Best Way To Deal With NTSC to PAL Converters In India

It’s been a long time I bought a 46 inch 3D LED TV to sweet home that works on NTSC signal. In India we have PAL signal. The big issue was how to make this sweet big photo frame (cannot say it a box : D ) work in India.

The best thing I found after a research is that we dont need a NTSC to PAL converter to make these lovely TVs work in India. Thanks to the fast growing setup box market in India for such a nice progress.

All Smart and many LED TVs these days support HDMI cables that work on high resolution 1080P at 60Hz. That is full HD and the full resolution capacity of the TV. We can definitely watch other channels that are transmitted using 50Hz frequency. There is no fun having a TV with HD resolution and watching HD content in non HD way like an old dumb TV box.

After reaching home and unboxing the TV i was so sad. I just wanted mom to realize what TV it is, but to my bad couldn’t impress her in first shot. I spent a day searching and calling and researching. Finally in evening I had a simple and easy solution for that.

Here is what I did to convert NTSC to PAL in India without even having a converter. You can follow these steps and have great fun ; )

  1. Buy a Videocon d2h (HD DVR) only this model was supporting 60Hz setting when I tried. Now not sure ^^. I paid around 3000 INR for all, box and setup fee around 4 months ago.
  2. First connect TV and setup box using Component Cables. You will find some screen there. Go to setting and change Resolution to 1080 60Hz.
  3. Now connect TV and Setup box with HDMI cable. Remove Component Cables.
  4. Switch on TV (don’t worry if it’s not showing anything here) go to Sources (where you can select or connect to HDMI cable) and select HDMI.
  5. Clean up stuff around you and drop down in couch and enjoy the HD quality and NTSC without a converter huhu ; )

Hope this will help thousands of fellow Indian or other nationals worried about NTSC to PAL converter issue and looking to buy a NTSC to PAL converter from States. Just use Videocon d2h (HD DVR) or some other setup box in your country with HDMI cable and HD support and it will work like a charm.

Do share with friends and keep connected. Like if you find it useful. I cannot ask for subscribe here because I usually write about engineering and educational stuff. This post came because lots of my friends are asking me this again and again. This will make my life easy with my friends, and all those who get TVs from outside ^^. I hope it saves everyone’s time too..

Get the best and fave the funn


  1. Avi

    I just moved back to India with Samsung 55″. Below are specs.
    Please advise products more to purchase before I start my TV.
    Power supply – AC 110-120V.60HZ……60HZ is this comes with voltage convertor or stabilizer?
    PAL->ATSC/QAM- I have Videocon D2H…not sure it’s 4 year old will work?

  2. Ranae Hawkins

    Great Article. discussion , I am thankful for the details . Does anyone know if my company might be able to get access to a blank Real Estate Purchase Contract form to fill in ?


    Thanks a lot. It worked well with my SAMSUNG UND8000.


    my brother bought LG50″ model LF6000 from USA to India. Im using hathway cable setup box. After connecting to tv, there is no colour and clarity. I even complained LG company regarding my problem and company sent a person and he told to replace the mother board and its cost around 7000/-. Now whats the problem any body please suggest me.

  5. ajay

    USA TV also works with Tatasky without any converter… you have to connect red/yellow and white cables and go to system settings of your box. change it to high resolutions 1080p * 60. then take the red/yellow and with cables out and connect box with HDMI cable. it will work fine for you. any issues drop email to my email id. best of luck…

  6. Adi

    Thank you Zahid for sharing this important information so clearly, & I would like to tell every one that this set up steps are helpful for TATA SKY setup box also.

  7. Abhishek

    Hey thanks for this ! I did it with my sony bravia bought from usa ! And it started working !But my display is still yellowish are there any helpfull adjustment which make the picture colour good ?

  8. vamsi

    Hi i recently bought a tv from USA. I unpacked it set it up and everything was clear until i connected a setup box of local cable. The image was initially good but later on the entire picture turned to blur. i removed all input cables restarted tv several times but still the image is blur. i cannot see anything on the tv.i have reset the tv to factory settings but still the image is blur. hope nothing went wrong. i am using a step down voltage converter as well. any help would be highly appreciated

  9. Sai

    Hello Thr,
    I would like to bring my Samsung UN32EH4003, 720p resolution, 60 hertz TV from USA to India. How about NTSC to PAL, is it works with Videocon D2h HD.
    Before bringing can you please help me to understand how much do I need to pay to customs in India? Are they were going to consider and calculate using my bill or else they will estimate according to India price.
    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Lokesh

      Hi Sai,
      I also bought the same tv and planning to take it to india. Please let me know if you have answers 🙂
      Thanks in Advance


    I have a USA TV SAMSUNG LED 32 and cancation is AIRTER company but clours not comes .when connected to HD STB NOT SAPORT tellme what iwill do

  11. Sandesh

    Are we saying that if we have HDMI connection between set top box and TV, we do not need power converter from 110V/60Hz to 240V/50Z
    Please let me know

  12. karthick

    hi i bought LG 49 inc 4k ultraHD tv i tryed to connect my HD dishtv box it says me verfing and the box freezes it dosent work but if connect my HD box in Samsung HD tv through HDMI cable it works and i am using high speed HDMI cable my ps3 is working with MY LG 4k tv can any one help me with solution.


