I Jumped Out Of A Crazy Roller Coaster And Still Alive :D

This is truly an awesome day. After a long time I met a great friend on a cup of coffee. The first question he asked me was why are u still here?? I was like what?? I am meeting you after a long time and you ask me why am I here? He said yes because you have a hell lot better to do in other place and I am sure you do rock there. This put me seriously back on to I n I.

I started riding a crazy rollercoaster of personal life and that gave me really tough time for last couple of months. As you all know time heals everything and you need to give time for things to settle and get back. But here i did a little trick instead of being depressed because life started giving lemons I made lemonade of it and enjoying every sip of it relaxing and having fun.

I did hell lot of wild things in past two months. I bought an Audi and drove thousands of kilometers, travelled over 50000 miles in flights, changed my job, my home, eating and sleeping habits, spent good time in gym to look more strong and many other crazy things that I never did before in life.

I will share the whole story after sometime and I am sure most of you would love it. But for now I am just sharing a lesson with you. When something bad happen to you, just chill out and relax, it will be alright with time. Its so easy to say but hard to practice. But just give it a try and forget the thing that troubled you at least for some part of the day. You will definitely feel better.

You can do the following things to get out of depression or a personal disaster or failure.

  1. Do some sports and workouts
  2. Join a club (I am in to photography and own and canon 7D)
  3. Practice your lovely hobby (made lots of Vids )
  4. Talk to people (family / friends, donโ€™t get into wrong hands and spoil your life)
  5. Watch a movie or comedy show or a sports show (this can dangerous and a big time waster if addicted)
  6. Travel even if its to next village
  7. Donโ€™t read a book (for me it was hard to concentrate) rather read blogs or surf internet.
  8. Drive a loooot (even if itโ€™s a bicycle, ride it for long distances)
  9. Do shopping
  10. And do a little showoff (if you have money, just ignore it if you donโ€™t)

Most importantly please understand that if something good for you it will come to you otherwise best is waiting for you. Just give yourself time and give a kick a** start to the new start.

Setbacks, failures, rejections are a part of life and everything will teach us to better next time. The real thing is to stand up and walk after every fall. The moment we give up hope and lay down people crush and walk over us and think that they won and itโ€™s their right.

I am back to you all after a tough seasonal time and would like to get back to work on following things.

  • Track M.Tech 2012 Admissions (please some help me with finished admissions)
  • Make I n I mobile friendly application
  • Make a personal Facebook page to give personal update ( I received lots of mails asking if I am still alive)
  • I got few cutoffs from IITs under RTI, and need someoneโ€™s help to post them.

I n I run totally on your contribution, support and encouragement. I am back after a long time and would like to give I n I a push. I feel happy to be with the people I love and share everything to encourage them to rock the world ahead of them. I call you all to join with and support each other. Letโ€™s work for a strong community once again. Suggest me if I missed something in this todo list or give a recommendation that would help many students all across the nation.


  1. Michael

    Dear Zahid,
    You failed to inform the application dates for IITs. Imagine about all those students who were dependent on InI for updates and missed them. I think you should focus more on GATE related topics and help the people regarding the same rather than just giving your experiences related to life, your success stories. For that, you can start a separate blog or write some novels like Chetan Bhagat. You made I n I popular, made people subscribe, they are depending upon you and hence there’s more responsibility on your side. Let the good work continue in the future.

  2. Sachin

    Its nice to have u back sir,
    N apretiate arjun mukherji 4 his wonderfull thought nd every 1 should raise voice 4 conducting GATE 4 twise in a year.

  3. ankita

    this is my first time when i have got to know about your blog which u posted about meeting a new friend & also told about not getting depressed from anything……
    i liked ur blog & for sure i want to continue to learn more

  4. Bhargav

    very encouraging sir..

  5. anurag patle

    sir please update for GATE 2013

  6. rajan

    i am very deligh to see you again …………. i hope you you will cure in a few dayssssssss and this site working again

  7. Anamika

    Hello sir… i have been keenly looking at your blog and in my busy days of work i relied on thus blog completely. Very sorry to tell,you just left us in the midst of tension period and i missed all the IIT admissions.

  8. bakeel khan

    excellent sir.. i was waiting for the next post from some last days.. but nice back show.. warm welcome in the world of Education.. thaks for ur all support. thanks again and please do not forget to upload your experience from past days we are eagerly waiting…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Arun Kotha

    @people who missed updates on the notifications of colleges:

    I pity you ๐Ÿ™
    But guys come on, we are all grown up adults, well matured and can think for ourselves. We need not and should not depend on someone else’s help.

    And after all this is our career. we should never ever dare to completely rely upon others. you could have explored the official websites when there was no update from INI for a long time.

    Its not too late. At least now start exploring on your own, so that you don’t miss other notifications. Zahid is only helping you.

    All the best for all.

  10. Subhankar

    Nice to have u again sir…!!

  11. Ashish Joshi

    Welcome Back Sir,Please Keep Posting your Blogs.

  12. arjan mukherjee

    Hi zahid,
    thanks a lot for inspiring us for gate preparation! i would urge all gate aspirants through this forum to raise a voice to the iit’s for conducting GATE twice a year,like the other exams like GRE or Gmat, even it’s more likely that “CAT” by IIM’s will become a biannual event in near future, it really helps working people to keep their focus for “GATE”. as we all know after spending 10 hrs in office its become very difficult to maintain the momentum of preparation for” feb 2nd sunday”:D, and leaving the job is also a huge risk in the present scenario, wats ur opinion about this?? please let me know

    1. srinath

      I agree with u that GATE exam should be conducted twice a year.


    yes,admissions to IIT’S is over. A CENTRALIZED COUNSELLING of many NIT’S is about to start…


    thanks…finally you are back….

