This is being asked so many times that I decided to write a post about it. To get a clear answer for this question, please have look at eligibility criteria for appearing for GATE exam.

There is nothing mentioned about number of attempts one can make in GATE exam. That is the best thing and there is no age limit too. As of now, the organizers don’t maintain the database of student taking GATE exam and use it to verify that every time.

The bottom line is you can make as many attempts to GATE exam as you want. There is no limit on number of attempts in eligibility for GATE exam.

The next question is about age limit for attempting GATE exam. I think there is no age limit either for appearing in GATE exam. I was referring to the GATE 2011 online application form. Exam seekers born during 1940 to 1995 are eligible to appear for the exam if the fulfill other eligibility conditions mentioned.

The information holds correct until the GATE exam organizers decide to change the eligibility conditions. I will try to update as soon as any modifications comes up in number of attempts to GATE or any changes in age are made.

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