  13. Mohan

    i brought a samsung tv from USA. I am researching about the same issue of coverting the PAL to NTSC. I have airtel digital TV and that does not support the NTSC format. I read this article which says this works on Videocon D2h. Just wanted to make sure once again from you about the D2H working fine for NTSC format. Is it just the 50HZ/60HZ conversion that is needed or is there another setting for PAL to NTSC?


  14. Veeru

    I think this info is pretty old.. now the same thing can be done Tata Sky HD as well. I just tried it with my samsung 6 series tv bought from US and it’s working just fine. But I tried it only after reading this piece and wondered if Tata sky set top box is HD, same thing should apply for it too and it did!

  15. raj

    Even I brought from Europe which is Philips led full hd it has 3d too.
    I was trying to connect digital set of box but The picture coming in black&white. I have connected set of box 3pins to tv of 3pins that might not support. Pls suggest me which converter should I go.

  16. kartik sanghi


    Will my vizio 50″ 1080p 120Hz TV work with tata sky in india

    1. Jimmy

      I have a 32″ vizio for my bedroom, it works with standard STB on AV cables (from cable or DTH).
      I had a PAL to NTSC converter for my LG, but it died and now I have to try Videocon d2h HD and see if that works.
      Hope this helps

    2. prashant

      Has anyone had any experience getting an LG tv from US to work in India? Am planning to take my LG 47LW6500 from US to India.

  17. kartik sanghi

    Hi all,

    I have a vizio 50″ LED 1080p TV which I plan to bring to India. Will it work with tata sky in india. It has an HDMI port. The refresh rate is 120Hz but I dont really understand this 60Hz limit in India so all I want to know if it work.

    I will be shipping it so I dont know if it will be worth as well.


      Hi Kartik, there are two types of video format/signal, PAL (50 HRZ) and NTSC (60 hrz). So any TV set you buy in the USA are NTSC/60 hrz and 110 volt. So please remember to buy a 220 to 110 converter, otherwise, you TV will be blow up. If you you have not bought a tv yet and planning to buy one in USA, I recommend to go with LG. Because, only LG makes TV with 110 to 230 voltage. Concerning, PAL to NTSC TV system converter, just go with Videocon HD setup box and select HDMI 1080P/60hrz. To do that first you need to connect your setup box to any Indian tv. May be you can ask the dealer to do it for you before you it to home. If you are intended to use your existing setup box such as Tata sky, Dish Tv, Reliance, ect. Just buy a NTSC to PAL converter on AMAZON.COM I hope this helps you.

  18. mohit

    hey guys,even i bought 32 inch led from u.s.i took an tata sky HD connection set up box.. after upgrading it.but i can only 780 resolution.any advices regarding it!!!
    thanking in anitcipation!!

  19. harish

    Hey zahid I just want to know that will it work with 720p 60Hz led too? :/

  20. srinivasan

    Thanks for your valuable information, I bought samsung 46″ – UN46ES6500 in usa and brought to india, I tried with other dish tv networks ,but it worked only with videocon HD setup box which supports 3D. I just connected with the HDMI cable and it worked…


  21. sonaul

    I have a 55″ Samsung TV from USA, can you please suggest me some good and reliable Stepdown Transformer available in market(Mumbai/Pune) as the US Tvs require a voltage input of 100-110 volts.

    1. srinivasan

      Please get a sterilizer then connect to a 220v to 110 v converter , then plug the tv current cables , then check with videocon d2h customer care to fix a cable connection , which will work amazingly


      Hi, please go to stabilizer shop and ask for a stabilizer with 110 and 220 voltage output and connect your tv to 110 output. Even you can buy a 220 to 110 ac converter. In Kathmandu it costs only 150 to 200 Rs. But stabilizer will cost you around 1500 to 3000 Rs. Good luck!

    3. Wang

      Well, this for any one who don’t want use hdmi . What I did is bought a converter from ebay. It cost me 2500 I need not had to convert my tata sky to any other d2h n no setting needed just plug in n works

    4. Sandesh

      I am staying in Singapore n want to know if step down from 220 to 110 V works for you I also noticed that USA has 60 Hz while Asia has 50 Hz Will frequency difference matters
      I am happy to call you n talk to you before shipping TV from USA Let me know your phone number
      Thx for all help

  22. Sanjay Matkar

    I have bought Samsung LED tv UN32EH4003FXZA from USA. It is 720p 60hz 110 volt tv. Will it work with Videocon d2h or Dish TV? I could not find resolution setting to change it to 1080i by connecting multimedia HDD with component cable. Let me if Videocon d2h or Dish TV work without this settings?
    Please guide me.

  23. Sanjit Yadav

    Thanks friends I was struggling with my TV before I read this I work for us I have VIZIO HD NTSC support only. I realy apreciate for your post.

  24. Shilpy

    Thanks a lot, it worked for us. We bought Videocon D2h HD (Not DVR). We connected our USA TV and setup box with HDMI cable, which came with the Videocon setup box. And then we started the TV it was black and white, we went to setup box’s settings and changed the resolution to 1080 /60 hz and it worked. The colors and sound was there. Thanks once again.

