Steve Jobs Is No More But His Message Is

I never used any apple product before but I used something which is more important and dearer to me ever. Something that made Jobs closer to me than someone uses the devices he made. I used it every time I felt down in life and needed a real support.

Apple Announced Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday 05.10.2011. My eyes could not stop shading tears, when I heard that STEVE JOBS, Chairman of Apple Inc is no more on the earth. I know not only me, there will be millions on this planet who felt grievous when this news hit their ears.

Whenever I felt down in life and felt need a booster, even a week before, I heard his commencement talk at Stanford. That is real booster for me and makes run ahead in life. Right from my PhD days till now I watch it whenever I am struck and think that I am a looser and nothing is good in my life. He was a life changer for me and many others in the world.

This is a page dedicated to his condolences. Please drop your message to him. I will compile them and send it to apple in couple of days.

Share with your friends and family. At least we can do this to someone who has contributed enormously to our lives and directly or indirectly to make it easier.

Words don’t suffice his contribution. I love him from bottom of my heart, and heard his message thousands of time. Steve Jobs is no more but his message remains forever. I will writing about him for coming days as way to pay tribute to his contribution. It all depends how much you love him and how you show love towards him. I need to stay foolish and stay hungry rest of my life.


  1. raja

    he is hero……..”stay hungry b foolish”

  2. Nadeem Ahmed

    “Any combination of 26 alphabets can never express about Steve Jobs……..”

  3. zeeshan

    WE MISS YOU….!!!!

  4. Lupamudra Sharma

    The sudden news of his demise was a real shock.Its a great loss for the whole world,but his innovation will always remain.His commencement speech at Stanford has always been a great motivation and inspiration to me.He will be badly misssed. May his soul rest in peace.

  5. deepshikha sharma

    Dear Steve,I dont have words to say ,You will be always a shining star in the sky.

  6. ManB

    Steve was great innovator.When I heared about Steve’s death, i was shocked. He was really a great person. His mesaage “Stay hungry,stay foolish” will always guide me….

  7. bhargav

    There is only one person in my life by whom the whole company can stand. He has proven his worth for his position in his life.

    May god give peace his soul.

  8. syed aamiruddin

    i m full of grief and totally speechless

  9. satish k. shinde

    steeve jobbs has inspired me right from my childhood….we had a chapter in English saying..”you got to find what you love” and then my search began…even today after many years i remember his message and apply it in life…many a times life poses questions as to “where to go?,what to do?,what would be correct for me?” and the answer has always been close to me “you have to find what you love”….for me steeve is not dead..he is still alive in millions of hearts and the bright tomorrow inspired by him.

  10. tapan karan

    “stay hungary, stay foolish” ,this is the end of just physical existence of a great person,but his soul always be with us in the form of his great thought and increadible inventions,
    i dont know much about him but whatever i know that enough to always inspire and keep motivating me to be just like him, i know this is most foolish thing to ,think to be the next “steve” but i can’t forget his words “stay hungary, stay foolish”.

  11. tapan karan

    “stay hungary, Be foolish” ,this is the end of just physical existence of a great person,but his soul always be with us in the form of his great thought and increadible inventions,
    i dont know much about him but whatever i know that enough to always inspire and keep motivating me to be just like him, i know this is most foolish thing to ,think to be the next “steve” but i can’t forget his words “stay hungary, Be foolish”.

  12. sourav sarkar

    what can i say… God just don’t make people like him anymore… he is one of his kind… if it is for him, I am going to stay hungry,n i will always stay foolish…

  13. subhrangshu

    you sleep in peace, we’ll try to realize your dreams…. if a fractional percentage is done, you please have a smile in the heaven… that’s all for us.

  14. abhilash kotawar

    we can only pay attribute to this great master only by spreading his inspirational sayings. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.

  15. Suraj

    after so many trouble in life he did not forgot his own service towards the human kind and so only his name will be with us forever.

