Do M.Tech Students Get More Salary Than B.Tech Students?

Usually one who is looking for Master degree in Engineering has this question and want to what industry thinks about student having a master degree? Do they pay more for someone who holds a master degree? In this post I will try to cover this topic in depth and share my experience about education and salary.

The simple answer to this question is yes and no. Let make more specific so that you can understand how salary structure works in different industries and sectors. When it comes to software and electronic industry the education play minimal role in deciding the salary. Because mostly they ask M.Tech student and B.Tech students to sit for a common test and then follow a similar interview procedure, who ever performs better take the best package home.

On the other hand, when it comes to core engineering branches like Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering and other related branches industry and government jobs give a clear advantage to master degree holders and sometime give higher grades and salary scales.

Now the big question for Computer science, Information Technology and Electronics students to join masters or not, because apparently there don’t seems to any advantage. I think there is always a hidden advantage : ) when I joined industry initially they didn’t talk much on education but later when the joining time came I had a meeting with HR they considered all my education ( Masters and PhD ) as my experience and gave a contract based on that. What I feel is initially it looks like no benefit of doing masters and PhD but it gives you many opportunity for you to raise higher in grade and salary structures. You need to be bit patient and know how to negotiate at right time.

Another obvious advantage of doing masters is during promotions. Many companies give master degree additional points and consider promotions early on. That will increase salary as well as responsibility, giving a great chance to show performance directly to higher authorities and rise to higher levels in a company.

Be sure whatever you learn and whatever additional qualification you earn will benefit you in you future. If you don’t have any big financial responsibilities just go ahead and to a master degree. This will give a higher growth chance and stability in your professional career.

Hope this help you with your confusion. If you still have question please feel free to drop a comment or best is to ask in InI forums. If its important I will make a post on that topic or else I will answer it in forums.

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  1. sanjeev

    I am 2015 passout in B.E CSE. I want to go for higher studies now. I need a suggestion if it is better to go for MBA or MTech??

  2. Praveen

    Sir, I am going to complete my b.tech in mechanical engineering. Among all the campus placements in my college, I got selection in a reputed software industry ( purely software) with a starting salary of 22000 per month. I’m an average student and I have no capability to pass gate exam to do m.tech. so now I am not able to decide whether to do m.tech in my state university (I’m sure that I’ll get a seat in this state university, named Andhra university) or join in the software job ( which I don’t have knowledge about software as I’m a mechanical enginer) . Please tell me shall I do m.tech or do job

  3. Ajay

    Respected sir,
    i did my complted B.com Plain & Private Diploma Hardware Networking . Still I am Working in IT Dep 3 Years. so i cant see any increment in my salary.
    Please guide me what should i do, whether to stick in this field or switch to IT sector where i can see good amount of salary Packag.

    I am looking for R and D jobs in Government or private sector which is relevant to my field. So can I get some suggestions for proceeding further in my career I Coplted B.tech degree.

  4. Shree

    I have completed btech in gitam university,ap it’s reputed college in andhra. I want to do mtech in normal college is it good for carrier
    Or else i have to do in Universities

  5. Amit Kapoor

    Respected sir,
    i did my M. Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering) from Punjabi University Main Campus Patiala.
    I have been working as an Assistant professor since 2014, but after more than 2 years of experience my salary is very low. As there are less number of admissions in ECE branch so i cant see any increment in my salary.
    Please guide me what should i do, whether to stick in this field or switch to IT sector where i can see good amount of salary Packages.

  6. Akanksha nishad

    Hello sir, I have completed master in technology in electric device & power system in jan 2016.sir currently my location is Bangalore.m seeking for jobs here but m nt getting calls from anywhere. Sir m from a core background .sir please suggest me what should I do? Should I do any certification course?

  7. onkar jayphale

    Sir I am learning in 11std I would like to do computer engineering therefore I want some information about course s

  8. Ajay Kumar

    Helo, sir I m an electrical engineering student from delhi and want to do M tech from iits, so please tell me is it a good decision to do mtech rather than seeking jobs for engineering only

  9. Pratham Yadav

    Respected Sir,
    I am currently starting my B.tech in Computer engineering so should i go for M.tech after completing my B.tech I mean should it be benifitial to me as u mentioned in the post
    “When it comes to software and electronic industry the education play minimal role in deciding the salary. Because mostly they ask M.Tech student and B.Tech students to sit for a common test and then follow a similar interview procedure, who ever performs better take the best package home.”
    so will the companies will give me more salary than B.tech holders???

    1. Zahid

      yes in most of the cases. the above said para is about IITs.

  10. Sachin Zanje

    Sir, I have completed M.Tech. in Thermal Sciences in Mechanical engineering department of NIT Calicut, Kerala. After M. Tech. I am looking for R and D jobs in Government or private sector which is relevant to my field. So can I get some suggestions for proceeding further in my career where I can make use of my M.Tech degree.

  11. jayaram

    Sir, I am pursuing Master of Technology – Power Electronics and Drives Final year 2016 batch. My college is deemed university. Companies have been recruiting B.tech students only from july onwards but , they are not preferring m.tech
    May i know the possible oppurtunities to get a Core company or software company because a i knew codings. My aim is to get a job in mnc company with good salary. Please give a suggestions to attend the interview

  12. Akash

    Sir , I am a Diploma holder in Metal. Engg. , currently I am pursuing my B. Tech through distance education.Are there any possibilities for my M. Tech in Metal. Engg. .If any such possibilities, then what are those. Please REPLY as soon as possible.