    1. GAURAV

      hi,here i am also facing same problem.i got videocon d2h hd setup box , but i am not able to get coloured screen. even i ma not able to connect via hdmi cable when i am connecting hdmi cable , i am getting this prompt ( change the resolution of external device, resolution not supported.) please suggest me

  25. Guru

    Hi Kiran,

    Good to hear that using Videocon D2h DVR, you were able to use your Samsung TV in India :). Can you please let me know what other accessories you used along with the D2h for making it working in India? (such as voltage converter etc).

    1. Kiran S Desai

      Hi Guru,

      U can use a Step down power converter/ transformer of any make as the US Tvs require a voltage input of 100-110 volts. Just check for the wattage consumption of ur TV & buy a Converter of double its requirement. For e.g. if the wattage is 54w then go for at least 100-200 w converter. The branded ones will cost u something in the range of 1100 to 1500 for 200 watts.

  26. Kiran S Desai

    Thanks Friends,
    I was facing a similar problem with my Samsung 32″ LED TV Brought from USA. No set top Box in India was supporting the resolution of 60Hz, hence finding it difficult to connect the TV, On going thru this information, I tried Videocon D2h DVR model & it worked fine for my LED TV. Thanks a lot for ur support.
    Kiran Desai

    1. Mohan

      i brought a samsung tv from USA. I am researching about the same issue of coverting the PAL to NTSC. I have airtel digital TV and that does not support the NTSC format. I read this article which says this works on Videocon D2h. Just wanted to make sure once again from you about the D2H working fine for NTSC format. Is it just the 50HZ/60HZ conversion that is needed or is there another setting for PAL to NTSC?


  27. Srini

    Zahid, will this solution work with a 720p (and 1080i) TV? Also, my TV uses a
    bit older technology — LCD rear projection.

  28. Sreedhar

    Zahid, first of all a thanks a ton for your post and the excellent solution you have provided. It works and works to perfection.
    I have a TATA sky HD Box and I changed the settings to 1080P at 60Hz and it worked to perfection. I am now enjoying the real HD in my TV 🙂

  29. Archana

    Hi, I recently bought a TV Samsung UN40EH5300FXZA from USA to India it shows B&W picture we have Airtel HD box with HDMI. I used all mentioned above but it still not working so, please guide me …. please update me your reply on my mail id.

  30. Archana

    Hi, I recently bought a TV Samsung UN40EH5300FXZA from USA to India it shows B&W picture i used all mentioned above but it still not working so, please guide me …. please update me your reply on my mail id.

  31. Srinivasan

    Hi , I recently bought a TV SAMSUNG UN40ES6500 1080 HD 120HZ in US and planning to use in chennai , which DTH provider I can go To avoid the NTSC TO PAL CONVERTER.

  32. shameer

    I am getting black and white pictures with no audio when I connect a HD antenna to my coax input..Why is that

  33. shameer


    I have a local cable connection at my home with Asianet cable vision. They dont have a STB and it just comes as coax cable. I have paid for 1 year subscription. Can I buy a coax to HDMI box to use with my Sony NSX-40GT1 from USA?

    Can you suggest best HD boxes which does not require subscription
    I believe Videocon D2h needs monthly subscription and we cannot get only HD box from them without subscription

  34. chandra

    my telivison is LG. WHICH i have forgotten to mention earlier. i m hoping i will get better solution in my mail address, [email protected]

  35. chandra

    i have brought LED telivison from USA. i am not being able to see picture as well as good sound. one technician has provided me a chinese ntsc to pal converter which also not been sufficent. now i m having problem. how can i see good picture as well as good sound. i live in kathmandu, nepal.

  36. Sri

    How do you solve the power problem ? do you used any converter from 110 to 220v ?

  37. yadav bharatsinh fatesinh

    Please advise me about my led tv only ntsc system my 46 inch led tv from mexico iwant my tv convert from ntsc to pal system.please advise me..bharatsinh from ankleshwar gujatat my mobile no 9925698644

  38. Dr. Sabyasachi Mishra

    I bought a MINI PAL-NTSC TV Converter from eBay india for 1600 bucks only. You connect it with two AV cords and power it through USB port of your TV. It works perfectly for my LCD TV brought from Canada. Finally RED is RED and BLUE is BLUE….crystal clear….with TataSky SD STB or any other DTH.

  39. kotha ashish

    u can buy ntsc to pal converter in gachibowli it carries 6 months warrnty the shop name is shiv shakti electronics mobile number 9985669880

    1. Zahid

      The idea is .. there is no need for that 🙂

  40. Bhavani Prasad

    Hi Zahid,

    I really appreciate your usefull posts. I am currently living in Seoul and planning to buy 42″LED 3D Samsung Smart TV to use here and may be after one year if I want take back to India(Hyderabad Airport). Can you suggest what features I have to check before purchasing in Seoul(Volts, PAL convestion, etc.,) and how much amount I need to pay roughly in India (in terms of custom duty etc.,)


  41. Chandra


    This is very useful information, thanks for sharing it.