  16. Sathish Ram

    This from my heart to my rolemodel. Among the many contributions from Steve ,ipod to ipad,pixar….which reach to many but not all ,he has given one to all “iExample” that demonstrates all qualities required for sucess and has also taken one from all “ipat” that is a pat on his back for his sucess.

  17. anumey

    the only thing i could say about steve jobs is that he is a great fighter , we miss him .

  18. Darshak

    A great human is no more with us
    let his soul rest in peace.
    thanks for giving us such a lovely and useful technology.

  19. praveen V

    There is no better person who described LIVE U R DREAM!!!!

  20. SAUJAL

    Apple has lost a creative genious and world has lost a good human being but
    steve jobs is always live in each and every apple product…..

  21. dev

    man who made human life easy ,i salutes him let his soul rest in heavenly peace……………………………….

  22. Gaurav Sharma

    Steve Job will be always remembered for its contribution to the world and its way to see the world.

    Love you Steve!! May his soul rest in peace.


  23. Sajith Kumar K K

    He is rare combination of great intellect, great attitude and good heart. What a way to live a life and make a difference to the world!

    Steve Jobs RIP
    We will miss you too much………..

  24. Srikanth

    Let me put frankly,till now(before i watched this video)i only knew STEVE JOBS as somebody who has lots of money because he was the CEO of a huGe company……………………………………..



  25. jay shukla

    I shocked by this news but we never forgot this great person ever. I add one thing he was my ideal and i remember one line by steve’s “keep looking forward , never be settle” by this way he become GOD of technology and also we do it.

  26. raghav

    We have lost a great innovater of the milenium ….may his soul rest in peace. His ideas will always be there to guide us through the life…. He will be remembered everytime an Apple product is used anywhere in the world…so just stay hungry, stay foolish.

    Love u Steve.

  27. Deepak Anand

    The death of Apple`s former CEO Steve Jobs sparked emotional reactions from across the world. He was a great man like one man army.

  28. Anki

    We missed an Innovator…

  29. Ravi

    It’s a great loss to this world. May his soul rest in peace.

  30. Viraj

    I never heard more about Steve Jobs but when i heard i feel sad ………………
    we lost one of legend of the century

  31. Kashinth.H

    Really Steve death news shaked my body for a fraction of second,my mind and my soul still not accepting about this.because to begin a day i used to see his image because he is a true inspiration for me ever. I think god him self brought Steve towards him just give rest to his soul.i miss you very much Steve
    i will never forget your message”Stay Hungry Stay foolish”

  32. shalini

    good bye steve.. we love you!!!!

  33. Vishal Zuluk

    I really was not at all aware of Steve Jobs.But today( on 7th of oct 2011) I read the news paper TOI. I read everything about him, every article concerning him.When i saw that picture and it was Hand written on that picture Thank you Steve, I had tears in my eyes. But they( my tears ) were not depressing me at all, instead encouraging me, and his photograph asking me question ” as i am not here anymore, would you take it from here onwards? ”

    it is strange that knowing about him today itself and that too his death, i find myself unfortunate.
    but while going also he inspired me!
    Which is something exceptional I find about this person…

  34. Tojo

    Shocked to hear the news. Steve has been my inspiration. His famous message on ‘Stay hungry Stay Foolish’ has touched my life and keeps driving me. Hearty condolence to his family.

  35. divya raja gupta

    We have lost a great person having who has a power to do what he can imagine…a great imagineer…….he is a great designer of gadgets……..i pay condolence to his soul but real condolence can be given only when we can work in his style…….

  36. amit


  37. sachidananda

    ya really its a sad news for the whole world.He was the inspiration for the Engineers.

  38. Harshavardhan J

    Steve Jobs- a Genius among geniuses. Hats off to you Steve…

  39. babu rajesh .v

    only some one will make their own mark on the earth ..steve jobs was one of them…he did what he loved and believes…. and i’m thankful to u also for posting this wonderful video

  40. raghav

    we will miss you Mr steve jobs………

    may ur soule rest in peace….:-)

  41. shantanu

    may GOD bless his soul …..!

