Almost every student who decided to go for Engineering studies dream of IITs. If missed in B.Tech then usually try for M.Tech. Due to huge competition and less number of seats most of the students narrowly. Many good students miss IITs narrowly by very small margin of marks in GATE. There is nothing to worry as I mentioned in my earlier post Success Is Not Final, Failure Is Not Fatal, It Is The Courage To Continue That Counts, there is a lot to see ahead.

Believe me Top NITs are as good as IITs in all aspects, especially to the IITs that are ranked lower in the IIT Ranking. Do refer to NIT Ranking before making a decision for M.Tech admission. There are 20 NITs now, most of them established in between 1959~1965 located in different parts of the country. These institutes have great infrastructure, support from govt. and autonomy.

Last year Govt. of India announced ten new NITs. These new NITs already took B.Tech admissions through AIEEE last year. I hope this year they will offer M.Tech courses too. If this happen a greater number of students will get chance to premier institutes of the nation.

We will cover the following NIT M.Tech admissions in 2011, along with new NIT M.Tech admissions if they offer.

NIT Agartala M.Tech admissions 2011
MN NIT Allahabad M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Bhopal M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Calicut M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Durgapur M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Hamirpur M.Tech Admissions 2011
MNIT Jaipur M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Jalandhar M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Jamshedpur M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Kurukshetra M.Tech Admissions 2011
V NIT Nagpur M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Patna M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Raipur M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Rourkela M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Silchar M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Srinagar M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Surathkal M.Tech Admissions 2011
SV NIT Surat M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Tiruchirapalli M.Tech Admissions 2011
NIT Warangal M.Tech Admissions 2011

I hope you had a look on A set of must read articles form M.Tech aspirants, this will clear most of the doubts and give you a direction. Usually NITs start issuing notices in April and I post this in first week of April. This year NIT Silchar announced their notification early and most of the students are notifying about it and pushing this post quite earlier than its usual time. For all other M.Tech Admissions in 2011 please refer to M.Tech Admissions 2011.

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