    I am trying to connect my tv (Samsung, 46″ LED TV) with videocon d2h,
    we tried the methods you have mentioned, still no success.
    I think the HD Receiver model what I received may be different from the one you mentioned.
    Could you please let us know the HD DVR model number / specific model name if you find anything on the d2h device may be helpful for me to give more information to the videocon people to bring the correct device.


  42. sathish

    hi my videocon d2h hd box is connect to monitor (hdmi to dvi d) but not working.i changed setupbox resolution but not working (tv screen will blank )

  43. Keira

    I do agree with all the concepts you’ve introduced in your post. They’re
    very convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are
    very short for novices. May you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time?
    Thank you for the post.

  44. Abhijit

    I have Samsung UN40EH5000FXZA TV. This is 1080/120 TV. Can anyone help me to understand, if the same procedure will work for 120 as well?

  45. Towhid

    Hello everyone.
    Recently I brought a Samsung 40 inch LED tv from Korea to Bangladesh. At my home we use general cable tv connection from the local provider. We do not have HD STB. When I connected that cable with my TV, after auto tuning I got black n white image of the tuned channels with noise only. Do you guys think it is because it’s a NTSC TV and in my country it is PAL? In my TV there is no VGA connection so I can’t use it with external TV card. My tv has one HDMI cable, AVI cable and cable tv connection. In internet, available PAL to NTSC converter has AVI input and AVI output. How can I connect cable tv connection with that PAL to NTSC converter? Please help me out to fix this problem.

  46. Venky

    Does it work the same way with Samsung 6 series 120 Hz TV?

  47. Yash

    Here is what I did & worked.

    Local Cable providers HD STB, Composite Cables & HDMI Cables.

    I attached Composite & HDMI Cables to TV & HD STB, then Source Tab on TV Remote & selected AV (channels appeared black & white), then menu on HD STB Remote, then settings, then system setup, then display mode & I selected 1080/60 (not all HD STB has 1080/60 setting, checked with other local cable provider & on his HD STB 1080/60 setting was not there so didn’t worked), then again Source Tab on TV Remote & this time I selected HDMI & everything fine, removed the Composite Cables.

    I must say, SD channels are 5x clearer & HD channels are WOW!

    1. Chandra


      Could you please provide the model number of the HD STB, so that I can ask for the same from the service provider.


  48. FRANIS

    Before, buying a set upbox make sure that it supports NTSC and PAL system. I think Airtel and Videocon setupbox has multisystem. Before connecting to your US tv make sure to change the settings with PAL tv. Otherwise you will notice that NO SIGNAL! The second option is, if you have already a existing setup box and you want to use your US tv with that. Then go ahead and buy a Philips HD 1080P dvd recorder. Now connect your signal source to this recorder and output the HDMI to you US TV. Enjoy your US HD tv in India or anywhere in the world. Your recorder can be used for multipurpose. Have fun! – Francis

  49. FRANIS

    Hi guys, I did something in 2008. I brought a HD Samsung TV fro USA to Nepal. In the beginning I was so frustrated that I could use my tv only watching from DVD player. I used to have Dish TV analog setup box which only supports PAL system. So I did some research on the Google and came to know about the Philips DVD recorder. The best way to convert your PAL signal to NTSC is buying a good Philips DVD recorder. It has built in tv tuner and converter. Because, it is a multisystem. That way you don’t have to stuck with unwanted SERVICE PROVIDER. You can enjoy any available tv service. Just you need to connect you signal source to DVD recorder and then output to you (US) NTSC tv. You can use your dvd recorder to record the any channels, tune the free tv Channels such as DD channels and you can play regular DVDS. It can also play from you USB, SD CARD, ETC. Now enjoy your US tv in Asia without a hassle!

  50. K Madhubabu


    Thank you very much for this information sharing to all, this is use to me to gohead with option

  51. Chetan

    Hello All,
    After reading this post, I got a Videocon D2H ST box but unfortunately it doesn’t have the component cables slot, they only have the HDMI slot.
    How can i change the resolution setting without component cables?
    Please reply with your valuable inputs.

  52. prasad

    I bought in USA a Sony PC ( SVL24125cxb) which is having in built tv tuner card. The specs says it can accept NTSC and ATSC signals. Can some body suggest how to use this PC?TV in India please? I tried direct PAL signal but it is not working.

  53. Yash

    Its simple…… SetTopBox that has the settings to set the picture/display to 1080/60 will solve the issue. To change the settings you need to attach composite or component cables (attaching only video cables is enough).

    Once settings changed the issue is solved. You can attach HDMI cables for better clearity & remove composite/component cables.

    SetTopBox Updates/Upgrades (occasionally providers updates/upgrades & more channels, enhancements, etc… are added) resets the settings to defaults so you need to repeat the steps with composite/component cables mentioned above.

    Hope the above is simple enough & clear to understand.

    1. Moorthy

      Hi Yash,

      Could you please share the settings options to change after the composite cable is connected? I have 46″ Samsung LED Smart TV with Airtel DTH, which is not working (Mode not supported error is displayed).

