How It Feels To Be In IIT As A Student At Any Level

During 2004 Jan I was standing in a queue waiting for my turn to submit the registration form, fees, and enroll myself as an IIT student. I was about to get a new identity called IITian, an identity that I was searching for last 6 years.

I tried JEE and then GATE but both the times IIT was not destined for me. I never gave-up nothing was more lucrative than the top institutes of the nation that contributed in reshaping the world. I ran to IIT Madras several times, which was 400 km from where I was studying. Every vacation before going home I used go to IITM to look for the possibility of getting an internship, but I failed every time.

After doing a job for several month I concluded that, what I m doing will never make me happy in life. Decided move on again, this time I saved money from the job I was doing and applied all IITs. Got interview and written test calls almost every IIT. As usual dates clashed and I decided to attend three of them, IITK, IITR, IITD and left rest of them. Because they fall in same route and dates were one after another.

To cut the long story short, finally I made it IITR as PhD student in Electronics and Computer Engineering department. Resigned from my job and completed the formalities and was getting ready to start for new journey. Mom and dad came to Warangal station to give a send off their child, who moved on and trying to learn flying. Dad always told that never compare education with money, and told that a butcher make more money than a professor. But the contribution a professor makes to the society is not possible with thousands of butcher. He always told us that money can buy books but not education, and education is granted to the chosen people. His big hand written mails always kept me alive and motivated.

Tears came out of mom’s eyes, I was expecting it, and dad was strong as ever, and asked me to concentrate, work hard, and try to be best there. I got into train and cried a bit but decided to perform my best in IIT. I was so happy that I made it to IITs, a dream came true. (All the iits were same to me, as I never moved there to learn maths, computer science or some other technical subjects, I moved there to learn how to live a life I dreamed for, will tell you about this more in coming posts.)

I also had an offer from BITS Pilani during that time, they offered me teaching cum research position with great pay. I was very clear what I was looking for and just blindly moved on to IITR. May that was the happiest day and life since them life too so many turns, everyday became an adventure. A very happy dream that I lived for and enjoyed every single second in my IIT. The more important thing is you are chosen one among one billions of people. Everyone who register for any course will be damn happy that day, may happiest day of their lives and their parents life. But the most important thing that matters rest of your life is how you carry this happiness and multiply it or divide it.


  1. DEAago

    which college is better for cse IITR or IITH ?

  2. aks

    Well done sir

    thanx for the inspiring post

  3. devender verma

    really ur thoughts give a different zeal to me……..

  4. shaik

    nice bro….ur story is inspiration to others…

  5. prasun

    Is IIT really a dreamland in practice??

  6. Anil Yadav

    I am inspired by i am also preparing for gate & try to get IIT.
    ur story has given inspiration to me.
    thank u sir for sharing ur journey to IIT.

  7. yogender

    before 15th august i have same dream like you but i change my dream now because may be after IITians i will not happy like you i have an dream to clean my country first thats why i join INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION and now i m feel happy like you, boss please you teach all student one lesson also (saheed bhagat singh ,azad, sukhdev ,netaji rajguru,………………………….and so many died that time) aur azadi milli jeb usme kuch log toh unke sath samil the aur kooch aise bhi the jo gher ke gate bend kerke beth gaye the ki kehi unhe kuch ho na jaye per azadi dono ko milli abh app kisme samil hote hai wo peta nehi per jo INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION ke sath nehi iska metlab woh CORRUPTION ke sath hai .



  9. dilip kumar

    please tell us about your life at iitr and after passing from iitr.

  10. Pappu kumar Yadav

    I really get inspired… I am persuing B.TECH from a 4 tier State Govt. Engineering College. Since today I have ignited by studying You and started a serious preparation for GATE…so that I may reach an IIT CAMPUS. Your Dad’s quote really touched me deeply- Money Can buy books but not education and education is guaranted to the chosen people…..MAY GOD EMPOWER ME TO BE A CHOSEN ONE…

  11. albert

    iit was,is and will be nothing compared to mit.

