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I Am Not A Computer Science Student Can I Write GATE In CS Paper

This is really a common question students ask me many times and I made several post around this topic but never addressed it directly. I think it’s better to make few things very clear to all students preparing for GATE. It will be useful for them to make decision too.

When it comes to GATE we need to take into account two things. First one is GATE eligibility and second things M.Tech admission eligibility. When you want to take decision about a GATE paper for upcoming GATE exam, please take both into picture and ask yourself, do you really want to change your stream of engineering? And then which field you want to take. Based on that select GATE paper to prepare and appear for.

As for as GATE eligibitiy is concerned students have a basic criteria for being eligible for GATE exam. As long as your are eligible to appear for GATE exam you can choose any paper to appear. For more details about GATE eligibility please refer to post Eligibility For GATE. Once you are eligible for GATE exam you are eligible to appear for any paper.

Just appearing for a paper in GATE paper does not guarantee that you will get admission to the desired field of engineering. For many engineering domains there are few basic courses have to done, if your previous domain don’t offer that you can find a way to join that course. Also M.Tech offer specialization so you can find a course that suits your background.

Let me explain this with an example. I am a CS student, I love civil engineering. I can appear GATE in civil engineering paper but I cannot take admission to core course, like structural engineering, transportation .. etc. But if do some research I can make myself eligible for courses like Remote Sensing and others, as these courses are mostly focused on computational techniques.

I strongly recommend you check How To Change The Branch in M.Tech and other IITs and NITs official admission brochures to find out your desired course and eligibility before making decision. Also remember you can only appear for one paper so be careful about making a decision. Many times even you don’t to write GATE paper in certain field to be eligible for M.Tech admission in that department.

Computer Science is most common branch to swap in. The big issue with this is huge competition. Highest number of applicants, high marks and high GATE cutoffs goes in this branch of engineering. I suggest you to be calm and make your decision. I have seen many non CS students in M.Tech CS in IITs. If you have guts stick to it, believe me you can make it.

Hope I cleared this doubt with this post. Feel free drop a comment if you have further questions. Also Do share with friends. You can like I n I to get updates on your facebook and also subscribe to get more information in your email.

Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Shubham

    My branch is Manufacturing engineering . Is I am eligible for PSU of mechanical if I would give gate from mechanical and get a good rank.

  2. Meghna

    I did my Engineering in Electronics. I want to opt for Computer science GATE exam & apply for BARC or DRDO. Is it possible? As I haven’t done BE from CS branch.
    Please help me resolve my doubt.

    1. Rajarshi

      If you got the answer for your question please reply back

  3. Surya teja

    Iam a 3rd year mechanical engineering student.which IITs allow me to take Mtech in CSE provided I took gate CSE paper that year and scored a good rank below AIR500

  4. Sudipta Dhar

    I am BCA, am I eligible for giving GATE exam in CS?

    1. dinesh

      No you are not eligible

  5. Srujan

    Iam B.planning student, Can I write GATE exam in CSE and get M.tec seat in IITs or NITs

  6. Rishabh

    Will any disadvantage occur in job if I change BE Mechanical to Computer Science Mtech
    I’m asking according to Job Prospect?

  7. Khushboo

    If I do my BTech in ICE from NSIT, will I be eligible for giving GATE exam in CS and would I be able to pursue my Mtech in CS?

  8. supriya mandal

    Hello sir,
    I have completed my MCA in 2015 so i m eligible for GATE exam or not if yes than what will be my subject will be (CS)…

  9. Rupesh kumar

    I am a B.Tech second year student in Mechanical engineering.I want to give GATE exam in PHYSICS paper in my final year.could i

  10. Sumegh22

    Dear sir,
    I am persuading engg in ETC. on the other hand i like COMPUTER SCIENCE equally .. and i want to do masters course in the same .. am ia eligible for the same at any of the IIT`S via the gate exam?

  11. sudharshan

    iam a non maths student can i write TNEA EXAM

  12. Arvind Kumar Sharma

    Hello Sir
    i am from Bioinformatics and i want to change my branch with gate.
    so please tell me that i am eligible to get admission in cse through gate qualify?

  13. saikat

    I am a eee student. I want to give gate 2016 in civil engineering. Will i be eligible to enter psu who recruits civil engineer through gate????


    I am a M.Sc Maths final year student. Which gate papers can i appear for other than gate maths??

  15. Avinash k m

    Can i write multiple GATE papers in same year?

  16. vinod

    Hello sir/madem, My name is vinod and i’m doing my dual degree mechanical engineering with one year extension. now i’m doing my final project. after completing that i want to write GATE exam. Am I eligible to write GATE exam or not? if im eligible can i choose computer science paper? the reason why i want to choose CS paper is i have learnt some programming languages and also im interested in codeing stuff.

    thanks in advance

  17. Rahul Sharma

    Yes, MCA are eligible for GATE in CS.

  18. syed Jameer

    hai sir, im syed jameer

    studying 3rd yr with the branch of electronics and computers . at present I was in the dilemma that which stream to choose for preparing GATE whether

    electronics or computers . pls sir will u suggest about this with is best to choose

  19. Madhuri

    Hi,I am not a mech gal.If i write mech stream paper in GATE,will i be eligible for jobs in PSUs(open only for mechs) through GATE score in mech stream?

  20. barathi agarwal

    sir, iam EC (B.Tech )final year student,and i have already applied for Gate in EC stream.If i hit Gate in EC stream,could i join Mtech.CS ?

  21. Ramachandran

    i am doing M.Sc[Software Engineering] in final year am i eligible for gate?

  22. Krishnan R S

    Being a BE Electrical student,I want to write GATE in CS.Are teaching jobs easy to get after changing the branch and studying Mtech in CS.

  23. liza

    hi,i an graduated in Electronics and communication engineering.i want to get admission in computer science,can i appear for gate in CS and get admission?

  24. Kunal Kale

    i am persuing my engineering in computer engineering branch at rtmnu university.
    am i eligible for gate, mtech in computer science?

  25. Nainar

    i am doing MCA in a deemed university am i eligible for gate?

  26. Victor Mukherjee

    Hi, I want to do Phd in management. Done my MBA. Can I write for GATE for the said purpose?

  27. rahul

    hello sir,
    i am in mca first year.
    am i eligible for gate exam after mca??


    sir please discuss about GATE 13

  29. Arun

    Sir,GATE’13 notification is out.
    Plz update.

  30. paras

    Hi sir, am in second year cse. What is the appropriate time to start preparing for gate and how?

  31. Venkatesh


    Nice post! I have one question which needs to be clarified. “Direct” admission to IITs means admission based “only” on GATE score? No interviews or written tests will be conducted? So the process is apply for the IIT of my choice which offer “Direct” admission, just pay money (assuming they offer seat) and join the classes? Thats it?


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