      Please help me to fix the issue.


  54. Pradeep

    Hi All

    Could you please conform, US NTSC TV system brought from USA will work on both

    Videocon D2H HD box and Videocon D2H HD DVR.


  55. Parvathy

    After reading the blog i think i will also be able to watch my TV. I bought a samsung LED from US and was struggling to find out how can i watch it in colour. I will check with my dealer i think they can help me

  56. Josh

    I got a NTSC TV from US, best way to use in india is use an external TV tuner card. Cost about 1000-1200 INR, it will input the cable signal and output to TV using computer monitor cable.

    1. kotha ashish

      u can by ntsc to pal in shiv shakti elevtronics mobile 9985669880

  57. Rachna

    Thanks Zahid… Ur post helped me a lot.. I got a samsung 46″ LED TV that i got from USA. Wasnt sure how will it work in india.. We tried for 2 months and due to LBT strike here in Pune was not able to get the voltage converter either.. But i am so thankful to you and internet that i cud read this post and now my TV works with VIDeocon d2h HD DVR …. the color and the HD clarity is just amazing…….No need for the ntsc to pal converter…..thanks again

    1. Shekhar

      hi Rachna,

      I am also planning to bring Samsung TV (40 inches)to india… I just wanted to know below.

      1.How much did you need to pay to Airline for TV as a checkin bag?
      2. Did you need to pay custom duty for TV?
      3.Did you need to buy voltage converter?

      thanks in advacne…

  58. Yash

    Here is what I did & worked.

    Local Cable providers HD STB, Composite Cables & HDMI Cables.

    I attached Composite & HDMI Cables to TV & HD STB, then Source Tab on TV Remote & selected AV (channels appeared black & white), then menu on HD STB Remote, then settings, then system setup, then display mode & I selected 1080/60 (not all HD STB has 1080/60 setting, checked with other local cable provider & on his HD STB 1080/60 setting was not there so didn’t worked), then again Source Tab on TV Remote & this time I selected HDMI & everything fine, removed the Composite Cables.

    I must say, SD channels are 5x clearer & HD channels are WOW!

  59. Saillesh

    Kindly contact us if you need Ntsc to Pal conversion box with Hdmi+AV inputs and Hdmi outputs.

    1. RJ

      Can you send me your details so I can buy one from you.


    2. Dinesh

      Pls share your contact details


    3. Chetan

      Please send me details of the conversion box

    4. Amit

      Hi SAILLESH,
      Please send me your contact details. I have one LED TV which can support only NTSC. However, Currently I am running TV with Airtel HD setup box which is working perfectly with the help of HDMI cable only.

      But I have IPTV as well which doesn’t have HDMI option .So just wanted to try this Conversion also on NTSC TV

    5. Ambily

      Hi Amit,

      Did you say that your “NTSC only” LED TV is working perfectly with Airtel HD setup box using just HDMI cable ? Kindly confirm. If so, did you have to make any change in the settings ?

    6. Chaitanya Reddy

      Is anyone using Samsung smart 46″ led 3d TV with tata sky hd.

      Do u have any advise?

      Please help me

  60. Sandeep

    Hi Zahid,
    Thanks for this info. It worked like charm on Videcon D2h. I got my Videocon D2H Hd box. You need to find some Indian TV where you can connect using HDMI and go to settings and if ask for passowrd . enter ‘1234’. and then box setting and change freq to 1080i 60Hz. and save it.

    It worked like charm to me. NO NEED of PAL2 NTSC converter.

    1. Zahid

      I am glad its helping 🙂

  61. Perry


    Thanks for this informative post. Would you mind providing the link to the Videocon HD box as on their website they are showing variety of options which is little confusing.

  62. Mayur

    Thanks Zahid, d2h works fine on my Sony google tv

    1. ravi

      Hi Zahid,
      I bought sony google tv in US and i brought tht to India. i need info h to work with it ? which dish box is helpful to make it work here? can you please help me out?

  63. Sabrina

    I bought LG 42″ smart tv & took along with me in bangladesh. When i connect dish cable i just got only picture but no sound. Some people says to try with box such as tara sky or dish tv. Dont know it will work or not. Struggling for last 3 months 🙁 god damn paid £300 to bring it

  64. sat sun

    I got my Samsung LED 46″ 6-Seeries in the year 2010. I have struggled a lot for 3 months to find right solution and finally succeeded with DishTV HD box which has got both component and HDMI ports.
    My TV is working with both(component and HDMI) ports but it did not work with AV cables.

  65. Guru

    Hi Zahid,
    Thank you for your information..I tried changing the settings but not able to find a place to change the resolution. Even couple of retailers around my area tried changing the resolution but they are also not able to change it ..Can you or someone who has made this changes give me your contact no then I can call you and get the exact details.


    1. Shanmukhasri

      Hi, This is for folks in Hyderabad, got a Sony HDTV from US (NTSC, ATSC tuner), regular hathaway box did not work even PAL to NTSC converter used to come in black and white frequently. After looking at below posts, replaced regular set top box with a “Hathaway HD box”, which has HDMI output, did not need any other converter the HDMI cable worked, nice picture, output is fine no complaints, even HD channels look good, no need for PAL to NTSC converter. One small tweak had to be done, when the picture setting is 1080i, picture had shifted to the right by about 3 inches, used 720p and also moved the image to the left using TV setup options, now I see about 0.25-0.5 inch gap on the left side of the screen, hardly noticeable. Best of luck !!

