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M.Tech in IITs or Job in PSU

Congratulations to all who are made it to crossroads of choosing between PSUs and IITs. The achievement itself tell that you are going to see a great future ahead. But definitely the question of which is best among these two options.

I received a lot of emails asking me this question and I answered the similar in a post and video in M.Tech or Job After B.Tech. One must look at different things to make best decision. Trust me there is no one single good decision to take.

PSUs are different form normal other private company jobs. These are much stable but less paying in long run compared to private jobs. Here I am assuming that I am talking to people score top marks in GATE and I hope they are best to get into any private company too.

To start with, if you don’t have big financial responsibilities to take care, you must leave thinking of a job for a while. Specially if you are from Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical backgrounds. As there are a lot of good companies ready to pay you way more than PSUs in long run. On the same time an M.Tech from any IIT would let you face some of the top companies in the nation.

If you belong to other branches you can give PSUs a try but the issue is a time will come where you feel tired of doing same thing every day and your learning goes curve goes down. At that time you really want to go to master degree or try something else. For masters in India you need to appear for GATE again or if you want to go abroad you need to try GRE TOFEL. I feel with a day job it’s hard to prepare for the exams and beat the competition.

If you do a master degree from IITs you will be given a descent stipend to make you independent and on the same time when you join a job you will be paid better. It will also give you stability in your career along with faster growth chances. Master degree will also give you higher promotion points at job that will help you to get higher positions much easier.

When you get bored or tired of your routine jobs you will have an option to go for PhD. PhD from IITs would be easy for you if you did your masters from IITs and may not required GATE exam. If you want to go abroad you will have many opportunities based on your masters and work experience. You can refer to Complete PhD Guide for more details on PhD.

In conclusion, if you don’t have any strong financial responsibilities I recommend you to jump into IITs for master degree. As education is becoming common these days, master degree is a must to have qualification for higher positions.

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  1. Anupam Singh

    sir ,
    i got 41.82 marks in gate 2015 so please suggest me some well known nits according to my gate score, my gate score is 554.
    or other iiits

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