Dear Mom and Dad, Pls Help Me Succeed

Dear Mom and Dad,

You have been amazing parents. Whenever I think of you I feel grateful to almighty for giving such a great parents, who take care of me every single step. You always think of my comfort, success and status event at the cost of your comfort and life. When I was young and could not do my homework because of pain in my hands, you completed it with your left hand to make sure I don’t get punished. When I topped in lower classes you always loved me, gave me gifts and promised more if I do better next time.

Mom, I cannot tell you how much I love you for everything you did to me. When I failed, you hide it from everyone, just make sure my dignity is kept intact. When I succeed you prayed all night long to keep me away from bad eye. I can still remember your stressed life because of us and other huge responsibilities you carried on your strong scolders. Even after traveling al most all across globe, meeting successful people, I could net see anyone of your stature, courage and confidence in the Allah the almighty.

Dad, I cannot forget the letters you gave to me since my early age. All of my hunger for success is due to every word you fed me during young age. My motivation to do PhD and in a record time came from those long hand written mails. I admire you as a speaker, writer, and thinker. I could not find anyone who speak like you and have high standards as you. I tried my best all the time, but could not make you proud because of my limited ability in what I was tested at that time. I was weaker than many others I was competing with but I always wanted to win and do great. Finally, may be in last days of PhD I gave a bit of happiness. If not in grads, I tried to move ahead all others, I know as a student of my age, in the length of education. You supported me every single step, with advices, moral support, encouragement, and by paying my heavy tuitions, travels and dormitory fees without even mentioning it once. All my life I have been asking for your favors and you always were there there for me.

With all due respect, I would like to honestly share with you. I am a bit slow in understanding things, especially when they don’t interest me or feel a conflict within. That’s why I needed more time than other students to understand Math’s, Physics and Chemistry. I know your standards and expectations are high and challenging. You want to see me and all other brothers and sisters in highest places of knowledge. You always gave examples from Nobel laureates, top scientists, great economists who greatly impacted the world.

Dear parents, I really want to do all you expected, achieve all that but I don’t think I am for that. I spent all my time understanding what I really want to do and what really fascinates me. I have been thinking this for long time, sitting hour and hours alone what I really want. I made some decisions I feel afraid to share with you, because I feel they are too small for in your views, may be they are really un important for you. May be I sound like a materialistic and worldly person.

When you talk about the fears of society I feel bad and totally wrong about it. When someone tell me about how my decisions impact my siblings haunts me, annoys me and make me feel so conflicted with what I believe in. Though, I sound idealistic to Indian society when I say everyone is an individual and have no responsibility of others decisions and actions. This is what I learned in when I read our religion deeply and that is how we will be judged on final day.

When I decide something I am neither trying to run away from responsibilities nor don’t take your advice. I really want to be with you as much as you want to be with me. I want to be successful in a way you feel proud of me. I believe it’s possible, if you trust your son’s ability to do something, which may be against the norms of the society for now.

Please give me the time I want, give me the chance to test my ability to test my decision, please give me a way to make best out all resources and things I have. My decisions are based on rationale and believe in Allah SWT. Given time I understand the world better and decision on my own, let me take the responsibility of success and failure alike. Let learn how to say no to all demands of society.

Mom and Dad, you always helped succeed. Please now help me underusing and defining what success means to me.

I pray Allah SWT to make us among the most righteous, wise, and successful people here and hereafter. Ameen.

With love and huge respect.

Your Son.

I just felt like writing something and suddenly this came. Later, I felt many of you would feel this too at some point of time. This relaxed me and hope reading it will be relax you too : )


  1. Aaisha

    Assalamu Alaikkum, Sir.

    I would like to start by saying that your website is very inspiring and educational.
    Thank you for taking this initiative to help students as much as you can. But above all, I thank Allah SWT.
    I am positive that this is definitely how we’ll feel a few years from now. Your letter was very emotional and I feel that as children, we all owe our parents our gratitude. I would like to work towards my goal and keep my parents happy… just as you have.
    I am not easily inspired by anybody or anything, but you are definitely an exception!
    I shall pray for your and your family’s good health and prosperity, inshallah.
    Thank you so much for helping me and thousands of other students alike.

    – Aaisha.

  2. nayanika

    Do you still think you have got the freedom to search for your true destiny after doing a phd and fulfilling family’s responsibilities even ?

  3. vandna

    Loved it 🙂 m doing ph.D. The same is happening with me. No matter, we will succeed some day later or sooner.

  4. Nikita Purohit

    It is true that we require courage to act,and sharing your thoughts clearly and so easily,so beautifully with your parents is really appreciable.

  5. sunakshi

    Indeed at this point of time, this is exactly what most of us feel ! Thanks for writing this and sharing with us sir !

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