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Do I Need To Drop A Year For GATE Preparation?

It’s a very very common question every single student have in their mind before starting the GATE preparation and many still wonder after the GATE exam. As an average student, I was in similar situation many times right from engineering till PhD. In this post I would like to share my views and experience addressing this question.

I couldn’t make it good in Engineering Entrance exam of my state and at that time it was pretty hard to get into engineering. I decided to give it a try for one more year, but dad was against it. He asked me to go ahead with payment seat. Being a stubborn child I fought a lot for many days. We spent whole lot of time and money over phones in late nineties. The phone costs were so high at that time. Finally I gave up and joined engineering.

I always had in my heart that I haven’t given a right opportunity to prove my metal. This feeling also helped me to be focused during engineering. I always had the feeling that I paid to most so I should use resources more. I had a seat reserved in library and used to spend much of my time there. But when I came to end of engineering I desperately wanted to do M.Tech without delay, because I was sure that I may not be able to go abroad for higher studies, because lack of guidance and confidence to make bread at that early age and study.

Now when I stand see in past I feel my dad was right. I am just an average student and it was quite possible that other smart kids at that time would have dragged me down at that time. He always argued that what if you land in a similar situation next year too. You waste one year and stand on the same point. He was right in his thinking and today I feel damn happy for that decision.

You know yourself a lot better and also know the crazily growing competition. You can decide better whether a year drop is better or not. If you ask me personally I would say its not recommended to wait for year and waste time if you can afford join M.Tech this year in any recognized institute. If you cannot afford it, then it’s a different story.

A year saved in early stage of life would be as good as ten years in later life and we will realize it when we need those years. It brings more opportunities, open your mind and also give you a confidence to move ahead in life.

The whole idea is to not waste time in life whatever we have to pay for it. If we can buy a year with some money just go ahead and do it. We can earn a hell lot of money but not that year. On the same time it’s not just buying time, make sure you rock that time, because we paid for it, whereas others came with hard work and good luck.

I just suggest you to not to spend a year for GATE prep if you are an average student like me. If you already have good grip on subject and want to nail it to IITs, I would say go ahead. For average students one single good advice, leave the crap out of your mind, rush and join M.Tech wherever you get.

For more information on M.Tech do refer to Must Read Articles for M.Tech aspirants. Wish you all a great luck…


  1. Guru Institute

    Thanks for sharing the valuable Content! Brillant work.

  2. Eliza Tyas

    Its great article, thankyou

  3. ALok

    sir i did my diploma in electronics and now i completed my B. tech in mechanical then will PSU’s hire me if I get good marks in GATE

  4. rakesh

    Can you please guide –
    is it a better strategy to take a dummy admission in XI and XII classes and utilise the time ( which would have otherwise spent in school) for taking coaching in a good IIT entrance coaching centre. Some of the friends have advised, so I am asking this question. At present I am in X class.

  5. prasad

    I completed my 3rd year ,i am very confused about wt to do next after completing my btech.
    Can u give any information about cdac, how could i reach for that particular course.

  6. Kamalpreet

    My percentage is 77% no company came in our campus & my btech will complete in july 2013. I am confused now? may i drop an year for gate………
    or to start mtech……….
    pls help

  7. Barun

    Nice one Zahid Sir……..
    Its really appreciating Sir what u r doing for guys like us… 🙂

    but i wanna say- Doing Mtech from iits /iisc matters a lot rather than doing it from lower univ/nits………
    Just wanna say if one hav confidence and family backup, he can defntly go 4 yr drop…………..

    i got AIR 5400 GATE 12
    dropped, did self study @home. got AIR 79 GATE 13. (mechanical)
    joined IITB


    1. rajiv

      thanks braun… bro…all the best…hearty congrats…

    2. jyoti mishra

      barun…. it seems hard when u have to prepare all in ownself. can u plzz tell me some tell the techniques u followed ?

  8. Lalit

    sir today many psu”s are hiring through gate so think droping a year not a bad choice..

  9. rajiv

    thankyou Zaid sir…..ur video was more effective than what u’ve written…coz anybody planning to proceed still further than ME/Mtech, i personally feel that the candidate should proceed with recognized clgs for pg studies…

    and yes in near future GOD willing and by extra gd focussed hard wk and dedication he can land into IITs or IISC for his/her phd….

  10. sambhav

    Not a at in agreeing with you sir,
    First of all MTech from a good college like IIT or south NITs or BITS etc is far far better than even in mediocare NIT’s like NIT kkr , jalandhar.

    The placements the level of staaf the education is all that differs.
    So not suggestable to rush for any college that u get.

    getting into good colleges is not that hard, you just require a good guidance(I got one from MADE EASY NEW DELHI) , right amount of hard work(STUDIED AVERAGE 6-7 HOURS A DAY except the class), and a proper plan(keep atleast a month only for revision).