  12. Akilan

    nice one 🙂
    it was a fairytale kind of a post that everyone wishes to experience
    it was your sheer dedication and your goal that took you there !!!
    from this i learnt that money matters less than satisfaction
    you have enlightened me to set a goal for myself
    i just hope one day i too share this great moment as you
    and that my parents too shed tears out of pride
    and i grin out of satisfaction and the success in reaching my goal
    we younger gen. need ppl like you to keep inspiring us
    for you’ll be remembered and revered more for this than as an IITian
    thanks a lot for this POST 🙂

  13. Aarthi

    I came across this blog as i was searching for tips to crack PhD interviews in IIT . I was surprised to see quite a few similarities to my experiences – i have completed my , want to do Phd directly – in an IIT /IISC … got only 84%ile in GATE last year, then worked very hard at IISC entrance tests – got thru integrated phD test but was rejected in IISC interview…..took up a IT job and prepared for GATE side by side – studied thru the nights , worked till 8 pm at office- then i quit the job in february after just 8 months. My GATE result came – i got 98.3%ile (AIR 225) – now im hoping to get atleast written test / interview call. IIT-madras is my dream campus as well , i live just a few kms away from campus and my university was bang opposite IIT-M !!!
    Just thought i’d share my story here too… keeping my fingers crossed 4 my interview call 🙂 🙂

    1. Ashish

      I wish for your wishes…

  14. swapnil

    great journey!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seems like story will repeate again with me or may take better shape
    I am 3rd year student and preaparing gate and attempted jee
    and also have dream to be an IITian

  15. sangram

    well…….its owesom……bt i like it…….

  16. shoaib

    Great child for good parents..ALLAH aap ko ISTEKAMAT DE..continue Brother.end of last Breath of Ur life
    good reasons will good strength.good strength will give good successes..ALLAH LOVES THOSE WHO WORK HARD FOR PARENTS ..LOVE U BHAYYA./.great inspiring.

  17. Prathamesh D

    sir can a average student with his below average academics can pursue his dream to be in IIT?

  18. hanu

    nice one
    ur persistence let u there

  19. vip

    same here..going IIT for living life not for learning electronics

  20. manoj

    the experience you shared with us was extremely touching and motivating.keep writing sir

  21. Radheshyam Shukla

    Zahid sir,it’s my personal feeling that you are a genuine person and of course your respected father and mom are the architect of your life.And you have proved ur parents right that an educated person can serve the society very far and very much than the thousands of butchers and u r doing a noble of luck.

  22. saikiran

    Hi, sir its hard to listen to your story and found interesting….i am doing my btech 3rd year of IT .since i am confused whether adopting for GATE/GRE .I think u may be aware of these courses so i request you for giving me the detailed information about the both the exams.plz send me the full details of the gre/toefl through my emaik id.

    Thanking you.

  23. vinoth

    i am interested to read more about your exxperience at iit


    pls keep motivating us sir. i took admission at nit agt this year for btech. my next dream destinaton is to be at iit.

  25. bubun

    Sir, I am just another one among your thousands of readers. I too have a similar story like you. After completing my B.Tech in 2009, I was extremely confused of my future plans. I started studying for GATE 2010 and simultaneously kept appearing in all the PSUs as I was no more expecting the joining letter from Satyam Computers, the company in which I bagged a job in 3rd year of my B.Tech. All my friends had joined in their companies and I was left with nothing. I was running whole-heartedly after my dream of doing M.Tech and make my own way, but God always tests before giving success that to what extent we can go and make sacrifice to make our dream come true, I was offered joining from Satyam just on the day before the date of GATE 2010. Those 2 days I will never ever forget in my life. Everyone 4m my parents to friends and seniors suggested me not to think anything else, other than going to Satyam and I was left in complete puzzle the last 2 days before GATE. Its very difficult rather imposible 4 someone frm a middle-class family to leave his job for some uncertain dream. I don’t know wherefrom I gathered dat courage nd go against everyone to go 4 GATE.

    Now, I am writing this scrap sitting in the computer lab of Indian Institute of Technology, ya what is called IIT. Thank to God nd blessings of my Grandma(who is synonomous to God 4 me). Bye..

  26. Mahesh Kumar Jaju

    Thank You for your wonderful inspirational blog showing great determination

  27. shatabdi

    respected zahid sir,

    your story means so much and many of us have same dreams but the determination to achieve those are definitely different.that is why some realise their dreams sooner,some later and some never.

  28. singhn

    Dear santosh.T,

    After reading your post, I feel you shall be an example that many young students in similar situations would like to emulate.

    My advice to you will be to bear the performance this year and appear for GATE again.

    In the meantime, please stay motivated and try to give tution to junior, etc. to keep your knowledge refreshed.

    What I feel is it is better to wait one more year than taking admission in a College which does not fascinate you.


    It is extremely INSPIRING and TOUCHING.

