GATE 2011 Results And March 15th For Inspire n Ignite

This date have a lot to do with most of the students life in India and also with Inspire n Ignite. Engineering students will be paid off for their efforts and sincerity during last one year. Don’t take it so seriously, I don’t mean that if you don’t get a good GATE score you are sincere. Everyone doesn’t need to be sincere to GATE preparation. Many students have their own choices to be sincere to. Find out what is yours. If you are not sincere to one find one thing you would be sincere to as soon possible 🙂

15th March is a great for Inspire n Ignite too. In 2010 it was struggling to get its first 1000 visitors in a day. Even after a year of writing it was getting around 900 visitors and on 14th March 2010 it got 980 visitors. I was going for a coffee with my friend, I told when it will see a 1000 visitors. He told today and that was 15th march 2010. He was just confident that one day Inspire n Ignite will see 1000. Though he just told that to encourage me but on that day Inspire n Ignite crossed 1000 and made a record of 8000 visitors. Unfortunately I got a message from my host that Inspire n Ignite is taking too many resources and was suspended for next 5 hrs 🙂

The good thing is consistency brought constant visitors, subscribers and fans. Now Inspire n Ignite draw around 5000 visitors a day reading over 20000 pages. What I am expecting today is 20000 great visitors with a good future ahead.

I would like put few things about GATE exam and result here.

First thing I would like to tell you, is to prepare for next. Whatever the results are good or bad think about next. There is a lot to do after GATE results. You don’t get M.Tech admission without applying for one. Therefore use Inspire n Ignite search and dig for what are you looking for.

If you don’t get a good score or qualify GATE, remember this is not the end of life. If you missed believe me there are far better things looking ahead for you. Before trying for PhD in IITs I was trying to join PhD in Central Universities, but failed. I never know IIT was the place for me. Therefore getup there is a lot see ahead. Just be honest and sincere in your search.

If you made it great in GATE exam and got scores just don’t waste time and look into M.Tech admissions 2011, IISc Bangalore M.Tech admissions deadline is just ahead and do read What to do after GATE exam. Do cherish your success but on the same time stay humble. It is not that you are super smart, it is that others had bad time during exam. Most of good students miss Exams because of different reasons. Keep humbleness alive and get ready for next stage.

I wish you all a great luck with M.Tech admissions. Whatever the result is keep an eye on M.Tech admissions 2011 for all GATE and non GATE admissions across the nation. Do subscribe to get GATE 2011 analysis and other details in coming days.


  1. preeti

    what should be my percentile so that i get admission in any IIT FOR M.TECH AND IN IIMS. HOW SHOULD I REDUCED MY NEGATIVE SCORING

  2. KUMAR


    I am working in private company with around 4 yrs experience. With this experience can i get job in goverment organization thru gate 2012. Whether it is worth ?
    pls reply.
    thanks in advance.

  3. brahmendre

    i have got 23.33 marks in gate2011 and qualifying marks are 23.5.
    i want to try for gate2012 also.plz sugest me whethher it is write or wrong decission.

  4. Devesh


    My gate score is 350.
    & my gate rank is 7699 in EE branch
    Sir,what are the chances to get admission in any of the NIT’s or any government colleges.

    sir kindly inform me.
    my mail Id is: [email protected]

  5. vivek


    I am physical handicap person

    My Gate score is 229 and AIR is 36354 from CS
    Is there any chance to get admissons in IIT/NIT/Govt/Central College or university ?

    Sir Please Give me ur valuable suggestions .

  6. Vicky


    My Gate score is 371 and AIR is 13354 from CSE.
    Is there any chance to get admissons in Govt/Central College or university ?
    Sir Please Give me ur valuable suggestions .

  7. Avinash Nikumbha

    i havn’t qualified gate’ but i wish to get admitted for m-tech, sir im trying since 2 years,
    i need your suggestion, what can i do for it?, please consider my request,

    hoping for your best reply,

    my mail id: [email protected]

  8. stev

    sir, i have given gate ’10 n got 92%ile…. but in gate ’11, i have not qualified… so is my previous gate score, ie, gate ’10 score (92%ile) valid for mtech admissions now for 2011-12 batch because the gate score is valid for 2 years?? or does it become void since i have not qualified in gate ’11 ?? plz lemme know… thanks

  9. Sagar

    Discipline : EC
    I attempted GATE 2010 and score- 503,rank-3978,marks- 35.33
    GATE 2011: Score-456,Rank-7157,marks-38
    Of course,it is last attempt………..
    Yesteryear,I was shortlisted for interviews at some of the NITs and IIT-B(Biomed). But lust for IITs made me to leave the job and have another attempt.I applied ‘Edie choti ka jor(hindi)’.But finish into mess.I did some silly mistakes.I concluded that its not only about working hard or studying hard,but these are three hours which can turn ur life by 180….
    I am applying on the basis of Gate2010.I guess I am doing right thing…… I?my rank in GATE 2010 matters or it is the score that matters?
    I am confident about my core electronics knowledge.applying into IIITs and some other institutes suggested by u.I guess I should not apply to IITs/NITs and waste money……..or I should apply?
    BTW thanks for such wonderful help from past two years……….

