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Bigger The Goal Higher The Focus : GATE Prep.

Election results were really exciting for most of us, specially results of Delhi were really promising and a great hope for the nations development has emerged. With All the time spent in front of television sets to watch analysis and results a fear of GATE exam also popped out. Just two months to go and how can get focused on GATE.

With distractions right from Elections to sports to family dramas till movies we need to stay focus in coming two months to be able to crack GATE exam. I have a story to share with you regarding dedication towards ones goals and excellence in focus.

Do refer to complete video for more details.

If you aim is higher and you are really looking for IITs these two months are your chance to realize it. Giving your at most concentration and focus would help you reach out there. All the events will follow many more times in future. Keep yourself on hold for next few months and you will be seeing the results.

Imagine a situation you have an IIT admit letter and how your family would feel about your achievement. Imagine how happy your father will be and share your stories to his friends and feel proud of you. All these need your full dedication of two months. Just remember that time and stay focused on GATE preparation like Imam Yahya.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Vikas B A

    Hey Zahid, this blog is very good on it’s complete focus on GATE preparation. I too have been going through a online test series conducted by GATEForum. Of late, I have managed to get an AIR of 50. What would you suggest, that would help me to zero in on the single digit ranking? How would this reflect upon during the actual GATE exam?

  2. Arni Srikanth

    Hello Sir,
    Its been a week since i have started to watch your videos. Better late than never. And i have to mention, Its really inspiring and you are doing a great job sir. πŸ™‚
    This thought has been running in my mind for few weeks and here I put forward it to you.
    To prepare for any competitive exam, We all know that there should be a strong will power, proper schedule, not wasting time etc., But above all, i still feel that there is some point that is hiding behind our preparation by which if we catch it, i believe that we can succeed (Apart from all the other factors that i have mentioned above).
    I don’t know whether it will differ from individual to individual or same with all the guys and girls.?! But what is it.? And how do we know that.?!
    I am preparing for this GATE exam from an year. I feel that my preparation is in a better pace than last year. But still, i feel that this is not enough or something is missing. Please help me with that.
    Thank You,

  3. Rahul Pradhan


    No any person in this world can motivate/inspire you to do something unless you do it yourself.

    Talking about miracle, who know; try and see it yourself.

  4. Veenu mittal

    Hello!! It has been months that i am inspiring me for GATE exam and yet i am at a stage that i am being careless just two months ago before exam. I push pump myself everyday at evening but when i start studying , it all get washed.
    Please say something or advice something which can Ignite me and one question , can you tell me about me that if i start preparing now ,i am having all the resources, Can i crack the gate or i am just thinking about a miracle to happen. πŸ™‚

  5. shaik enayatulla


  6. Subhankar Paul

    I’m a 2nd year student, but whenever i watch your uploads it really inspire me for my semester exam… reminds me about how tough competition is going around the world… You are the true inspiration for us and i hope you will keep it up…

  7. Saptarshi Pyne

    Dear Zahid Sir,

    A timeless video to share a timeless story with us.
    The audio may need your attention; but the message is clear like crystal.
    I shared this video with my mother who always says
    when my intolerance to my goal and tolerance to everything else
    will become insurmountable, I will achieve it.

  8. Rahul Kulkarni

    Thank you Zahid !!

    NPTEL – GATE Question Papers : Links to lectures covering the concepts of GATE Question papers have been released on NPTEL for Chemical , Civil , Computer , Electronics , Mechanical , Metallury.

    All The Best!!

    1. Gopal Nathani

      Thank you very much Rahul…:-)

  9. M.yaseen

    thank u much.

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