First Things First: Time To Set Life On Track

There are hell lot of things to do both on Inspire n Ignite and back at office. For the first time I feel so confused and feel that something is missing is life and lost focus completely. I was supposed to post third part of the interview with Nikhil way back and was supposed to make an interview questions for Anshul GATE 2011 AIR 1. Back office, have to work on optimization of existing software for high performance and memory reduction.

All this work pressure and other stuff is there since last couple of years right from PhD, I managed it well. To spend quality time, I used to read different management books. That helped me staying focus and reach goals on time. Thank god I had an excellent record of timing. When I completed my PhD and moved to ISI Kolkata as Assistant Professor and I got time to read a book called ‘First Things First’ by Steven Covey. I read that book a long time back, but just a few minutes before I was talking to a someone whose is very close to me and saw that book and remember the value of first things first in life.

Whenever I am lost or too busy or confused, I just halt for some time and think about whats going around me. I set my priorities and set targets and make schedules and start walking again. Thinking about life is very important but most important is to not to just with flow of others. If you start doing like everyone else then it’s difficult to set goal and work for them. It’s impossible to give this world your presence just being like all around you and following all around you. To make a contribution you need to stop and think whats right and wrong. Give yourself a justification and stick on to it and put your heart into it. This helps you to put first things first without being influenced by your surroundings and people around you.

Let’s go back to GATE preparation or any other thing your life. If you do some thing just because everyone else is doing then you will end up being like everyone else. If you are writing GATE just because all your classmates are writing it, you will not benefit with it even if you get AIR 1. On the same time when you know what you are doing and why you are doing you will cherish it, value it and make best use of it too. This will make something your first thing and you will definitely keep it at first place and love what you do to get it.

I just wanted to remind you all the if you are wasting your time and getting puzzled into busy schedules and missing out things, just stay back think around, see people just not to be blind and follow them but to realize what you need to set. Set priorities and always question yourself how honest you are to your First Things. If your First Things are getting last priorities then for sure you are totally screwing up with your life.

With this I call you all to keep the First Things First and be honest with them, whether it’s GATE, studies, or just a job.

Do share a reminder with friends and help them stay focus.


  1. manish s prasad

    it’s nice an’ impressive zahid bhai, keep it up 4 us bro…

  2. pawan singh

    This one is second time i am writing a comment on your article,first time i mailed some query on your email id but did”nt get any reply from your side.
    this time i hope you will reply.i am working as a scientific officer under department of atomic energy,India.i appeared for gate last year but could”nt score very good rank but any how have secured a job, although i don”t want to do job i want to complete my masters from IISC or top IITs.I talked so many students who are studying in iit about academic culture of iits and all the time i got negative feedback,means the exposure for masters or research in India is not as the way that should be.
    Now i want to know your suggestion should i leave my organization and go for higher studies or should continue my work here.what about doing masters from abroad.what benefit i will have if i am leaving my organization and go for masters in term of monetary and academic.
    i know you have very busy an hectic schedule but you will definitively manage some time to helpme out regarding this problem.

  3. isus

    waw..u r doing a great help for us… thankyou vmuch
    may allah bless you…

  4. kiran chauhan

    Really Thank you, Sir.
    whenever i confused, i get answer from HERE.
    Thank you.

  5. srikanth

    when i am confused about my carrier, i think exactly as posted by u sir

  6. Sharad Chitalkar

    Thanks a lot zahid. very inspiring mesage….

  7. shiwami

    inshallah hum is baar apna cat exam achey score se karein … AMEEN:):)
    KHUDA HAFIS Zahid sahab apkey articles padh kar achha laga:):)

  8. shiwami

    hi today i read ur article is really beautiful. presently am preparing for CAT exam some how i also start distracting from my target but after reading this i am feeling good thanks..:)

  9. chandrabali Karmakar

    Dear Zahid,

    This was very much for me too.After my B tech I was in infy. I always aimed for higher studies but could not resist myself when all of my classmates were looking for jobs and I had the offer letter of Infosys at my hand.I postponed my plan for higher study and went for the job in Mysore.After doing that for 1 n half a year I was convinced that I need to quit and go back to my track.I came back to my place and started studying for GATE.This time I faced lot many difficulties while studying and finally I am in a situation where I am not prepared for the exam too and don’t want to go for a job rather want to study only.I don’t want get diverted this time.But I lost almost a year after I left my job…n sure…this was all for the wrong decision I made after my b tech ( forgot to mention…I m a b tech 2009 passed out.).I don’t know..I may have to loss(or spend?) one more year to manage a seat in a very good institute for my m tech. Am I correct in my decision..getting lot many advices..”do not play with ur career…etc”..please help.