  10. Rajinder deol

    sir i hav secured 30 marks and 89 percentile…i m in ece air is 14000+…which clg can i get…?

  11. Abhigya

    Sir ,
    please make a list of colleges for which we can apply according to gate percentile including NITS , IITs and other colleges like BITS PILANI,PEC etc.

  12. B SAHITI

    Sir,my GATE(ME) AIR is 9623,score is 351 & i have secured 34 marks. can you please suggest the colleges where i can hope to get admission into M.Tech. plz do reply.

  13. kasim


    Sir my score in gate is 158. any chance to get admission in mtech in any of university . Sir plz plz guide me


    Sir, My gate score is 37.67 –Computer Science & Engg
    Caste- Gen
    which nits or university i can get?
    [email protected]
    plz inform me sir.


    Sir, My gate score is 37.67
    which nits or university i can get?
    [email protected]
    plz inform me sir.

  16. Mervin

    hello sir…
    i have secured 45.33 marks in gate.
    that is, my gate score is 575.
    AIR is 2666.

    Am i able to get in a good nit?
    also PLEASE tell me what do one mean by a “GOOD” nit?

  17. Md Sharique

    I have a great confusion in my mind. The thing s that I have qualified for Gate although my score is 28, at the same time I am also selected in Food Corp of India as assistant . So please do let me know wht I should do.

  18. kalam

    hi zahid…..u r doing a wondrfl job
    i got 36.33 marks in EC of GATE-2011
    My AIR 8262
    GATE Score 437
    Percentile 94
    plz guide me where can i get seat?

  19. bhavna pardhi

    sir i got only 11 marks and in privious yr i got 14 marks from agri engg branch. so tell me what i have to do for Mtech

  20. sourabh

    I got 44.33 marks in EC gate2011.
    Percentile – 97.17.
    for which collages i can apply.

  21. Mandar

    Sorry again. Saw the direct link now!

  22. Mandar

    I jus found the survey page. It has two fields marked same as Marks scored in gate. One should be Score in gate. Also found the navigation at the bottom but it should be more visible like at the side of the page. Thanks again. Hope to see the results of the survey soon.
    Also many may not get the survey page. Please see to it that it does by making direct link present on every page 🙂

  23. Harsh9t

    Sir i belong to PD (physically disabled) category, i secured 31.33 marks and 404 score, with 92.39 %ile in CSE branch , do i have any chances of getting calls frm any IITs?

  24. Harsh9t

    Sir i belong to PD (physically disabled) category, i secured 31.33 marks and 404 score, with 92.39 %ile, do i have any chances of getting calls frm any IITs?

  25. swapnil

    thank u so much sir….
    now i m in 3rd yr … and i want to start my preparation fr GATE 2012.

    PLZ guidence…i have so much question in my mind about study (Gate)….

  26. Suraj

    Have you tried entering the number on your hall ticket??
    Dont enter the application number!…Also dont add cs, ec etc..use only the 7 digit number..

  27. Suraj

    This is the link for IIT Bombay admissions…The notification is out!

  28. Mandar

    I have found this website very useful and have read many pages.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful info with us. But I have to suggest that after reading many pages we easily get confused between what pages we have read and which important ones are still remaining.
    You have to seriously think about organising the data. And also to reduce the written matter as there are so many pages to read.
    Once again I congratulate you on this website and hope you get more visitors looking for genuine, useful data.

    By the way, I cleared GATE 2011 to my surprise. My AIR is 2741 mechanical, Gate score 507, marks 48.67. Pls pls tell me if I can make it in to NIT or if possible IIT?

    Also I would like to tell you that If according to your cutoff pages
    if the gate score is around 500 and got admission, But this year since my AIR is 2700 so 2700 people will opt for the admission before me and I may not get into Nit. So the AIR is more important than Score as all Air lesser than me will definitely have more score
    but the score will not tell me how many students might be ahead of me and take admission?

  29. neha

    i got 35 marks in gate 2011 n my rank is 9544 n gate score is 417 which collg i get coep vjti or nit ?plz help me plz

  30. neha

    i got 35 marks in gate 2011 n my rank is 9544 n gate score is 417which collg i get coep vjti or nit ?plz help me

  31. neha

    i got 35 marks in gate 2011 n my rank is 9544 which collg i get coep vjti or nit ?