    There are thousands of people working in such guidance there all over India and for any average student like I was its almost impossible to go thru into good college without dropping a year doing a coaching.

    So, my personal exprerieces and as i have seen of many doing Masters with me , I will say if you can , willing for doing hard work , drop a year join Made Easy ir ACE and work hard , be in the first few groups as they will end by december, and go on hit. IF you work rightly you will have results.

    I am a MTech passout from NIT Calicut (2011-2013)

  11. Bhupendra Sahu

    Maine B.E. 2011 me complete karne ke baad 2 saal steel industry me kam kiya ab 2013 me drop lene ka soch raha hoon. Is it right decision

    qki mai frustrate ho gaya hoon ki mera 1bhi sarkari exam nikal nahi raha hain. so please guide karo mujhe.

  12. Lost2year4iit

    I m 2011 passout . Didnt get job for one year . So in june 2012 decide to prepare for gate exam as iit was dream from 3rd year of btech . Started preparation from august and studied 10 hour each day til february. But i could not do revision properaly in feb and before writing exam only lost hope of iit .finaly exam didnt go wel. Even though i dont have good marks in btech but i never considered myself average student . Now i feel i m below avg. I truely agree with zahid bhai”s article.

  13. saipavan

    hey to crack a gate paper it totally depends on your logical thinking and basics you had from 6 th adding to your technical knowledge………………………………

  14. swethasri

    i am in final year of my engineering (ece) i want to do mtech for gate can i take a year drop and continue? my cgpa is 9.15 please help me out i m confused?

  15. Abhishek

    Good post thanks to zahid i am avg. Student and i wont drop 1 year for gate exam

  16. Abhishek

    hello sir,
    im a btech student,studing comp sc in a not so reputated collage in kolkata.the campussing r not so good here in our very much confused about what’ll i do after btech..getting a job is not a big deal for me,but i want some good job and for that i thnk my btech isn’t sufficient at all..i still not prepared for GATE,though i’ll attempt it with some preparation.i hv decided to drop a year to strongly prepare for gate after btech.plz suggest me whether i am making a mistake or not..

  17. siddhi

    hello sir!
    ryt nw I’m a 12 class student. i really wish to crack jee, iit…… next year .
    Bt. there is a problem I was not much focused on my studies in 11th class
    Also, i’m an avg student . pls help me out…… Do I need to drop a year after my competitive exams???

  18. Priyanka

    sir , i completed my B.Tech(IT) this year (2012) with 76.2%. I appeared for gate this year but did not qualify. And because of no company visited my college, i am not placed anywhere. Now i am really confused whether to drop one year and prepare for gate or should i take admission in any private college and prepare for UGC NET exam.
    As i want to become lecturer.Plz reply asap

  19. prabhakar


    I just completed my sixth sem in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.During my days at the college i learned that i was not so interested in my own branch .I was more inclined towards Computer Science.Now I want to take GATE in CS this year (Feb 2013). I’ll appreciate if you can enlighten me with your views on this.I mean what you think it’s feasible or even allowed .



  20. krishnan

    sir i didnt qualified in gate 2012 i got only 17 marks in mechanical stream.I scored 8.43 cgpa in BE i am 2012 passed out. I got job in Texmo pumps. Because of my carelessness in exam negative marks about 9 is gone bcoz of that i cant able to crack gate. I planning to drop another year hope to crack gate2013.please give me your suggestion!!

  21. gaurav

    I am 2012 passout from b-tech computer science.Do we have scope in PSUs after clearing Gate exam.
    Can u plz guide me which is the best institute to join for gate preparation in Delhi…
    plz reply asap….

  22. jagjit

    “settled”…Next 30 years u r
    going to work…so try not to settle anything less than what u want….come on yaar try
    now….thats it……And dont think I am a winner
    and I am speaking like this…

    1. electra

      good spirit jagpit!!!!!!!
      try not to settle anything less than what u want

  23. abhijeet

    sir, i hav given gate this year but dosent quallified…my collage cgpa 8.2 ……..should i drop for 1 year for. gate…..or join company named HEXAWARE…….where i hav been placed…plz suggest….and also i it possible to prepare for gate along with job…………please suggest…

    1. abhijeet sharma

      please solve my issue its urgent

  24. praveen

    sir actually i cmpleted my dis year(2012).i want 2 drop 1 year in d name of gettng iit seat in reading ur previous cmmnts i came 2 knew 1 thng dat is ur suggesting dat don’t waste 1 year 4 d sake of iit seat.but my question is,if u want 2 get an iit seat u will definitly need a gr8 scope 0f preparation.but i didn’t prepared dat much well for gate exam.s0 dat,i didn’t qualified 4 my bewilderment is,is dat 1 year is needed 2 get iit seat???.but sir i’m very self c0nfident about myself i will surely attain iit seat in upcoming year.another thng is i’m avg student n i g0t aggregate of 64% in my wish 2 take c0achng in dat institute is g00d enough 4 gate preparation???sir plzz give me reply 4 my qustions.i’m waiting 4 ur reply.coz i’m in gr8 confusion ryt n0w.

