Thank god it’s over finally. Such a huge pressure and tensed on every single student who appeared for GATE Exam on this Sunday. We are free now again and can go back to our social lives and have fun. Wait a minute 😉 is that all you want to do.

You must be thinking this guy again started don’t want us to live a single second relaxing. No no that’s not the case, I have a set of things that you can do during while waiting for GATE results and make best use of your time and resources.

As I know most of the universities in India have finished their final exams and student are free are free after GATE for some time. Even if you don’t finish the exams you are not as burdened as the regular academic year, as you would be busy with Seminars and Project reports.

You can plan for following things till you get GATE 2016 results. And I hope this will help you during M.Tech admissions and also save your time and make you free.

  • Relax for a day or two. As you worked harder than ever in your life you for sure deserve a complete rest of a day or two. Just be a lazy kid at home and talk and talk and be more social with family.
  • Check out you GATE performance, Have look at GATE 2016 keys given by different guys. If any official GATE 2016 key comes I will post them here on Inspire n Ignite.
  • Do collect all certificates need for M.Tech admissions, There are different certificates asked for M.Tech admissions all across the nation and student will run for them on zero hour and get tensed. These are Migration certificate, Character Certificate, Transfer Certificate and Provisional Degree Certificate. For Migration Certificate you have to apply and visit the University to which your college is affiliated. All other certificates you can receive from your own college.
  • Spend good time with family and help them. Do remember that you can go very far from your home for searching your dreams and that could be possibly very soon. There is it is always better to stay close to family and support parents and siblings. Have at home and talk to your family, give time and listen to mom and talk to her if you are scared of the big boss (dad) at home.
  • Needless to say, don’t miss Cricket World Cup. Hope Indian team would show some good results this time and don’t give an excuse of 20~20 matches.
  • It’s been a long time you read something other than academics, so it’s really a good time to have fresh look a new book, may be a best seller or a book of your own interest. Do remember, the nation reads is the nation leads.
  • Do not forget to GATE 2016 results analysis to complete the GATE 2016 preparation guide.
  • Do use search on Inspire n Ignite, because there is every already written you wanted to know for M.Tech admissions and life after B.Tech or Engineering.
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Wish you all a great luck M.Tech admissions and your dreams.