  30. srikant ss

    sir ,can u further tell how yr life in iit turned up, n in which position r u now,was yr decision right,shall we follow r dreams?

  31. santosh.T

    Hey guys…..
    Im also having similar story. I was born in a very poor family. My father was a tailor(worker in a shop). If my father stritches atleast one pair daily then only we can have sufficient food.
    At that movement they are unable 2 admit me to a private college. But with my interest of study I joined in a Government School near by my home in khammam. I think U know the standards of Govt school. But with my sincere effort I recorded 500+ marks(536) that no one from my school had ever got. I was awarded with a silver medol.
    Later so many local Junior colleges offered me a free seat. At that movement my parents were very happy. I choosed one of them and I’ve taken English as my medium of instruction. I was struggled a lot in the earlier. But again with my hard work I secured 950+ marks(965) that made a recorded score in my college.
    But unfortunately they didnt give any instructions and tips to face EAMCET exam. I got 27000 rank in it. Eventually it let me 2 get in to a low level standard college. But my intension is 2 have a standard education in standard college atleast at one level.
    Now Im persuing my B.Tech final year. I decided to get a seat in IIT’s. I wrote GATE2010, I got 94%, 440 Gate score, 6371 AIR. But I dont have a hope that I get a seat in IIT’s though Im belonging 2 OBC.

    Here I have 2 choices. firstly, I hope I get seat in Central Universities and joining in it simply. second choice is with out compromising I want to write 2nd time. so friends please suggest me………….

    Thank you Zahid sir for guiding us with this wonderful blog. Good Job….

  32. Ajay Uniyal

    Hi Sir,

    I have done MCA(correspondance) and having 71% marks in 10th(CBSE) and just 52% marks in 12th(CBSE).
    And I am having a work experience of 2 years. Now I am planning for M.Tech.

    Am I eligible, on the above conditions?

    Especially i got less marks in 12th. Also is GATE is a prerequisite for admission to M.Tech?

    Also I found that many universities(like-VIT, IIIT-H etc) takes a written test for M.Tech. Did they do not consider GATE score for admission?

    And finally what is the age limit for admission to M.Tech?

  33. Abhishek Bafna

    Hello Sir….

    Myself also done BE from some private college in Jaipur..I have never be sad about this because i always given my best to the situation and people around me…But as I have not attempted JEE for single time so always….thought of…do I am able to make it..Do I will be called an IITian…..I have given GATE thrice 2008, 2009, 2010. In my first two attempt I have not cleared even cutoff marks…But this time I got 393 AIR in computer science…and get a chance to apply in all IIT’s…now waiting for their admission list…hoping for one seat for any IIT……I also want to live life at IIT…I want to see the excellence of education and I want to enjoy and pursue that excellence for my entire life……

    What your wrote above….is like….you have stolen my feeling, my words from my future…..wish me good luck that I also get some IIT to live my life.

    Thank you very much…..don’t mind any of my word…..

  34. neeraj kumar

    m also in a similar situation…
    i wrote IIT-JEE 2004, 2005,2006….FAILED in all those exams..
    in 2007 i took admission in a pvt engg college….
    in 2010 i wrote GATE as a 3rd year engg student.. just fall short of cutt-off..
    in 2011 going to write GATE with same enthu as i had for IIT 2004…!!
    wish me luck..!

  35. Mohd shahajad tyagi

    This post is music for all students.

  36. Sreeraj


  37. kamalvarma

    It is extremely INSPIRING and TOUCHING.


  38. ataullah

    really it touched my heart this artical sir, really excellent .i lk ur way u struggled for ur goal to get into iit wth out giving it up , i tooo got inspired very much by this. u made it clear that if try hard there is nothing impossible .I wish to know that what is the possibility and scope of getting into IITs in sponsored category.

  39. gaurav

    i had the same feeling.but once i got in things became more realistic.

  40. Saikat Sengupta

    excellent!!!!!i can feel the excitemeny, tho i am likely to miss the iits this year…..anyhow, very touchy article, thots well compiled…


    Dear Sir,
    The story shared by u is the dream of millions of young Indian people. This blog will surely help thousands of students seeking admission to the hall of joy and fame IITs.
    Thanks for such an inspiring blog, keep writing.

  42. Sreekanth

    Nice read 🙂

  43. akash verma

    I am very much touched by your story sir.
    I wish to know that what is the possibility and scope of getting into IITs in sponsored category.

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