It’s been a long time I bought a 46 inch 3D LED TV to sweet home that works on NTSC signal. In India we have PAL signal. The big issue was how to make this sweet big photo frame (cannot say it a box : D ) work in India.

The best thing I found after a research is that we dont need a NTSC to PAL converter to make these lovely TVs work in India. Thanks to the fast growing setup box market in India for such a nice progress.

All Smart and many LED TVs these days support HDMI cables that work on high resolution 1080P at 60Hz. That is full HD and the full resolution capacity of the TV. We can definitely watch other channels that are transmitted using 50Hz frequency. There is no fun having a TV with HD resolution and watching HD content in non HD way like an old dumb TV box.

After reaching home and unboxing the TV i was so sad. I just wanted mom to realize what TV it is, but to my bad couldn’t impress her in first shot. I spent a day searching and calling and researching. Finally in evening I had a simple and easy solution for that.

Here is what I did to convert NTSC to PAL in India without even having a converter. You can follow these steps and have great fun ; )

  1. Buy a Videocon d2h (HD DVR) only this model was supporting 60Hz setting when I tried. Now not sure ^^. I paid around 3000 INR for all, box and setup fee around 4 months ago.
  2. First connect TV and setup box using Component Cables. You will find some screen there. Go to setting and change Resolution to 1080 60Hz.
  3. Now connect TV and Setup box with HDMI cable. Remove Component Cables.
  4. Switch on TV (don’t worry if it’s not showing anything here) go to Sources (where you can select or connect to HDMI cable) and select HDMI.
  5. Clean up stuff around you and drop down in couch and enjoy the HD quality and NTSC without a converter huhu ; )

Hope this will help thousands of fellow Indian or other nationals worried about NTSC to PAL converter issue and looking to buy a NTSC to PAL converter from States. Just use Videocon d2h (HD DVR) or some other setup box in your country with HDMI cable and HD support and it will work like a charm.

Do share with friends and keep connected. Like if you find it useful. I cannot ask for subscribe here because I usually write about engineering and educational stuff. This post came because lots of my friends are asking me this again and again. This will make my life easy with my friends, and all those who get TVs from outside ^^. I hope it saves everyone’s time too..

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