  15. Jay

    Thanks Sir for coming back! Good to see that your life is again on track.

    I’m going through tough time and your post again inspired me. Thanks !!!

  16. taran

    all iit admission closed except it-bhu….
    nit,s are to start
    daiict, diat, manipal, vit, bits pilani, bits mesra notifications are out…..
    plz update the website regarding this….

  17. Naveen Hooda

    Welcome Back sir!
    nice to see your blog is active again

  18. sheetal

    hello sir…. wel come back…. nice to see ur blog again…. we need ur advise n encouragement…so thanks for coming back…. I n I will rock again…

  19. Jim

    You could have informed that u forum wont be functional for the time being,many aspirant might have waited for your updates and missed admission notices.We Expected more responsibility from your side.

  20. Rohit

    Give some relevant text or audio(like Nikhil Krishnan’s) on what to do n what not to on day of GATE exam as half of the streams have their exam starting at 2 pm.
    This may sound stupid but that is the time which counts and not considered as important by most aspirants.
    thank you

  21. Mithun H

    Soo.. happy to see u again!! i thought u quit this and might have got busy with ur life.. i was thinking why this guy aint posting anything on I n I ..We are here to support u sir!!

    congrats for ur new Audi..

  22. manish

    i think u have forgotten the the reason ,why you have started i&i. u jump from roller coaster doesnt matter to us….now u have changed i&i into a old junk……….

  23. Punit

    It’s great to see u again sir. my inbox was desperately waiting for ur blogs.
    and thanks a lot for coming back….

  24. rashmi

    hello sir,

    really glad to see your blog after such a long time..welcome back!

  25. kalyan

    i conceived this site to be a one stop destination for gate but i cant believe that u left the site in its peak time(march and april).I referred this site for all my juniors saying that no information about gate can escape from this site!!u really disappointed us!!atleast u were having fun in AUDI!!that’s good to hear!!

    1. Zahid

      Thanks Kalyan for the support. I just felt that crying in audi in much more comfortable than crying in a matiz. Thats I bought it and tried to be just comfortable while crying ๐Ÿ˜‰ but now i am back and you are here, lets not disappoint anyone further ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. debasish pattanak

    dear sir i am a general category student who participated in gate and my gate score is23 and marks obtainedis 8 so pls suggest although i am not qualified for gate what r the other good institute for m tech admission in electrical branch.
    thanks .

  27. Anjali

    congrats and thanks for coming back…:)

  28. Anjali

    long time sir….was eagerly waiting for your posts…this is a critical time for all mtech seekers…pls dont stop posting your valuable posts…thank u

  29. Rutu

    Hello sir,
    Its nice to see you back ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Anuj Vats

    Its good to see u back here ๐Ÿ™‚
    as If Good times don’t last forever so are the Tough times ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Arun Kotha

    Last dates for M.Tech application in various IIT’s :

    IISC – 21.03.2012
    IIT BOMBAY – April 2, 2012
    IIT DELHI – 19.04.2012
    IIT GUWAHATHI – 23 April 2012
    IIT KANPUR – April 16, 2012
    IIT KHARAGPUR – 20 April 2012
    IIT ROORKEE – April 20, 2012
    IIT MADRAS – 02-04-2012
    IIT GANDHINAGAR – 09 April, 2012
    IIT HYDERABAD – April 27, 2012
    IIT BHUBANESHWAR (M.TECH + PhD) – May 18, 2012

    Hope all the details are correct. Please someone correct if any errors. So Zahid, you missed the notifications of almost all the IITs. I’ll try to post the notifications of other institutes as well.

    1. Zahid

      Thanks Arun you are awesome I will update this info soon. I am working on cutoff now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Helosir

    Hi . Sir why no update ,pls updat nit admsn

  33. SANJAY

    Hi welcome back. That will be a good option if we do have our own facebook page. where people give away there opinions and notifications which will not be a burden. Hope it gets completed soon. thank you

  34. Rohit Kumar das

    Oh I was really feeling bad for your pity absence Sir.Even I had stopped checking my mails. But now I am alright and very relax. Thank you Sir for your great come back and for your kind posts.

  35. hardik

    Its been a very very long time. Anyway we will surely work back and reach on destiny.

  36. Yogesh

    Best Post so far….Really Nice one.

    Keep Writing.

  37. suresh

    pleased to see your blogs again,sir

  38. Payal

    Hi,thanks for coming back. Plz do give us m tech notifications.

  39. Rahul

    Hi ,Welcomes you again .We are waiting about m tech notifications .After a long time i am happy to see your post about ur life in this post.Thanks for coming back

    1. P.RaghuRam

      Sir is 1 year essential for the Gate preparation .Iam in 4-1 semester is it easy to get through get with a good score if i start my preparation my CGPA till today is 8.1/10 please reply………..

  40. Abhishek Vijayvargia

    sir we check your website for updates regarding m tech admissions but it seems its not working anymore. all the admissions application of IITs are over. you have not posted about anything. i am very much disappointed.

  41. subha kanta swain

    Nice to see ur blogs again sir

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