    2. prasad

      Dear Guru, Have you succeeded on this PAL to NTSC problem, please let me know. I have the same issue as yours. I use Airtel and Sony XBR Tv.


  66. Ritu

    Will Videocon d2h (HD DVR) work on Samsung 46″ 1080p 120Hz 3D LED Smart TV (UN46ES6500) TV in India? Its 120 HZ, so can the setting be changed to 120HZ? Please reply soon as I am approaching close to 30 days till when I can refund/replace my TV back in Canada 🙁


  67. lunette soleil homme

    We found lots of great DVDs that any of us were excited to see again.

  68. Kiran

    Hello frens..Even I’m facing all these problems which I brought SAMSUNG 40″ LED 3D HD TV from US to India..I got an answer for Video converter where our frens are mentioned above 🙂 but my other questn is which brand is best to purchase for 220 to 110v converter..where v can find out here in India and could anyone plz mention the name of the Voltage converter… will the TV gets any damage if we use any cheap quality voltage converter??? can I use any local brands which are available in our market… kindly mention the brand name…plz help guys!!! 🙁

    1. Anand

      I have bought local brand converters. I bought a 500W for TV, DVD and Blu-Ray player cost around Rs 1600. I also bought 1KVA for Rs 2600 for kitchen items. the make is Maxine and its working fine. for TV and stuff you need to get a voltage stablizer V-Gaurd is expensive, I got everest, even premier will do. then connect the converter to the stabilizer. Use a power strip from the Converter and plug all the TV and stuff in the strip.


  69. Thiyagu

    Hi, I am planning to carry a 55inch LED TV from US to india.
    Could someone help me in best possible way of shipping it to india.

    Note: consider that i don’t have any other laguage with me.
    I have queried few air lines they said, we wont allow anything beyond 42 inch.

    Please help.


  70. Tushar

    It works like a charm. Any NTSC TV (Any make don’t be stupid asking will it work with XXX brand / model). Follow the steps
    a) Videocon HD box (DVR and Non DVR)
    b) connect analog input from HD box to TV
    c) change settop box output setting to 1080i 60HZ from menu
    d) connect HDMI
    e) enjoy TV

  71. TV Guru

    Hello frends,

    i got 42′ LED toshiba from London and did not had this issue of NTSC/PAL stuff..

    But anyways if you really want the real of LED TV or 3D TV , dont use local cable connections in INDIA , use tata sky HD / or any DTH set up box…your life will be good

  72. senthil

    you saved me 4000 rs for converter … it worked on my Sony Google TV, thanks alot ….

  73. Shankar

    I bought a Sony 40″ LED google TV(NSX-40GT1) from US in 2011 and are struggling to make it work, we tried to connect it to the set top box but we were not successful in getting the coloured video,how ever we could get black and white video.Please suggest what can we do to make it work.

    1. Prasanna

      Even i have the same google tv nsx40gt1 (supporting only NTSC)….. are we sure only videocon d2h works?

      airtel, tata, sun nothing works even on HDMI connection?

  74. dsw

    Thanks to the posts here. I got a better technician called from Videocon during their second visit. He was able to understand what I was saying.
    Its very simple,

    1. Connect your HD box to Indian TV.
    2. Ask the videocon person to change the resolution settings to 1080/60hz
    3. Connect HD cable to your imported US tv – this should resolve the issue.

    Happy TV experience.

  75. Rahul

    Check this I was able to fix the issue using below

  76. daxesh

    I’ve bought toshiba led 50l2200u from canada and i’m using normal videocon d2h at my home but i can not find any color in my tv except black & white. I tried to purchase videocon d2h hd but i already have recharged for 6 months up to aug’13 in advance and videocon customer executive has refused to adjust remaining balance so Now i m thinking to buy NTSC 2 PAL converter to make it easy. wht u say guys?

  77. raj

    ihave led tv from usa working720p 60hz iconnet it with vediocon hd but con not sucess getpicture hou ican change resulation

  78. shatty

    I have similar situation. My Samsung TV (bought from USA) is working with videocon d2h but none of blu ray player (bought in india) are working with my tv , I guess I have to buy comvertor (pal to ntsc) to watch blu ray movie at home in India.

    Any inputs will be appreciated.

    1. Yatish

      I have WD TV Live device (I bought in US for 100$) which has HDMI output. This has USB to connect external media as well as Wi-fi & Network port to connect to router/N/W Switch. One can play any format of Movies stored on Local media (I have WD router N900 with 2TB internal storage. Bought this too in US)

  79. Cm regmi

    hi my name is regmi three years ago I bought the LCD Samsung from USA. Same time I send the TV in Nepal . Man thing the cable system is not working please help me what I need do ?

  80. Amit

    I got a 46″ Samsung tv from US. I was trying a power converter 110V~120V/1000W but i could hear a weird sound near the tv input. can someone help here.