  32. sreekanth

    thanks for ur valuable effort

    my gate 2010 score is 515 and air 3501

    what are the probale colleges i likely to get ?
    which colleges i should apply…?

    why cant u post last year cut off scores for open category in computer science for all colleges from iit’s to private colleges.. it can be very useful for me, bcaz im poor in money now, so i cant afford applying a lot of colleges

    finally, what is the crietiria in selection, is it percentile or score or AIR?

    with regards,

  33. Anbumurugan.S

    hello sir, A.M.Aesi is a professional course in aerospace engineering,i am doing this , i got gate score 398, mark obtained ia 35.67,AIR 192 in XE, and i want to know whether is there any college which provide M.Tech admission in aerospace or propulsion department, please kindly reply me sir.. and aiso i want to know more about oppurtunity for this courseA.m.Aesi

  34. sumeet

    ms reaserch and phd admission forms had been issued by iit madras…

  35. karthik

    hello sir
    i got AIR 562(computer science) ………. can u please tell me which IITs i should apply??


    hello sir,i have given the examination of gate 2011 for application no is 3165577.but my result shows that i have not given the what should i do?i m in pre final year student.reply soon.its urgent.

  37. prasanthi

    hello sir,
    My branch is ECE and I got 623 rank in GATE 2011, my gate score is 714. Is there any chance for me to get M.Tech seat in IITs? Please tell me which is the best college to opt for considering my gate rank. Which NIT is best?

  38. satheesh kumar

    sir is there any possibility to get mtech admission in defence institute without gate score.

  39. S Srinivasan

    My GATE percentile is 97.5 and AIR 1924.Which are the colleges i should apply for Do i have opportunity to do MS in IIT.

  40. Hari Nair


    I got a gate rank of 3087 this time :. Could you please tell me what institutes are there within my scope???

  41. Sarves

    Sir can u please quote about the range of percentile score is required for applying for IIT,NIT and oother colleges

  42. Prathamesh

    Damn IIT says I havent appeared for Exam…. How can they possibly do this mistake?

    Some of my Friends have same problem. Is there a possible solution ???
    If any . Tottaly upset

  43. Ashish kumar singh

    please tell me whether i have any chance of taking admission in with a gate score of 19.67/100 in ME.

  44. neeraj

    sir , i am student of cse 3rd year ,my rank is 14625 having percentile 89.56 …..can u plz guide me at this moment which college get me

  45. Omkar

    Zayed you are doing a great job by helping young aspirants, like me and many others, in guiding their careers to great achievments.
    Coming to my query-
    GATE 2011 ME
    I got 21.33/100 SC
    (Qualifying for SC is 20.54)
    AIR 24363/81175
    Im TE student.

    Q.1 – Does just qualifying do any good for me?

    Q.2 – What coleges can i expect to get admission?

    Q.3 – Two years validity means till what date?

    Thanking you from the bottom of my heart.


    i got 61.67 marks in mechanical,
    Rank- 588
    please tell my possibilities

  47. Gopi

    I got 2231 AIR with 47mrks in CS.
    for which coll i hav to apply………..?

  48. preeti

    i have scored 113 as gate score in civil
    & my AIR is 16900
    can i get any college ??
    please help !! 🙁

  49. sagar kumthekar

    I’m Sagar Kumthekar,gave GATE 2011 and found out my result today.I’m Instrumentation student.I got 26.67 marks and AIR 800.GATE score 447.last year also I gave GATE and I got 29.33 marks, AIR 693 abd GATE score 469..
    Now I’ve few questions in mind.they’re as follows.
    1.In which institutes I should apply so that I can get an opportunity to at least get shortlisted for interview and have a go @ MTech in that Institute on basis of this year’s score?
    2.Is my last years score valid this year?
    3.If so,then how will last year’s score will get modified this year?or it remains as it is in this year’s context?
    4.and last but not the least,where should I apply to get admission on basis of last year’s score?
    hoping to get all the questions cleared….
    Thank you very much sir.

    Sagar Kumthekar

  50. sunny

    dear zahid…..

    this is my gate 2011 score….i missed to qualify by 0.9
    Marks Obtained: 26 Out of 100

    Qualifying Marks for CH: General (26.9)

    GATE Score: 305

    All India Rank: 2143

    what should i do….i m HOPELESS……i graduated in 2008, i ws teaching…..and this was my first attempt……dnt knw what to do next…..

  51. Sona

    My score is 375, marks 29,from cs….
    im really unhappy with my score but i have to take admissions this year only….
    so please tell me the institutes where i shall apply?

  52. zaid

    sir my gate results in EC branch is:

    Marks Obtained: 58 Out of 100
    GATE Score: 691
    All India Rank: 803

    do i have any chance at iit’s……
    i had aimed for 60′s as last year it meant a rank of arnd 100….
    i am very much confused….do reply!!!

  53. Himanshu Rawal

    Hii Zahid , tks a lot 4 ur work , it helped me. But all i could manage is 92.61%ile in CS . It is also good . Can you pls guide me , in which clg , i should try for admission . Is there any chance to try in IITs ( I mean about MS as mtech is not possible)

  54. vijay

    as sir gate result 2011 is declared
    my branch is EC i got 36.67 mark, 441 score, 8023 rank, 137853 No. of Candidates Appeared in EC.
    So sir please tell me should i apply for nits or not.

  55. vamshi krishna

    tday gate 2011 results were released. my gate score is 168 and AIR is 54862.. i just want to know for which coleges i can apply for mtech/ms degree..
    plzz rpy

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