  25. Srikanth

    “A year saved in early stage of life would be as good as ten years in later life and we will realize it when we need those years. ”

    Sir I dont expect you to say such sentences….

    A year wasted is year wasted…it does not matter whether its now or later….in fact I think its better to waste time now and try something different..Anyways one cant think anything new once he is so called “settled”…Next 30 years u r going to work…so try not to settle anything less than what u want….come on yaar try now….thats it……And dont think I am a winner and I am speaking like this…I am Btech-2011 pass out and I have written Gate-2012 and again gone…next time I m going to win….thats my attitude….

    Friends comprimise only if ur family have financial constraints,otherwise lite………

    1. electra


  26. kanchan

    Once again Thanks Warrior for ur suggestions..they will really help me a lot!!

  27. kanchan

    Once again Thanks Warrior for ur suggestions…They will really help me a lot..

  28. Kaushal Chauhan

    yaa i would surely agree with many of u guyz, as i myself was in such great dilemma that could’t decide which path to lead for… but ur words helped me alot to take some stiff steps with a back up plans… saving my future 365 days of fight between self confidence & denial… And also letting me to clear my views about oneself with better vision that ‘what am i capable of & what can I do’… Thanks alot to Zahid Sir, Warrior, Vijay & Vikrant too… Experience leads to perfect guidance… 🙂 Your words will sure help many avg ppls like me… but i would like to also add something for guyz like me that We ordinary people can also do some Extra Ordinary things in this world… JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF…!!! 😉

  29. kanchan

    Thank you so much Warrior for ur valuable suggestions..I was really waiting for any suggestions..You helped a lot!!
    As u urself r from IT firm I would lik to ask u tht as I have passed in 2011 Are there any changes of getting placed in any MNC’s till this summer(not being a fresher now)??
    Or if not As u told to do any courses what about doing C-DAC for coming batch??But Is it really beneficial doing that course?? Also being an IT engineer which PG Diploma course(in C-DAC) will be good?(Post Graduate Diploma in IT infrastructure, Systems and Security(PG-DITISS) or Post Graduate Diploma in System Software Development (PG-DSSD))
    Eagerly waiting for ur suggestions….thanx..

    1. warrior

      Hi Kanchan,

      first of all sorry for late reply dude.
      There are indeed vacancies for Btech grads from 2011. but may be relatively low. Keep looking the below websites :

      Also try take test called elitmus. with the score you get you can apply for some companies. Please find the link below for elitmus:

      I suggest you to do some certifications like Oracle,Core java..these are really useful as most of the vacancies are based on java. Oracle is universal as IT cant live with oracle(not exactly oracle i mean Database).Most of the openings are in Java and oracle. In IT only few people write a code. Its only a myth that most of them do programming. Once the programming is done then there comes maintainence of the piece of code. Its called Support and maintenance. So most people will do this maintainance which requires knowledge in DB (say oracle), a programming language (say java,dotnet). and also most servers run on unix so unix knowledge will be an added advantage. Java,Oracle and some basic unix will help u a lot. Try to learn some basics in unix also.So no production supoport can work without Oracle (DB) in IT.

      regarding PG diploma in C-DAC i know only about VLSI ,embedded systems, i’m not sure about remaining. And also i’m no aware of how good these courses are, but the fact is that they’re job oriented courses.

      If you are interested in networking you can try CCNA (cisco certified Network associate) and related courses.

      Also for any job be it IT or some other IT related or embedded you definitely need proficiency in C language nd if possible C++. C is such a beautiful language that wherever you go you definitely find an application!!

      Another piece of advice..”Please attend written and interviews for even small and tiny companies as it would help you gain confidence and also gives you practice and exposure to such situations!!!!!

      PS: Some Bank PO and clerks earn similar to IT guys but the only difference is that IT guys can learn technical and can go onsite to other countries..!!


    Every night i was really facing this problem 🙁
    For an extend your post could resolve it 🙂
    Thank u so much 🙂 🙂

  31. vikrant

    i read youe article regarding drpping an year for GATE preparation for an avg. student.I feel a bit other way around as i didnt dropped an year and i consider myself just a bit more than avg.
    i could qualify GATE in the same year i finished with my and i genuinly feel any one can .Just one need to focus and try and manage between your college and GATE.What i did was just focus on GATE in my last year and concentrated on college exams as they came, anyway engeenering students are born to do that.I thougt I just have to pass them,still i got more than passing marks in my final year.The other advantage i had was my good terms with some of my teachers so i could manage my attendence as well while preparing for GATE at home.
    So i would suggest all it is not that difficult to qualify GATE that too without dropping.all the best.

