Usually one who is looking for Master degree in Engineering has this question and want to what industry thinks about student having a master degree? Do they pay more for someone who holds a master degree? In this post I will try to cover this topic in depth and share my experience about education and salary.

The simple answer to this question is yes and no. Let make more specific so that you can understand how salary structure works in different industries and sectors. When it comes to software and electronic industry the education play minimal role in deciding the salary. Because mostly they ask M.Tech student and B.Tech students to sit for a common test and then follow a similar interview procedure, who ever performs better take the best package home.

On the other hand, when it comes to core engineering branches like Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering and other related branches industry and government jobs give a clear advantage to master degree holders and sometime give higher grades and salary scales.

Now the big question for Computer science, Information Technology and Electronics students to join masters or not, because apparently there don’t seems to any advantage. I think there is always a hidden advantage : ) when I joined industry initially they didn’t talk much on education but later when the joining time came I had a meeting with HR they considered all my education ( Masters and PhD ) as my experience and gave a contract based on that. What I feel is initially it looks like no benefit of doing masters and PhD but it gives you many opportunity for you to raise higher in grade and salary structures. You need to be bit patient and know how to negotiate at right time.

Another obvious advantage of doing masters is during promotions. Many companies give master degree additional points and consider promotions early on. That will increase salary as well as responsibility, giving a great chance to show performance directly to higher authorities and rise to higher levels in a company.

Be sure whatever you learn and whatever additional qualification you earn will benefit you in you future. If you don’t have any big financial responsibilities just go ahead and to a master degree. This will give a higher growth chance and stability in your professional career.

Hope this help you with your confusion. If you still have question please feel free to drop a comment or best is to ask in InI forums. If its important I will make a post on that topic or else I will answer it in forums.

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