This is one of the most sought questions among the students looking for M.Tech admissions every year. I along with Oumy tried to collect this information. Surprising very few, I mean one or two IITs mentioned about number of seats for M.Tech in their admissions brochures.

To make as accurate as possible we sat together and looked into every single IIT website visited every department counted number of students in branch. To make sure what we have done is leading us to correct figures we jumped into the IIT placement statics and for the batches and finally came with this figures.

I cannot say its cent percent correct accurate to the last point but it is the closest figure we can see from the information available from official websites. If you get the exact figure please help us to improve it and help thousands of students across the nation.

I will soon post the detailed information of number of seats in each IIT as mentioned in the post Number of seats in IITs. Due huge work both in office and back home and work at Inspire n Ignite I am not able to take up this at this moment.

The total number of seat in all IITs are below

Department No. of Seats
Civil Engineering 495
Chemical Engineering 277
Computer Science and Engineering 471
Electrical and Elecronics Engineering 724
Mechanical Engineering 567
Metallurgical Engineering and Material Science 254

Sorry to mention I could not distinguish how many seats are reserved for different categories. According to IIT B and other IIT admission brochures number of seats reserved for SC ( 15%), ST (7.5 %), OBC (27%, as per govt. rules). Also I could not get information about all the Departments in IIT Delhi.

We could not incorporate new IIT information into this because last only IIT Hyderabad offered M.Tech admission. Also it was totally uncertain that how many seats they have for M.Tech. I am positive that we can collect this data along with number of seats in NITs this year. Good news to share with you all is about ten new NITs. I hope this year they will offer M.Tech admissions, and open gates of endless possibilities for many more students.

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