    We all remember him for what he has given to us…!

    GoodBye Steve .!!!!!!!

  42. Girdhar

    Sir ji, tussi great the, ho and rahoge.

  43. Rajdeep Dhar

    It feels like an era has ended…with great loss of the demise of by far the greatest innovator Steve Jobs…May his soul rest in peace…

  44. nagaraj

    it was very sad that STEVE JOBS founder of apple was passed away at the age of 56 itself… I’m still in that depression itself… I pray God to bring happines in the rest of their family members life..

  45. mahesh

    3 Apples changed the world.

    -The first one tempted Eve,
    -the second inspired Newton and
    -the third was offered to the world half eaten by Steve Jobs.
    … RIP 🙁

  46. swapnil

    we’ll miss Steve Jobs …

  47. Vivek Singh

    R.I.P Steve jobs
    He was really a great inspiration.

  48. salwa

    He is really a good guy i never know before.In his single speech he explained the truth of life.

  49. rupam

    we’ll miss you …rip

  50. rupam

    we’ll miss you …

  51. Vishal Tiwari

    We all do Jobs…… but it takes a Steve to change lives!!!!!!!!!

  52. Neelesh Jain

    I respected him a lot and i respect many more, but its very surprising to me that i am sad for his absence seems a personal loss.
    Never wanted someone to be alive so badly; He was a man who has and will have my reverence forever.

  53. harsh raj mandloi

    keep looking don’t settle………

    we’ll miss you …
    God Bless Steve Jobs!! We Miss you!! you are one of the few inspirations of our generation, please be there to inspire everyone in the world to follow the heart ……….

  54. yashodhan katte

    You’ll live on in our Hearts and minds. You are and will be who will look up to when we’ll fall or feel week. You’ll be my mentor who i never met but your with me when ever I am creating something new. Your truly hero in real world and your legacy will continue

  55. Allama Sahab

    ‎:: Go ahead MultiMedia Fans and Apple Fans.. Say iCry and say R ‘i’ P to Steve Jobs.. Too bad his major contribution in my view dont extend beyond his personal iGeek and iCan attitude..

  56. Kunal B

    one of the greatest personel of Computer History. Even He sastained a lot, i never knew his this side of Life…

    I wish i can follow his path and become more Hungry……

    Good Bye my friend you got your destiny!
    God Bless your soul.

  57. Kapil Gonge

    I never ‘realized’ what ‘charisma’ meant really before I read ‘iCon’ (his unofficial biography) and things that he did. Then followed iPods and iPhones era and I keep ‘falling in love’ the way he single handedly brought Apple up with his innovative approach.

    For me, there are unforgettable moments related to this video since first time I watched it.
    Crazily spending all my savings to buy MacBook…couple of years later, leaving the job that I dreamed while doing Engineering…following whatever heart says…connecting the dots looking backwards…and now staying hungry and foolish…forever.

    RIP Steve Jobs.

  58. Rahul

    He was a true karm yogi.

  59. Muni

    Really shocked,disturbed.It’s too early Mr.Steve.May his soul Rest In Peace

  60. Bikram Ballav

    “No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life.”


    2day morning while checking wiki i got that news, don’t know what to do , shocked,disturbed…… can’t believe it….. it’s too early Steve… WE WILL REMIND YOU ..RIP

  61. Harkishan

    i feel like i have lost a part of my body the pain of his loss is enormous.He had a lot of struggle in his life but he coped up with them and taught others the same.He was a true inspiration and so was his work.No Steve Jobs can ever be born on this earth again.The i phone was a miracle the complete idea of i don’t know if we will be able to see any such things ever.His life is a book from which we all can learn something.May his soul Rest In Peace.It breaks my heart to say this!!Goodbye Steve Jobs.We will remember you and your life forever.

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