    1. pooja

      ur commets bought me a gr8 relif,thnks

  32. VIjay

    To all guys/gals I am a 2010 passed out student ECE ..I would like to say to those who are wishing to go for another year please first judge yourselves whether you can truly do it or not dont live in selfdenial.

    Confidence vs self denial this is the case with me had dropped 2 years for gate and now regretting it. Sometimes one should not always think of going with crowd. There are many other things apart form gate .Gate is not the only life. If you cant get into IITs try to go abroad for is not hard to get loans loans are being given with less interest.

    Young blood some of them say here ….. I totally have to agree to disagree Why? this is the time you actually have to take right direction ..time is valuable if you cant get into IITs forget about it. I myself could have improved my profile and went abroad but the problems was my self denial confidence in getting a better rank next time. I actually have a good rank around 3000 but even that was not enough to get into IITs .

    That was the time when I realized that there are other things apart form our indian universities.. Do you know our famous institutes even IIsc are not even top 500 in world ..why to waste an year or two to get into them.(No offence)

    My humble opinion is to join some IT software or learn some good language programmes and move on..If not join as lab assistant in good colleges if you think you cant go for MS and try gate every year.

    People should keep a back up plan .

    Judge yourselves before attempting gate is not life..Many of them write Gate is because of the hype brand and excellent placements.
    Discuss with your HOD or seniors before jumping.Sometimes they can judge you better than you think of yourselves

    A person who uses his time in a best way is he the one who succeds

    1. warrior

      very well written!! One should also estimate himself before going for an adventure ride like dropping an year!!

      One more thing if somebody is not interested in IT then there’s no point working in it.I’m the living example.After an year passed i, now regret my decision to take up IT as back up. Coming from EEE background its really worse to be here.
      Even i dont know if i’m in self denial mode or lazy enough to work in IT but i really dont want to be an IT guy. Now I understood the difference between IT and Software!! Even though both are used interchangeably there’s hell lotta difference.

      Even though i’m in IT i dont write a single line of code which makes me feel awkward. Neither do i get a chance to learn programming!! They call it Support in which you give the required support to the company and they never support u in return. This post is written in agony of wasting One goddamn year in IT!!!

  33. asish

    I have got a good AIR in GATE Chemical engineering 2012 and recieved admissions into IISc and IITB. At that time I wanted to take your view on both, but sadly missed that chance. Id like to know how is IISc for chemical engineering? ( I have seen your post regarding CS)
    Im sorry to post this here. But I didnt know where to.

  34. gaurav

    if any student do from deemed university like
    (galgotias university aur allahabad agricultural university)
    if he/she couldnt qualify in there any problem while doing so?

  35. feroz

    Thank you very much sir for your information but still i am in confusion that i have to choose GATE or not.I got 75% in my B-tech also have knowledge about subject.I have an information that there are very less opportunities that when we done M-Tech in state colleges through PGECET especially for AEROSPACE ENGINEERING.So please advise me to take next step.

  36. Aishwaryhaa.Y

    I,m going to complete my B.E(EEE) in may 2012.I saw in your website that some IITs are offering Ph.Ds after UG degree How can I apply for that .PLS REPLY ME

    1. warrior

      Yeah..they offer Phd.,s they call it JRF (Junior Research Fellow) which can be pursued after Btech (UG).

      For Post Graduates they offer SRF (Senior Research Fellow).
      I think you need a GATE score for this. But not sure. Please Search Related websites for info.

      IITM offers MS/Phd Programme.
      Please go through the advertisement in site below:

      its official site of iit madras…!!

  37. Shravankumar

    Thanks for your suggestion,Its really wiped all the confusing rain drops ……..


    Hello zahid sir,rit now im persuing B.E(EEE)from a deemed university in chennai..I have somewhat a grip on my subject..can you suggest me how should i use my time to crack gate.i just have a semister to prepare for GATE.rit now im in 6th semister.
    And also i wantd to know if i crack GATE and qualify the interviews..can i get a seat in NITS or IITS even though im from a deemed university.University name VELS UNIVERSITY,pallavaram,Chennai

    1. warrior

      Hi sourav,

      They’ll look for a minimum percentage of 65% or some CGPA cut off. Advise you to practice a lot. Solve previous papers and check where you are going wrong. you can see my previous comments regarding coaching!

      If your university is recognised then it’ll never be an issue with Admission in IITs or nits.This is the right time to spend your time wisely. Focus On subject. Get your basics right. Basics are very inportant as the questions are to test them. PRACTICE MAKES MAN PERFECT!!!!




