Competition is another name for M.Tech admissions in India, you prove that you are best you stay there otherwise you walk away. But an organized effort can be made to get admission to M.Tech even with low scores, if we have proper information about where and how to apply for certain scores.

I made an organized effort to get all M.Tech admissions in one place with the help of many students who were trying to get M.Tech admissions. They all helped each other and provided a common platform for them to share information in a fastest ever and accurate manner. Please refer to M.Tech admissions 2010 and check notices there to find how we managed it in last years.

This helped a lot in making a common calendar for M.Tech admissions and make a standard process of M.Tech admission process. I believe as we grow, gain experience and solve different problems related to M.Tech admission we make this guide complete, accurate and very helpful to students.

As last two years, M.Tech admission 2009 and M.Tech admissions 2010, we will cover M.Tech admissions 2011 thoroughly with the help of each other. The institutes we cover for M.Tech admissions 2011 are

IISc M.Tech Admissions 2011
IIT M.Tech Admission 2011
NIT M.Tech Admission 2011
M.Tech Admissions in Central Universities 2011
IIIT M.Tech Admissions 2011
Good Universities M.Tech admissions 2011 other than IITs and NITs
Alternative Exams To GATE in 2011

I have covered a lot of questions and their answers in a set of must read articles in M.Tech, please refer to almost ever article there to clear almost every doubt. Also keep a book mark of GATE 2011 preparation guide to get all the updates about GATE 2011 analysis and details time to time.

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Wish you all a wonderful luck.