I wrote two important posts for students looking for admission B.Tech admissions. First one addresses the question which is the best engineering course. This is my preference for admission to B.Tech course. Another post is a very general and common post about different engineering field their future and prospects. In that post I covered almost all famous engineering course and gave the basic information about them along with core companies, institutes offering that course and average salaries.

Those two posts were, specially the first one, was my totally my choice of engineering course. In the post I present the choice of the student who toped in engineering entrance exam. I considered IIT, NIT, sate universities and private engineering colleges’ admission trends for previous year to make this order of preference.

Most of IITs don’t offer Electronics and communication engineering course, therefore the obvious choice for IIT-JEE student in previous years was Computer Science. Whereas, most of the NITs offer both CSE and ECE, and students have chosen CSE over E CE. The preference is considered based on last rank admitted to the course, lower the rank higher the preference.

The top Engineering courses based on students’ preference are as follows.

Computer Science & Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Information Technology
Instrumentation & Control Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Industrial and Production Engineering
Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

The students in state universities preferred Electronics engineering over computer science and other trends remain almost the same as IITs and NITs. The reason for making this list to give students an idea about the preference trends in last years.

I personally consider all the engineering course, streams and trends are same. It all depends on interest and dedication one put on to it. In my preferred computer science in my early posts because there are more opportunities for average students and the growth is better when compared to other engineering streams.

Wish you a wonderful luck with your decision and suggest you to work hard to prove yourself and be the best whatever your choose in.