    2. Rajeev R. Tripathi

      I am surprised to see the last line of your comment. Do you guys really have such a misconception that your BE/B.Tech college type affects your M.Tech admission?
      Let me clear-It’s doesn’t matter at all.

    3. Rajeev R. Tripathi

      sorry for typo-error 🙂

  39. souvam

    sorry for some spelling mistake and that one gte 15,,,,sorry they made it gate 12,,,i mean in this yr,,

  40. souvam

    i am agree with the comment that if u really wanna get something,1yr drop would not be a waste,,,,,i gave gate this yr,,got 611 score,,mech engg, if dont get iit this year,i am planning to drop 1 yr for next gate as i am damm sure and confidnce thti can make rank within top 100 easily as i am pretty good in my subjects,,i would like say thatfor example only,,3 of my seniors of my college did self study and made rqnk 137,71,114 in gate 15 in cse,ece and ee dept ,they were all averege student as per i know,,so i would say that u know ur self betterthan any other,,so decide yourself,,,if u have burning desire for it,,dont panic,,take 1yr,,prep method wise and success will come to you,,

    1. warrior

      GREAT JOB buddy!! thats a great score..!!you can make it to IITs!! please think twice about your decision of wasting one year!! some NITs are as good as IITs. Some NITs are far better than IITs.

      Even a friend of mine has done Mtech from Nit Calicut and now he’s working for INTEL..! he also got Phd offer from IISC Bangalore and some prestigious instituions as well..if you’re making a choice among Some good Nits , IITs and one careful and wise!!

      I’m not saying you are wrong but thnk twice so that you wudnt make a mistake!! neither i’m saying i’m correct..!!just expressing my opinion..!!


  41. kanchan

    I completed B.E in Information technology(I.T.) in 2011.I dropped a year for Gate and opted for self study but I could not make it. i got only 24 marks in Gate. Now, I don’t know what to do further. Now, I am unable to take any decision and I am frustrated a lot. What to do next?? I already wasted 1 year so will it be worth spending 1 more year??
    Is it will be beneficial to do M.E from any new college?? Do it will be worth? Will it be useful in MNC’s selection after 2 years? Or should I do any software course and try for company??
    Sir, Please do reply . I am so much confused. I am afraid of spoiling my career. Waiting eagerly for your response.

    1. warrior

      Since you’re for IT background my advice is to better go for some courses and get a job in IT. As i’m already into it i can tell you once you come here there s lot to learn!! 2 years after Btech it’ll be very hard to get a job in IT. Even many IT firms offer you a chance to go for higher studies after working in their firm for some one or two years!! so u can learn on anytime.

      But if you’re very sure you can crack then you can go for GATE.

      Difference between IT and Core departments is that for Core (EEE ECE MECH CIVIL) you have govt. companies offering jobs on GATE and other entrance exams but for IT/CS you’ve govt jobs but very little when compared to these CORE areas!! so Its upto you to decide dude…!!

      GOOD LUCK!!! CHEERS!! 🙂

  42. Swati

    Zahid sir, I hv nt got any reply frm u….I shared my prb here just to hv ur valuable suggestion..but I am disappointed a lot…:(

  43. Swati

    thnks a lot warrior 4 ur suggestions…I passed out in 2011 in electronics & instr. I am afraid of dropping 1 more year bcoz I dont know if next year also I would have faced the same situation then what will I do?? bcoz dropping 2 valuable years , then opting for UPTU is worst. 🙁

    1. warrior

      Hi swati,

      I just want to know if you are doing Mtech just for getting a job or do you really want to learn something or take a deep dive into the world of knowledge.?

      If you are really interested to learn then wasting another year is ok as you had a directionless self study. If you are doing it for a job then just stop thinking about mtech and look out for a job or go for UPTU and get a degree and u can go as faculty for some small college.

      One thing i want to tell you is that even if you are going for long term this year then you’d definitely have a shot at UPTU even next year. So can give GATE another serious try this year!!! if you dont get it then go for UPTU. But if u r joining UPTU then its mistake after sometime you look back and think “why did i waste two years doing Mtech is such a college?”.

      Even there are chances where you think ” why did i waste two years just on ths GATE?”

      One more thing if at all you’re trying for something say cracking GATE, DONT LET the NEGATIVES surround you …like saying “what if i cant!!” “if i had some problem” or “if my luck fails!! ” these will only make you loose your confidence and self belief. STAY POSITIVE..BE FOCUSSED…!!!