    1. Narendra

      I also have the same issue that you are facing for my Samsung 46” brought from US – 1920 * 1080 @ 60 Hz and used 110 V ^ 120 V / 1000 W converter.

      Are you able to fix the sound issue and if so please guide me.

      I have issues with sound and video and planning to buy Videocon d2h (HD DVR), let me know if you have used the same or other option.

      Pls suggest…


  81. Manoj

    I have similar experience. I have got a 40″ philips and 42″ Sony NTSC from USA. Just using videocon d2h helps. Go to the settings and change it to 60hz ( do it on a India TV first) and then connect the US purchased TV. All HD and non HD channels show up perfectly.
    However, if you want to use it for say Sony PS2 gaming, you need a NTSC/PAL converter that I purchase on ebay for about $60

  82. G.Manivannan

    sir, i have video panasony ag-dvc.20p this is ntsc format i want pal format how is possible this one

  83. Apparao

    Thanks a lot Zahid. After reading this blog, I switched from TataSky to Videocon.
    Before switching to Videocon, i was using this TV only for watching DVDs.

    I asked Videocon if it works with NTSC. Before even I explained completely, the customer executive claimed their’s is the only STB that works with NTST/PAL in India. And he sounded very confident about it. Then, I ordered the HD STB with condition that, if it does’nt work, then I need full money return. He said, no problem. Within 24 hours they came and installed and it works really good with my Samsung 52″ LCD tv.

    Thanks again Zahid.


  84. Mahender

    First of All thanks to Zahid for a great solution !!

    Hi there , I recently brought a Samsung UN32EX4003 LED TV 720P, 60Hz from USA and tried to connect all kinds of digital boxes but no use .I found this thread and just did as zahid explained great it worked perfectly .


  85. Madhu

    Hi All

    Could you please conform, US NTSC TV system brought from USA will work on both

    Videocon D2H HD box and Videocon D2H HD DVR.


  86. Saurabh

    Hi All
    I too face the same problem, recently bought SAMSUNG 40″ LED from Toronto (Canada). Somehow i got lucky and got Videocon D2H HD box, by just changing the settings to 480p 60Hz in DTH box, LED works fine with superb quality of audio and video.


    1. raghu

      hi .. this is raghu .. even i m facing d same problem with d tv.. so please can u briefly explain me d solution for this… ? thanx in advance

  87. Srinivas

    Hi, I need some info regarding the voltage converter for Samsung 32″ LED tv that i bought from U.S,I m using Videocon d2h HD and its working fine but the converter is causing the problem,I have two 220 to 110v converter with diff wattages,One with 50w and the other 1000w,When i connect with any of the converter the tv works fine for sometime and turns off all of a sudden..the label on back of my tv says AC110-120v ~60Hz 48W Typical power: 28W…Can someone pls let me know if you have faced a similar issue and fixed it?

    1. sechivardhan

      Hi – I think you have spent much on the voltage converters.
      rather you could have bought one converter which has an out of 110 to 120 v with 250W.

  88. Raja


    Is it only videocon, ? Sameer, were you able to use sundirect HD.


  89. Nandu

    Please confirm any one using DTH HD connection for US NTSC TV system brought from USA. I have purchased Samsung UN32EX4003 LED TV 720P, 60Hz. Is Videocon HD d2h is working? pls clarify so that i can return TV before leaving to India.

    1. Srinivas

      Hi Nandu,Videocon D2H HD with HDMI will work fine.I have a Samsung 32″ LED 720p,60Hz tv working perfectly with Videocon d2h HD..

  90. Jayanth

    Hi Zahid,

    Congrats on this and very well written. However, please clarify whether this works only for HD channels or for all the channels? If so, I will buy it instantly as I have Samsung Series4 40″ LCD TV but using it through VGA output in my Dish TV. If you find time, please post an email to me at [email protected]. I will share my mobile number and we could have a chat before I end up buying this one. By the way, I hope Videocon D2H is still providing the same STB that you have purchased and not changed their STBs, thereby locking them 🙁

    K.N.Jayanth Krishnamoorthy

  91. Sameer

    I got a samsung led tv – un40es6003 from the US and it didnt work in India as usual. The normal cable gave a black and white output and no sound!!
    So I called up for a Tata Sky HD and that didn’t work either. Same black and white through AV and it gave an error saying resolution unsupported when connected through HDMI. Good that they promised me a full refund in case of issues.
    Next I’m planning to try Sun HD. Their website seems to be broken. Can’t place an order right now 🙁
    I don’t want to end up buying a PAL-NTSC converter. Anyone got similar issues?

    1. ganesh

      Even I bought a tv from US and m facing the same issue, so f u have any result plz let me knw.. m planning to by a converter..

    2. Pratap

      Have you got it to work with out a PAL-NTSC converter ?, could you please share your findings..

  92. Banu

    Videocon DVR definitely works with my NTSC only Sony LED TV.

