Institute level evaluation (20)
    1. City distance (Todo)
    2. Number of departments and centers (Fetch from faculty table)
    3. Number of UG and PG courses offered (Fetch from UG and PG cuoff)
    4. Hostel and other facilities

    Deprtment level: (30)
    1. Assign generic labeling (compare faculty data phds non phds)
    2. Student faculty ratio for this department and compare it with others(PhDs, non PhDs)

    Coures level (50)
    Cutoff round wise generic department base comparisions
    Yearwise data and analysis

    5. placements info ()

    1. Common GATE score/cutoff (Mostly CS, EC, EE, ME, CE)
    2. Common exam (cutoff)
    2. common dept (review based on generic department)
    3. Common Year

  2. Akshay

    Sir..I am 2016 passout and had dropped for gate by attending coaching…but i am getting only 52 question is should i take admission in a NIT…or should drop a year ?..
    it would be very helpful to me if you please guide me through this dilemma.
    waiting for your reply sir.

    1. Shreya Sethi

      I am fucked up too!

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