Heartiest wishes on New Year 2010

I wish a wonderful, exciting and progressive new year to all my readers Editors and advisers.

The beginning of New Year always comes with an end to the previous year and with a good time line to evaluate our achievements and failures. It is also a time to learn from failures in last year and welcome New Year with new targets and resolutions.

For students, I advise to be best in coming year and stay focused on studies and set new career targets. Give their best to achieve them by raising above all the excuses that we usually give to convince ourselves. Make sure that the results are important but the most important thing is the effort and intensity to achieve them. Show the right passion, diligence and honesty to your goals and career. I wish you a great luck with admissions, exams and results.

For friend who are working, I wish them a great career oriented year. I request them to make their goals for career growth and finding ways to learn new things. A stable life indicates a dead life too, be vibrant learn new technologies or make some hobbies and try excel in that. Let’s try to be a very useful person for the society we live in.

To parents, I wish a wonderful and happy new year ahead. I wish them a great comfort and pray for their prayers to be accepted. I humbly request them to stay healthy because your children count on your strength and happiness.

I wish a great innovative, progressive, peaceful and prosperous new year for my own small vibrant community of young enthusiast. I wish, we feel more responsible and take up new challenges and help a bigger community of students around and help them realize their dreams. Eventually we realize our dreams.

At last I call you all for making this year a green year, to save and protect nature and environment.

I wish you a wonderful happy and progressive New GREEN 2010 .

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