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MS Admission Criteria and Procedure

I wrote a post long back about MS admission and future of doing MS in IITs. Since then I was thinking of make a very comprehensive post about MS admissions in India and how to make sure MS IIT admission with less scores. The ideas are simple but most of the time students don’t know what actually IITs are looking for MS admissions.

First let me discuss the admission procedure. Before I start telling about MS admissions, I would recommend you to go through the post MS by research in IITs and its future.

Admission to MS in IITs
The admission to MS in IITs is mostly based on the research attitude and therefore more emphasis is given interview instead of GATE scores or marks. Usually based on the requirements of the labs the admissions are made. The following would definitely help one to secure a MS position in IITs.

  1. A good GATE score ( Need not to be as high as required for M.Tech)
  2. A good academic recorded ( this have less impact for M.Tech admissions, as long as one have a good GATE score and above 60% aggregate in B.Tech degree, academic doesn’t matter much).
  3. Good in-depth knowledge at least about one subject.
  4. Good understanding of basics of other subjects (at least know the basic concepts and terminology)

Apart from all these one should have a good presence of mind. I mean, I had always issues with the questions need to be answered at the spot. Usually I know the answers and could answer all the questions that I could not in the interviews.

I attended interviews in almost all the IITs for PhD and felt that MS interviews are of same nature. Professors usually test students’ analytical skills, and ask question form the topics that we usually think hard and can skip during exam preparations.

The questions like why this simple term is also used for testing ones ability. For example if you are from computer science, professor might ask “what is the limit of signed Integer in C? We all know its 32768, now you may get the question why is this limit? There is always an answer for question starts with “why” in engineering so try to find out that kind of question to prepare for interviews.

If you do well in MS interview then it is almost give a ticket to IITs. Sometimes you may feel that you did not do well in interviews but you may also get a chance if some professors like your technical ability. Don’t give up just because professors are taking interview, if you are technically correct better to argue on the concept with polite manner.

A million Dollar Tip for MS admissions
First select a subject you want to focus on then visit the professors’ websites working in that subject and read about their research work. Get an idea about their work and tell interview without taking the name that given a chance you would like to explore that area and you see that only that professor would be asking you many questions. In short, direct interview to your interesting field or a field that you prepared for.

I hope this will help you all when you start running for IIT M.Tech and MS interviews. Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Debdut Sengupta

    My B.tech (CE) percentage is 70% & Gate score is 479 in 2019. In which IITs & NITs am I eligible for MS(R) & PhD in winter 2020?

  2. Abdur Rehman

    sir,would you like to inform that m.s math classes are weekly or daily evening/morning???

  3. ajay chavan

    thank u….

  4. Ruby

    Sir,thanx for the guidance.Sir,actually i was thinking of doing ms in india..sir,can you please tell me wht I need to do for it..I mean what actually I need to Prepare for..for gate..?it is essential to give gate.?how much rank and score is needed for mtech and ms admissions..?and what is the selection criterai?what is to be done after giving gate?and for a computer engineer,which one is better mtech or ms.?I am doing comp engineering(Btech) n i m in 5th sem..it would be gr8 if u will help me n guide me..dat vil help me a lot..!!!!thank u,sir…

  5. RAvikant Arvind Nagarse

    i am studing in s.y,B.Tech in RIT ,sakharale,in electrical engg.,so the procedure of MS admission is don’t know & also i don’t know the eligibility criteria.if any student is not economically good then what can he do…….

  6. revanth

    hi.. i’m presently in 4 th yr btech.. cse my aggregate is 76 up to now and very much interested in research and development ,i want to whether there is any alternative admission criteria for iit’s MS .. i have heard that iit also accept gre score… can i know the exact information regarding these please.. thank you

  7. Debesh

    I take the opportunity to thanks a lot for valuable posts that will help most of us.

  8. Chahat

    IS there an honest scope after persuing MS from Indian Institutions…. ?


    hi ….
    i have got 63.50% in bca and now i m pursuing mca 3rd yrs so tell me how can i get addmission for ms course in india.

  10. Omkar

    In Which institutes MS is available ?
    Thank You


    hi… i’ve been following this blog since the mid 2010. but this is the first time i decided to post here.
    You’ve been a guide and mentor to many aspirants including myself.
    so wanted to give my “sincere thanks”.

    now the important part, i just read the article “Dreamed And Desperate To Be An IITian But GATE Sucked” and i kind of relate to it .. so by now you must know my condition. Last year i managed to get a qualifying score and this year i am sure i won’t be able to do so :(, so is there anyway that i can try for MS admission with last year’ s score?
    Please do let me know.
    Thanks in advance!

  12. Hema Yarnagula

    Thanks Friend for sharing the valuable Information…. Keep posting…

  13. vivek

    sir i have aggregate 55% so can i get admission in iit if i have good gate score, offering mtech in biotech or there is any hope of getting good college offering mtech in biotch. or they need 60% aggregate compulsory.

  14. Neha Kapil

    thank you…

  15. deepshikha

    sir plzz can u tell me which universties are providing phd degrees on d basis of gate score ..outside india ..like germany usa n all ..how can i got their admission in phd ..whtas d fr=ee structure n wats d selection procedure …

  16. Bakeel Khan

    thank you sir for such great information… thanx a lot…

  17. Prasanta Kr. Ghosh


  18. ashish joshi

    Thanks for such a precious information,your’ s timely guidance and boost to achieve goals.


  19. soumya

    Dear sir,
    i am a b-tech graduate in info. technology.how to apply for the MS 3 yrs research program in iit’s/iisc/nit’s?when will the notification regarding this will appear?

  20. gaurav kalra

    thanks for this invaluable information
    i am from ece side
    how to aplly for the research program in IITs??

  21. sarabjeet

    Dear sir….
    thanx for your valuable response……just wanna know which all iits , nits or instt. have this MS research programs…….

    If you can also list out the names of those , it would be very helpful………


  22. nishit kansara

    what is asked in interviews for m tech admissions in iits????? techncal questions or questions regarding the ta and ra in the institutes????

  23. Aniket

    But please can you tell the scope of jobs after this MS?
    And how it differ form MTech prospects?

  24. Aniket

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  25. Bikram Ballav

    Thanks …i am waiting for it

  26. Prathamesh D

    so 60percent criteria exists..
    Is it also applicable for MTech also??

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