I Just Want To Do These Things in 2012

Wish You All A Great Year Ahead

We are done with year 2011 with lots of great memories and worries. World has changed a lot in 2011, many dictators gone, Wall Street was occupied, tsunami in Japan, and not to forget our beloved Steve Jobs passed away. The was victory of people all over the middle east and north Africa and I n I reaching out a million page views in a month : D

In personal life it has been a great learning year and a year that gave a direction to life. What didn’t realize for a long came to the realization at the end of year. Only work is not important in life, there is something else too and we all need to find that to be happy and charming.

Another few things that I learned are having a charming friend by next to you is more important than a owning a big business and being popular. Give care to the people who loves you, because they do it selflessly, once they are gone life is nothing but a pain. If you love someone grab them and tell them that you love and make them part of your life (I am telling at 31). And don’t delay your decisions. Make them quickly and stay happy.

Few things I would be doing in 2012

  1. Standup every morning and ask myself whether I am going to do good or not.
  2. Make my decisions quickly
  3. Share more with loving ones, by which they avoid thinking that I am careless
  4. Give a smart contribution to job, I n I, and study further and a lay a foundation for little cute animation company
  5. And learn Arabic ; ) why you will see the answer in coming posts soon

Every year we have sets and targets, I want to dedicate this to hobbies. Promote a hobby, apply it and enjoy what we do. I don’t want to make any tough targets in 2012. Usually I get the most done in odd years and even years are soft years for me, where I can look into relations and make people around me happy and I am happy that my even is here.

You will be hearing a hell lot of good news here in 2012 both personal and professionally. I n I will be much more efficient with a good number of friends volunteering the effort for GATE results and M.Tech admissions. We will also expand on PhD in 2012.

Apart from all these I just want to wish you all a cool and wonderful year ahead. Wish you all a great luck with your future endure and ask you to support me and I n I in coming days.


  1. Mohit Abhishek

    As usual, it’s really a nice article. You had said 100% true regarding the theme of relation. I will really follow your words in this matter.

    Well, after a lot of days, I am on this forum. After a lot of analysis, I had conluded one poiint, qualifying GATE is of no use, if one is residing in India. I feel that MBA is a better alternative for normal students, if we look at package. Even, one got AIR 1 in GATE & got admitted in IIT Kanpur for doing M.Tech in computer Science or Algorithms, what will he get, at most a package of 17 lakh-20 lakh.
    But, if we look at the package of any IIM & XLRI, Jamshedpur, average package is 15 lakhs & the highest is above 30 lakhs, in some cases touches 1 crore.

    Similar thing can be said on other rank holders.

    Both courses are of 2 years but MBA is better than M.Tech; then why people struggles for GATE? I am not demoralizing your site, it’s great in itself & your every article had given a new kind of inspiration to me. I just want to know the answer for this struggle & the huge number of students appearing for it.

    1. Mohit Godara

      I would like to make a point here by saying that no for not every body else
      money is not of supreme importance, may be sometimes people are looking for those kind of job which will make them happy even though they are not earning alot.

      That’s a personal opinion. Me working in a semiconductor start up is not earning, what my other MBA friends are earning in terms of money. But in terms of in terms of technology, excitement, passion… I feel lucky.

      I have heard people feeling very depressed in the name of going to office, but for me going there and doing exciting stuff is 1 of the best thing I do. And I stay very excited.
      I am thankful to God.

      Today I am just a, but if I ever gonna do Masters, that will be and nothing else.

      Hope that answers your struggle & huge number part of your question.


  2. richa

    wish u a very happy new year sir….

  3. guru

    belated happy new year sir !!! your information is always helpful to everyone in some way (regarding exams or your general views on certain topic ). Hope u continue ur good job for long time…………keep posting and keep smiling 🙂

  4. danielraju

    thanq sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  5. danielraju

    sir ,thanks very much for ur inspiration to achieve some thing in life .plz do efficently the same thing in 2012

  6. Pradeep

    Thank you zahid. Wish u a happy new year, have a glorious year a head.
    Thanks for your inspiring posts and valuable guidance .

  7. thyagaraj

    Thank you. Wish you a very happy new year. May all your dreams come true.

  8. RAHUL


  9. Abhishek ms

    Wish you a happy and prosperous year ahead… May god grant you more energy and happiness so that you can guide and motivate a lot of ppl like us:) thanks for guidin us…new year wishes from my side

  10. Kalyan

    Happy new year to Zahid bhai and all other friends of inspire ignite!

  11. zeeshan

    happy…. new year bro.. one thing ll learn from yo i taking quick decisions…. guess you have got your love…. and keep rocking … i want to talk you personally please find some time and mail me.. tc…!!!!

  12. Md.raza

    Happy new year all about aducation

  13. Md.raza

    Think u sir great for your plane great year ahade

  14. Annapurna

    Wish u A Happy New Year……And lots of success:-)

  15. Chetankuamar

    Wish u great & prosperous New year…

    By the way my resolution for this year will be
    “Not to break Resolutions” 🙂

  16. neeraj sharma

    wish you a very very happy new year 2012 to sir and all others who are preparing for gate 2012……

  17. Aparna Ankalkote

    Thank you sir!!!n happy new year to you also..:-)

  18. luxmi goel

    wish you a very happy new year …n ya dis year is very important ..professionally more …will finish dis yr my clg life ..n need a golden path to move ahead….wish me a luck too…n u also :-))

  19. xyz

    Wish u the same Zahid annaya..;) have a rocking year ahead..:)

  20. ajay

    Thank you sir, all the best for your future plans. and have a great year ahead …….

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