  13. Aman Gupta

    Dear sir, I am a final sem B.E. student of Govt. Engg. College, Jabalpur. I’m selected in Infosys and IBM-GBS, but I’m confused whether to join IT industry or not, becoz I’m not much interested in it. I’m interested in having my own startup business in future(not much clear about the field). So should I go for M.Tech aur MBA , so as to pursue my dream a post graduation will help me or not. Otherwise should I join the company and learn the industry trends there for starting my own business in future. Sir plse help me.

    1. Zahid

      Dear Aman,

      Thanks for asking this important question. I have been looking for a startup since 1997 but still working for a tech company. I will give a lots of inputs on this so that you can take a call and many others like you could understand the dynamics.

      Thanks again.

  14. K. Satish Kumar

    For B. Tech (Civil Engineers) I suggest that if your are interested in doing designing and you relish some technicality in your job then go for M.Tech. Even if you are not inclined technically, if you prefer a job like a software job you better do M. Tech. However, if you want to involve in site execution, M.Tech is valued only for Quality Control Engineers. Who are 1 or 2 per project. For every other engineer in execution B.Tech will suffice. Many even without a degree compete and sometimes outperform. A project Management course in Construction will add more value than M.Tech. But Execution will be a horror to many of you if you take it lightly. Only if you are seriously interested you should come to execution esp. in infra projects like irrigation and highways where usually you have to work in the outskirts of a village or a forest. The Dreams of your college looks shattered. But once you understand execution it will do good in many ways (it will usually take 5 years of sincere effort) . I just felt i had to share my experience. ALL THE BEST.

  15. vinod Ramireddy

    Hi, the context was good. If Wt u said was right. ? Then why so many companies does not recruit M.tech students when both B.Tech and M.tech appeared for that? According to my personal experience I have heard these words from one HR “If u select a B.Tech students we can mould according to ourselves and salary not specific but if we recruit a M.tech student he is moulded into one specific side and that too they are expecting high salaries”..have you come across this..? Post any opportunities for M.TECH Power electronics candidate

  16. monica chandrakar

    Hi Sir … I completed my b.tech in cse in 2013 and currently I am working in one IT MNC with 3.35 lpa pkg … I gave GATE this year in 2015 but I could secure only 816 AIR …. at this rank I have chances of getting IIIT bnglr … my biggest confusion is that is it really worth joining IIIT bnglr … or I should prepare 1 more year to get into IITs ??

  17. riya rathore

    I am BE Civil engg. final year student. I have campus of core company of 5.2 lakhs and I have 100% possibility of getting good iit due to my gate score of 2015, so sir what should I do???

  18. charnkanwal singh

    or drop a year again nd do m.tech

  19. charnkanwal singh

    sir, i havedone b.tech(ece) from lpu with 61% nd drop a year to prepare for gate with 2 months effort(older i was not serious) i got 23.53 .
    I want to do Masters but now, what should i have to do as i am not geeting in good colleges…..
    may i join lpu or go to australia or canada nd do M.S totally confused

    1. Ravi Antil

      I have no Website

    2. Rohit

      if u have took one year gap for gate preparation and wanted to mtech,better to opt out of lpu,being a lpu graduate i must say there are not as many apportunities for mtech aspirants,seeing your graduate percentage quite satisfy enuf to pursue admission in nice college ,so go for mtech but not from lpu,go to south region or some govt college for better practical knowledge and experince.

    3. Aakash Sharma

      I am a postgraduate from LPU from the mechanical branch. Even if you have found your path, this is for others who are reading this. LPU is quite good in placements as long as you are a b.tech graduate. However, after completing your M.tech from LPU, your placement scope would drastically be reduced. I have not been offered to sit even in a single core mechanical company (Teaching opportunity is there in LPU itself. If all you want is to become an assistant professor right after M.tech, this is for you). Others, I was only eligible for Cognizant, Air Vistara and Amazon (My CGPA was 8.1), all of which are non-core companies. I got placed in Amazon @ 2.9 LPA.
      I scored 22 in GATE 2016 and had scored 23 in GATE 2015. I was non-serious both the times. This time, however, I am aiming to give a serious try and I advise that you do the same. It is much beneficial to be a post-graduate from reputed institutions like IITs and NITs. I hope to join PHD in one of the IITs after my score in GATE 2017 (GATE is NOT mandatory for PHD in IITs, however, a good score or qualification in GATE increases your chances of the selection there). This was my experience. All the very best for your future.

  20. Athul Raju

    I am from network back ground.currently i work for an ISP.my question is i dont think i am ready to go for CCIE..so planning to do an MS.in a field where salary is only based on number of certifications and experience..will i get any advantage from my MS??

  21. vaibhav

    I joined M.tech. in Electrical Power and Energy System in 2011. I have cleared all exams but could not completed my thesis till yet and due to this my degree is not completed. Currently I am working n a s/w company as a QA Engineer but also wants to complete my M.tech.

    Please suggest me, what and how should do I ?
    Does any one know, In how many years m.tech degree could be completed ?

    1. Harsh gupta

      can I ask what is your salary at now time??

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