WOW!!! I Am Back Home For A Short Visit Again

Regular reader of my blog must be missing the updates for quite a long time. The reason is that I am back home (India) for a short visit to celebrate Eid with my family members.

This is a rule of my mom that everyone from family, wherever and whatever doing, should visit home for Eid celebrations. And I just being a follower dropped myself in a flight and came to India.

As you may be knowing that Muslims fast whole month in Ramadan as thanks giving, because Quran was revealed during this month. Ramadan in real is a training to be more pious and humble, tolerant and god fearing. On the first day of Shawwal (a month after Ramadan) Muslims celebrate Eid as an indication of successful completion of fasting.

I took eleven hours in flight and every time I visit I feel that things may not change anytime sooner in India. Right from airport you see people touch your luggage and ask for dollars, raid a bus forget the change that should come in return after buying the ticket and finally take an auto rickshaw to home, the driver will ask for Rs 20/- and after reaching the destination he will ask for more money as if it was his right.

Anyway, these are just common situations in India we face in our everyday life, but usually get ignorant. These are big issues for folks visiting home after spending long time in developed nations. I don’t know how much time it will take to change this attitude. We can not be developed and happily living with corruption and not willing to change our attitude at the lowest level. I hope one day we change and I positive we do πŸ™‚

As soon as I reached home I was hit by deserter of no Internet connection and huge load shading (electricity cuts). Though I wrote few posts in flights and transit time can not post them because of these. I will reread, correct and post them regularly now and them, from now onwards.

Sometimes I feel we Indian do too good outside India because the problem and distraction we face here are high and without these everyday issues we perform our best, utilize resources properly and grow faster. I pray for a developed India one day, where can use our energies and strength in a constructive way and contribute to the growth of India and whole humanity.


  1. Pravin

    Dear Zahid,
    First time I am reading your blog and I realy appreciate your honest contribution towards the development of Indian students as well as humanity. God bless.


  2. oumzah

    eid mubarak said mr πŸ™‚
    I totally agree with u nd thats the exact reason for prefering to live somwhere else
    Enjoy ur stay nd take aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time u neeeeeed

  3. vel

    Nice informations

  4. sangameshwara

    Its very true what you said, every Indian knows about this but he is helpless because of this corruption and our hopeless politicians.I also pray in god that one or another should become developed nation.


    eid mubarak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. waheed

    zahid sir eid mubarak ho,,, plz guide me to how to face gate 2011 in civil engineering

  7. suryam

    Hello sir, Eid mubarak to each and every of your family members and also readers. We hope on one fine day a big change will takes place in mother India.

  8. Sourav Sarkar

    Eid Mubarak, Sir. May God,s choicest blessings be showered on you.

  9. Zahid

    Arun Prasad, Sourish, Bikram Ballav, Subhajit, Subrata Roy Thank you all. Thank you so much. Lets be clean and work towards dream of a developed nation. I will write about an incident happen with me when I was in IIT and how another guy from IIT impressed me about the idea and approach towards developed nation.

  10. Subrata Roy

    EID mubarak to you and your family, sir.

  11. Subhajit

    Eid mubarak sir…welcome back home..

  12. Bikram Ballav

    Well said , very well said Sir. I do believe that if every people of our country love his nation ,believe himself and don’t support corruption then only we can change. The primary thing is education and thinking power which can turn India into a developed country. I know these are only words but if few people think about it then they can inspire others . Like you i also waiting for the day when we can make some changes in our attitude to become a developed country,right now we are still developing but the process is very slow. I have that believe to my countrymen that they can do it.Let’s wait for that fine morning.

  13. Sourish

    Eid Mubarak , Welcome back home

  14. Arun Prasad

    Its very true wat you said. The attitude in India must change at root level. There are a bunch of illiterate indians like autowalla, bus driver, cops, govt servants.. their attitude is so pathetic. they probably have no goal or vision to see a developed nation.. they live in the present.. Education is the only way a country can progress and become a developed nation.

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