      Regarding self study its ok if you’re practising a lot. but Advantages of coaching are that you can get your doubts clarified in a day. In self study you shud be the teacher and student both which leads to wastage of sometime. U have people around you so u dont let negativity surround you and also you get the real heat of competition. U get lots of practice through exams and time management but the same u cant get thru self study!!so you can check where you are going wrong for all the practitce tests you take before the BIG FINAL attempt…

      If you want to try for a job, Since you’re from Electronics background you can go to C-DAC and some other institutions and get trained in VLSI or embedded. U cud get a Job easily without Mtech (easily doesnt mean just lyk dat u have to learn)

      My final conclusion is that “if you believe you could crack GATE next year and you’re going to Mtech to learn and gain knowledge I ADVICE YOU TO GO FOR ANOTHER YEAR”

      “if you want a job or want to get a degree or dont want to waste another year then you can go for UPTU or C-DAC courses”

      Myself i’m making some 25,000 bucks a month still i’m quitting this job in IT and going for coaching in Hyderabad. That gives me pleasure if i gain some knowledge in EEE.

      if at all u have any info needed u feel free to get in touch!!(its for everyone just you)


      Sir, sorry sir if i’m flooding with unnecessary comments but i dont want someone to lose something as i’ve already lost an year working for IT firm which i wudnt want to mention.

      Sir There is posting regarding Teaching assisstantship in NitK.
      u can find the link below. its a part of Teach and Learn initiative. Useful for those who cant afford to go for MTech without a job!!

  44. vipin nair

    hello zahid

    this is the first time when i dont actually agree with u…i really believe that mtech should be done from a recognized college like the IITs and NITs because most of us wont go for phd…so this is our last “degree” which will be with us lifelong…after 10 years if someone asks about the college from where i completed my mtech then i would be more than happy to say that i completed it for IIT or NIT rather than some other “second rate” college…so this tag of being an IITian or NITian will be beneficial in the long run..!!…

    and i dont think there is anything called “average student”…if someone has passion and if he or she can dedicate 1 or 2 years of life for gate preparation then there is no reason why one should refrain himself/herself from giving a crack on gate…if we dont struggle in this age then when will we??…i’m using the word “struggle” because for some people its more of hard work than passion…for me it was never felt like a burden..i enjoyed each and every moment of my preparation because i am in love with mechanical engineering…so if students have a zeal in them to study further from a good college(an institute of national importance) then we must encourage them…i have given gate 2012 i may or may not get NIT…but i am happy that tried hard and gave myself a chance…we r young..full of young blood..if we dont take risks in this age then when will we??…:)

    actually my parents also had similar opinions just like ur parents…they always said “dont waste a year”..go for a pvt. college etc etc…but i never listen to my parents…maybe i am not an “ideal son”..haha…but i believe we should take decisions on our own and if we fail we should learn from it!!..we should fall but then stand on our own!!…and anyone can do all this if he is prepared to take a gamble and give himself a good i guess i made my point!! should not be worried about his limitations when he is passionate about something…just go for it.:)

    1. Zahid

      hahaha thank you not soo ideal son 😀 I always considered M.Tech as a learning experience. If i need to learn in GATE coaching and in M.Tech why not move ahead and learn with a degree, whereas GATE prep. is not a degree.

      You all are too young to decide you will stop after M.Tech. Once you are in job you will decide if you want to stop or go back to school..

      my simple advice is to move ahead and excell. You can definitely say I topped in university for M.Tech. I simply argued on what one need to do is to be realisic and nail the opportunity.

  45. Koustav

    u r from Instrumentation Background.And i am also a Student too and what i want to tell u that Percentile is nothing that matters regarding admission.Yeah its considered in some cases.But u need to mention the RANK and Marks too,as i hope for OBC this year the Qualifying Marks is 22.5.Look for the IITs and go for the top NITs if u may wish and some good Universities are there too,u may first decide wats ur aim either to got for IITs or into any other Government Institutions for Pursuing M.Tech.If looking for IITs then please try for Next year.And what i want to tell u that 86.36 is not a good percentile.Without having a percentile of above 99 from In Backgorund it is Quite Impossible to grab the IITs.Now u decide what u want to do?First think then decide waht is ur interest.

  46. Atinesh

    Hi jasim,
    your are right. First time I’m not agree with the Zahid Sir. If you want something then 1 year will not be a waste of time. It depends on you how you consider ur self an average student or a smart student. If u think like an average you’ll always be an average. We should always try for better.
    “If you think, you can or you cannot. Either way you are right.”
    Please guys do not demotivate yourself by reading this article.

    1. anuj

      i totally agree with atinesh if you think that u have potential then go for it ….studying in iits nits will work wonders for ur upcoming life otherwise you will be in same boat as after doing mtech as u are after doing btech….but again i do agree with zahid that competition is increasing day by day,,,with every upcoming year ….so plan accordingly keeping in mind about ur family conditions , the compitition and above all your potential

  47. warrior

    Hi Zahid,

    I’ve been following ur post for past 2 year (ofc 2 years i wrote GATE).
    Its really useful if someone like you is giving guidance online. great JOB!!! I would be updating you if i have any inputs as i want to contribute to this world of info!!! 🙂

    I’ve something you would be interested to know. Common counselling for NITs is on!! Please Find the Link below.

