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Dreamed And Desperate To Be An IITian But GATE Sucked

I was too desperate to see IITs since I was 17. I was totally an average student you may think in your class. Easy to be ignored by any teacher, though jump sometime in front of new teachers to get some attention and all the time lost it to the toppers in class by the time passed.

That was just my life, until I became totally stubborn to go to IITs and snatched it. Believe me, there is no problem in the world that doesn’t have a solution. All it matters is how you get to solve it. The most critical problems in software industry will get solutions in a day or a week or a month. Just think about it and remember that if you are desperate you deserve to be there.

Here I try to give an idea to the students who are desperate to go to IITs but messed up with GATE exam. Hope these points would help them and one day they could see the IITs and do well there.

MS in IITs: this one of the best possible option to try for the students who have less GATE scores but have courage to run for IITs thinking above placements and jobs afterwards. To more about MS in IITs please read MS in IITs future and prospects and MS admission criteria and procedure.

PhD after B.Tech: This is another alternative to think about if you have a GATE score not competent to get into IITs for M.Tech. The time for PhD would definitely more time and need patience. Please refer to PhD after B.Tech post for more details. Also, I am working on a complete site address PhD studies.

Other than Core Departments: Another good idea can be apply to noncore departments, for example if I am from computer science department I can also apply for civil engineering. For more details about this please refer to How to change Engineering branch in M.Tech.

If you could not get in as a regular student you will have a chance to go there too. This definitely needs passions and strong commitment than just being a regular student. Because it’s not just doing good in some exam and applying for some course. It’s about some luck too, you need to have an opening for the position you are looking for, your eligibility and finally convincing professor about your capabilities.

Try Internship in IITs: Keep in track the notification for intern in IITs. This will give you an insight about how things work at IITs and give an opportunity to understand the culture very closely.

Go IITs for short courses: IITs offer many short term courses all over the year, especially during summers and winter vacations. Do attend few of them get to know profs and their working style.

Join as Research Assistant: Some of the professors have industry and government projects under their supervision. They need smart students to work on them. Visit professors’ personal and lab websites to get more information about this.

Hope these points and ideas will help you to get closer to your dream even with less scores in GATE exam. Believe me you will you value IITs or any other thing more if you struggled for it. You know what you got and how to appropriated and use it, if you try hard and get it. Trust me IITs are worth giving the possible tries and you will love your stay there. Wish you all a great luck when chasing your dreams.

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  1. Muhammed Unais P

    Dear sir,
    My rank in Gate 2016 is 1539, Score 614
    Which are the best places after IITs for M.Tech?
    What about taking Phd after B.Tech ?

  2. Mohinder

    Can anyone suggest some website that gives summer internship notifications for Mtech?
    Thank you

  3. Divya

    sir .,
    I really need your guidance ., please send me your email id so that i can ask my doubts.
    plese do reply back sir because i am running out of time .,i have my gate exam this Feb.

  4. Dheeraj Patidar

    Thanks Jahid…

  5. krishna

    thank you for posting such rarely available information for the student community . keep up the good work ..really great things expected of you.once again a big thank you.

  6. Amit Prakash Suryavanshi

    Dear Sir,

    You are doing a great job by posting these articles to help students achieve wat they coudnt get after +2. I had appeared GATE last year with IN stream and my score was 605 and rank was 241. I thought with this score I will easily get any IIT of my choice. But soon after rejection of my application in many IIT’s(Though I got a call from IITkgp, IITB(mtechRA), IITM (ms) but cudnt qualify), quoting low score, I was really disappointed. But I had no information about , which score will yield me to which college. But after a lot of research( n rejections of course) I got the knowldge which you are posting here. So its really gonna help many entrants who are stepping to prepare for GATE n those who have qualified it….. Great work sir, keep it up, and do contact me of you need any kinda help(I may be useful)….

    thnx n regard


    1. Anshul

      I read ur post sir. I am desperate to go in to IIT but problem is my aggregate is not 60. I am hardworking guy but i choosed wrong university & i am paying for that mistake. Plz give me some advice sir. May be ur advice change my life. My id [email protected]

  7. suman

    what was the minimum cut off marks for general candiates in gate 2011

  8. sujith lal

    very much helpful article



  10. Sumit Verma

    Dear sir,
    my expected marks in gate 2011 are 38 in me (category obc). Can i get admission in any iit in core branch?

  11. revaldo

    sir……what percentile i can expect on 39 marks in gate 2011…………
    this was my appearing chance

  12. Pushkal

    Dear Zahid,

    I need your help urgently. I have applied for IIIT Pune. Can you please help me out..
    Please send me in your mail id so that i can post you my query.

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