How Student Getting 1.2cr Package in CS are Different From Any Other Students?

I wrote couple of posts on the topics related top engineering courses and best engineering courses, and there were lot of questions asked related to that. One particular question caught my eye was the difference between the students who get 1.2 Cr package in CS and others. Eight years back, I was one those lucky kids, you usually read in news papers about their heavy packages, hope I can give some inputs to the students who are aiming that. (The package was not same the title but highest during that time).

The first thing one should know about these extra ordinary figures is that they are converted price to Indian rupees and if you convert it in USD comes around 200K, which is a very descent figure even if you are in US or elsewhere. On the same time this figure is quite achievable by almost anyone in couple years. But when it comes to India it’s hard to imagine, as we can see people giving their lots of time to show like kaon banega crorepati (Who will become crorepati).

Now let’s start talking about differences between successful students and ordinary students. As I understand, it’s like docking a spaceship to a space station. Everything should be perfectly prepared till the last precision and moment. When its close one need to be more conscious to make it dock perfectly. Similarly for a high paying package one need to calculate everything, prepare and go every possible place from where one can get an opportunity to land in the desired job. When everything is perfect you will immediately land into that high package stuff, otherwise, you go back prepare again and keep looking for that perfect timing.

Second important thing is to understand what someone is looking for? for big companies talent is always needed. What they exactly look when we say talent? They usually look for someone unconventional, problem solver, and someone go an extra mile to solve it most importantly in a short time. Usually in companies we face critical problems and they must be solved in shortest time possible without much help and guidance from senior members. Senior members are busy with their share of problems and documentation is poor in most of the places. If big companies find someone who can understand problem in shortest possible words and can solve it by hitting the core of the problem, paying 200K will not be a big deal for them.

Third most important thing is, they know their tools well. If they say, they know C language they really know how to write code. It’s not that they will looking for some built-in functions and get confused with pointer to pointers and function pointers. They know it to the extent that they can write the most efficient, readable and scalable code (even if they don’t feel that, interviewer know it well).

After everything is perfect with your side, like skills, tools, grads, and institute you are in, you need a bit of luck to have an urgent opening in one of the teams working abroad. After interviews with local teams they will be put in contact with the team they will be working on to make sure they sync well.

Institute matters a lot in case of fresher’s, as its hard to scan through millions of people and a good school guarantees that the interviewee has already gone through a good screening process. Grads are not very important because every company conduct their own screening test to filter students for further interview process.

Don’t worry if you missed out a chance to crack high salary as fresher, there are always a chance to nail it down as an experienced hire. Join some decent company and improve skills and learn technology in depth and move to these big companies in couple of years with a great negotiation on salary.
Hope this help you in understanding what is needed to grab an eye catching offer. Please refer to why to do a great B.Tech project to get more insights on this topic.

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  1. Vardaan

    I am in my final year of btech,ECE (from an average college). I feel that i hv not studied my btech seriously.
    I was thinking-
    1.either to go for Mtech from top collge to give myself a 2nd chance(can we revise all btech while doing mtech).
    2. or to go for MBA. But at the time of interview, cant they reject me as i hv done btech from avg collge (with 75% marks).
    3. or to join the company in which i am placed through campus placement (TCS- 3.18L per annum salary).

  2. Mohammed Zabi Pasha

    hi, i want to do M.tech in cloud computing can you please suggest me something which institute to choose ???

  3. ajay

    hi sir i want to know in which the scope is good electronic ya computer science for feature please ……..

  4. supratik

    Sir do master students in electrical(instrumentation)earn more than their b tech counterparts?

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