  48. barkha singh

    i really don’t think that droping a year is just a waisting of time..till when we just live wid this stupid thought..that we are an average student we can’t do this…we can’t get success in this cut-throat “opportunity dances wid those whose is already on dance floor” na…sir i am an average student.but before reading this article i was clear about my particular goal to crack the gate exam and do from my self study.but now m little bit canfused…that really should i do preparation for the same..plz sir,just clear my this fluctuating thought…plz

    1. vipin nair

      hi barkha

      i will suggest u to go for some kind of coaching…if u r confident of self study then atleast buy study material of any coaching is going to be very beneficial for u..then u will get used to gate questions and u will be easily solving all the questions…and u can also join any test series…i joined targate…it really helped be honest i owe my success in gate to targate test series…i am not trying to promote a particular coaching institute but i am suggesting u this because it was really beneficial for me…good luck!!!

  49. Kumar Gaurav

    Hi sir, What is the scope after M.TECH?

  50. mahendra

    hello zahid please help me to decide my future career.i completed my btech with computer science branch in 2011. one year drop i prepared for gate 2012 and make score 411 i i am obc category i want to take only core branch in mnnit allahabad of cs as like cse or software engg. or information security but due to this low score it seems to very very less chance to get these braches but here is another branch named gis and remote sensing i have chances to get it. please help me what is career after the mtech by gis and remote sensing branch. does software company who visit for placement in mnnit allahabad for mtech computer science department allow to gis department or not.
    is there any seperate company visit for gis or not.

    please please help me

    bcos i dont waste my one more year for gate 2013

    1. anuj

      u should ask some mnit alumni …..moreover i dont think that software companies have some hard and fast rule for placement ….but still u be sure by asking students at mnit

  51. mohit gupta

    Dear sir,
    i would like say thank to you for this article but i am little bit confuse about my career.
    I have secured 86.36 percentile (obc category) this year and i am final year student of electronics and instrumentation .
    Should i go for psu preparation,gate ??? or is it better to take admission for


  52. mohit gupta

    Dear sir,
    i would like say thank to you for this article but i am little bit confuse about my career.
    I have secured 86.36 percentile (obc category) this year and i am final year student of electronics and instrumentation .
    Should i go for psu preparation,gate ??? or is it better to take admission for

  53. Ranjit Singh @ Jobs On Choice

    Yeah I am totally agree with you,,Students must not drop a year,,Instead took a admission and along with it continue preparing and then have a go

  54. Abhinav

    Good read 🙂 As a fellow average student, I totally get your point. Another issue is the wrong feel that engineering colleges give you. I finished my bachelors with distinction and in the top 5 in my class and felt like a genius. I decided to go abroad and I am pursuing my MS. I realised now how different the Indian system is and how I realise again that I am just an average student. So gauge yourselves well before taking the next step. Of course it is a different story if you like playing against the odds. Then things just might get interesting 🙂

  55. jasim

    I don’t think that dropping a year is a waste. You can learn a lot during this time that you never paid attention to during your B.Tech… You can do other works also during this period…

    1. warrior

      what you told is correct. i’ve joined some good deemed university and i was ok with it. but when i look back i wonder why i dint spend an year trying for IITs. since i gotta an engg seat i didnt focus much on study as i got it just like that.!!! if i had dropped an year then it wud have been different now!!!

    2. nanda

      yeah, u are right. if some one who is not having enough knowledge in subjects because he has not concentrated in level, then 1 year will be valuable for him, coz he can learn a lot, if he is really interested to do, else he will be loosing 1 year.

  56. Pawan Kumar

    hello zahid sir i have got a call from iit madras for MS but i don’t know about the course and job opportunities is there any job opportunity pls reply at my email.

    1. Manajit Chakraborty

      Could you please mention your GATE score and Marks..and has there been a list put up for the MS interview selected candidates,or have you personally received the mail?(I too were one of the interview candidates actually)

  57. Rahul

    One of the nice post written by u on the

  58. Saurav Chatterjee

    Thanks sir,
    U cleared my mind.I was suffering from this question for past two years.

  59. Swati

    I dropped a year for Gate and opted for self study but I could not make it. i got only 24 marks in Gate(1 mark less than qualifying marks). Now, I dont know what to do further. Now, I am unable to take any decision and I am frustrated a lot. What to do next??

    Should I go for Mtech from any College such as that of UPTU or should I go for job? Will it be beneficial to take admission in MTech from UP Technical university? As i have done BTech from UPTU and I know that education level is not so good in these colleges,but if it comes to MTech degree only , then there is no problem.

    Sir, Please do reply . I am so much confused. I am afraid of spoiling my career. Please Please sir . please give me some suggestion as u can understand better than anyone else.