  10. akanksha

    great piece of work zahid…jst needed sumbdy to tell me dis…..thank u…

  11. Abhishek singh

    hello zahid i just want to cofirm that as several other good universities have given date for filling their application form n everything what shall i do shall i fill it or wait till my gate examination like SRM,MANIPAL pls help me n thanks a lot for sharing ur each n every moment with us

  12. Aditya

    Thanks Zahid.

    It’s less than two months for GATE now and lately I’ve found myself losing focus from the real tasks. I’ve been watering my new hobbies sprouting everyday. I’ve read Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits” and found the time management matrix (four quadrant system) really working for me. Now you refreshed it up for me at right time.

    Look I’m picking my books up now 😉

    1. Zahid

      hahaha. Great Adi I am going back to books too 🙂

  13. Chetankumar

    Anybody from MECHANICAL stream please find if you can help me !!!!! Here:

  14. sadhana

    ya…It very imp that 2 take decision at right time…not wasting much of time every1 have to check what she/he.. is going to do..whether important or not for them self…

  15. Chetankumar

    truly inspiring…….
    Great post!!!! Thanks to Zahid Sir …

  16. ..GOWDA

    Great post.plz post more at lest once in a week.

  17. zeeshan

    hello.. zahid from today i am setting my prioirities bro… this article is inspiring, and you write with full meaning may be you can be next”chetan bhagat” and write like “five point someone”,and ll surely make film like 3 idiots….

  18. Nayanika

    The article is as usual inspiring sir. I would really apreciate sir if you could give some of your precious time to counsel me for which PG course or certificate course I should and could do. I need your guidance Sir.
    Iam B.Tech(ECE) 2nd year student Sir.
    Awaiting your reply. Thank You.

  19. Nayanika

    The article’s good and as usual inspiring sir. I would really apreciate sir if you could give some of your precious time and counsel me for which PG course or certificate course I could do.
    Iam a student in 2nd year.
    Awaiting your reply. Thank You.

  20. bhola

    Thank you very much sir for giving inspirational thought to all student.
    It helps so many student to come up with solution by solving their problems.

  21. gaurav

    sir i m pursuing my in machine design from iitg . i m confused about what i should do now?should i go for GRE or be focoused for IES . i am confused pls give your valuable suggestion.

  22. Muralidhar.V

    Hey zahid…:) A very good article…:) Iama regular follower of your website…:) You are doing a great job…:) Keep rocking man…:)

  23. Sandeep Mudgil

    gr8 post ulimate post

  24. Ankit Chheda

    @Zahid sir,
    What a coincidence. 😛 I just wrote about something like this, being confused or busy or not getting enough time sort of things on my blog . “First things first” I completely agree but for me I have two things to manage that is I have two things on first priority.
    First one, my students, its the matter of their carieer and indeed their life. So its way better that I manage their batches well.
    Second one, for myself and for my dreams, my GATE preparation. I have to do both the jobs coz few living creatures are now completely dependent on me and morally I shouldn’t let them go and even I have to do manage my studies. What the hack..!! 😛 But sir, you know its the moment I will cherish on my dead bed. It is the phase of my life when I don’t have time to seat on toilet and do potty with relax mind. 😛 lolzz. I don’t have complaints about my schedule and stuff and I will manage it today or tomorrow. It is just the matter of time. It is the feeling where I have no time to thing about myself and even getting time to write my blog and follow InI and news on current affairs. Still I am a busy creature and enjoying the life as it is coming. 😉

  25. guru boy

    Just in time, just what I needed ,
    thank you Mr. Zaid

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