    Waiting eagerly for your response.

    1. warrior

      It depends on the way you think..! if you think you gotta crack GATE and get into one of those IITs then you gotta spend your time wisely and prepare. you dint mention when you’ve passed out and your stream. if you are from CS ot IT background its advisable to try for a job in IT or software. But if you are from ECE mech or EEE background then its good if you go and join a good institution for gate coaching.(coaching doesnt give more knowledge but gives you lotta time to practice) myself working in an IT firm for the past 1 year thought i could study while i work which is highly impossible!! I advice you not to go for mtech in petty colleges as it would only fetch you a degree but gives you no knowledge. Moreover the time you spend on learning will never go waste believe me, follow your path go for GATE once again but this time with a proper direction in coaching. In self study you’ll waste more time. if you are in coaching you’d workout lotta probs and get used to it and also you have the real feel of competition. DONT go for MTECH in such instutions as it would just keep hanging around on GATE. Believe me i’m paying 75only spoil you career. if you are interested in any other area try for dont k to quit my current job and go for GATE coaching. i may live jobless for an year but one exam could change my life.!!!!

    2. warrior

      UPTU admission you could get even next year!!!!try once again if you fail dont take it to your heart and go for Mtech in some other institution..!! I’m giving you advise in particular bcoz i got 3000 rank when i’ve passed out.. but next year while working i opted for selfstudy and this time i got 24 marks and dint qualify just lyk you….so selfstudy is a bit difficult…i’m giving you advice as i’ve similar situation like yours….i’m now thinkin why i dint drop an year for GATE as i wud have gotta rank this year itself!!! If you want to learn more abt subject its advisable to go for it!!!

    3. Mahesh.Mohan.M.R

      If u want it badly,u’ll get it easily.I think u,ll beat it my frnd…
      GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT…….At the extreme side,u r gaining sum knowldg and can be utilized in any govt tests….So go on if u can hv ur own bread…

      MY STORY:
      I am not a high scorer..i was in the last 5 in the class while in 10th and 12th…I also from a low std private clg(business inst)…No teaching expertise..Also i dint long 4 tat at tat tym..So was not a grt loss 4 me..I enjoyd a lot…..Howevr i was able to clr my subjcts with sum pass marks…tats all..during S7 as evrybdy think “WHAT NEXT”
      I was already applied 4 the gate pushd by my parents(think it is a result of grp chat in offce about their high std children(my parents thnk) .Any how i decided to giv a try,,since i’ve not been a computr guy..So i strtd studin b4 3 months gate 2011.i had nothin frm btech ..have to attnd the cls then come home study….cls —-stdy….i decided to tak the risk..i dint write the series exam(was on january),dint attend for placemnt,bunkd sum clses,brim of attendanc shortage as u can guess..
      i gave as much as i can..i had sum indian author test(which a major peopl titled as petty books) and tats all i covrd..i dint earn a highr score..519 in ece 2011…It is a huge thing to me and will be always..even now am proud of it…even more than the toppers studin in iisc or whtever..i am now stdin in govt eng college trissur in kerala…commn and signl processing.(Lst mont got sipend 4 the past 4months..32,000 am serious..evntho now am accnt saw for the first tym 32K.last months stipend is on the way.)and now i think am serious abt the concepts in the subjcts(not boastin ,not sleepy,sittin alert in the hostl room:))…I am gazing at this site frequently coz sumthn burnin inside me…..want to see IITs..gonna beat it one morw tym……this tym with more power..01:25 07 may 2012 am now dwnlodin sum emt lectures frm nptel (not goin to stdy now ,savin it 4 a rainy day )and also gettin sum concepts in wireless communication(my S2 subjctv:P)..Have to compete with my fellow frnds from ACE or whatevr..I am standin 1 among them..with no special trainin ,nuthin..but a burnin desire,,,and the supreme God by ma side..
      This is my story …..
      I dont know whethr u can xtrct sumth frm it or not…….anyway see u in sum IITs..:)
      (not usd to post cmnts..and ma frst cmnt in my lif aprt frm social netwrkin….u earned it,keep goin my frnd……

    4. Mahesh Mohan M R

      Some burning desire i have 3 yrs back(in the previous comment). I am now in IIT Madras pursuing my Phd in signal processing. Just i thought of commenting back.

      Mahesh Mohan M R

  60. bhanu

    very importaant & valuable thoughts may save 1 year

  61. vijay

    dear zahid..the updates which you are giving have already given by other sites. Every one have read it..just check it amazing updates are given…
    where are you from last few days??

  62. Gate Cse

    Thanks Sir , we are Really Really THANKFUL to You.

  63. Vinod

    sir if i got NIT trichy( mechanical dept ) admission offer what should i do??
    whether to take drop n try for IIT( i feel i can do it) or just join it…

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