    1. Sumanth

      Hi Banu…You said Videocon DVR worked for you….but what is the source?….tata sky / dish tv / airtel / local cable? ….Mine is local cable….will videocon dvr work?…do i just connect the cable to the dvr?…please reply…thanks

  93. Sidh

    Hi everybody, I came across this interesting page while I was searching for a suitable DTH connection for the Sharp NTSC TV I got from Japan. As per the suggestions here I went ahead and booked the Videocon D2H HD connection (without the DVR option). I have a 37 inch LCD Sharp TV (model: LC-37GX3W). Straight off the box I was pleased to see that the connection worked without any settings change. I could even get the proper video using the RCA cable although video quality is not as good as the HDMI connection. I went ahead and checked the settings and looks like my TV supports both the 1080p 60Hz & 50Hz settings. So far so good……waiting to see how the Videocon service turns out to be.

  94. Ashwin

    Hi fronds, I m taking my Samsung 46 inch smart tv to India next week , specs are 1080p and 240 htz. Will videocon d2h work for me or I need NTSC to pal convertor

  95. Ananth

    Thanks for your valuable information. I brought my KDL32EX40B sony tv from US that does not work here with Airtel and Tata sky, Finally Videocon HD box (no need of recorder) working after following the below instructions got from one of the post.

    The box comes with a HDMI cable and a AV cable. I connected both of them
    Switched source to AV cable first which produced a typical black & white picture
    changed settings in STB as follows
    Menu -> Setup -> if it asks for password give 1234 -> Installation -> Box settings -> Tv settings ->
    Select 60Hz HD resolution option and save
    Swithched source to HDMI and wow! I am able to view a good HD picture

    No need of any converter like NTSC to PAl. My tv supports 110-240v, so no need of voltage converter too..

    1. Raj

      Hi Ananth,
      I have bought sony KDL32EX340 from US. And in specificiation on its website, it has written as “Power Requirements (voltage) : AC120V for UL cUL AC110-240V for other”..So does it support 240v or i need to buy converter for it? Can you please let me know how did you verify that it supports both in your tv? Is it specified that same way as it is specified in mine as above? Please let me know if possible…

  96. Sundar


  97. Ramesh

    Hi All, SUN direct DB box supports NTSC mode. Just made my NTSC LCD work with Sundirect HD box yesterday. i bought my tv from US and its samsung 32 inch LCD. I used to get balck and white picture with normal boxes. Hope this helps

    1. S. Ranganathan

      I am a senior Citizen returning to India with 32″ LED TV. I am planning to settle in Serene Pelican (Serene Retirement Community) at Pondicherry. I would prefer to go for Sun Direct dish as you have done. I wants to know whether a dealer is capable of setting the Set Top box or we have to approach Sun Direct office in Chennai? Appreciate your early reply.
      Kind regards,

  98. Sumanth


    I have a sony KDL46HX750 that i bought from US. Does anybody have the same model and have you had any luck?

    1. Banu

      Sumanth, Not the same model . Mine is Sony KDL46EX620

      I got Videocon DVR, and it worked out of the box when connected via HDMI port.

    2. Kalpesh

      Hi Folks
      Facing a similar problem with y Sony 46″. I have a Aritel DTH and was using a Pal to NTSC converter up-till recently. Unfortunately have had issues in the converter over the last few days. Tried the various recommendations but still getting a B/W picture.
      Query: How do I change the out put of the Airtel set top box to 60 Hz? Made all the other changes … any suggestions?


  99. John

    Hello Guys,

    Let me first thank this forum. After reading on this forum I had dare to take a 32 inch Samsung LED TV to India. For setting up, I had called TATA Sky on the first day. They spent the whole day, and could not get my TV to work (Total price for mega pack with HD box was around Rs. 9200 per year) . I told them that it needs to be tuned on 60 mhz. But Tata sky HD box don’t have that option to set the frequency at 60 mhz. Then next day I called Videocon d2h (Total price for mega pack with HD box was around Rs. 5800 per year free HD box). The Videocon technician just set the frequency at 60mhz and my TV was running like, it was in US. So I will advise anyone going from US to India, take a TV with them, if they wish. Also for power adoptor(220 v to 110 v converter), buy local one with higher wattage. My TV was using 56 watts, but to make it work good, I bought one with 100 watts power output(Rs. 900). NO NEED TO BUY NTSC TO PAL CONVERTER…….

    1. Avi

      I bought 110V convertor with 50HZ power supply. But USA Samsung TV says need 60HZ power supply. Will it work? Also max power needed is 151watts and average 55watts

  100. Prashant Parab

    This is an absolutely great post. I bought Samsung EH5000 from USA and it is working with Videocon d2h HD like a charm. Before videocon d2H i tried Airtel HD. But their STB doesnot support 1080 P with 60HZ frequency. Videocon d2H supports 1080 with 60HZ and that makes my TV work. Please note i am using normal HD STB and not the DVR one as mentioned in the original post. It saves money for me.

    1. Sundar

      Thanks for this forum. After a long struggle, am able to make my 32 inch SAMSUNG LED to work using Videocon d2h. Even me too bought a normal HD STB not DVR recently.(which is cheaper compared to HD DVR model).Infact the DTH technician is not aware of changing the frequency in the STB. I guided him to do the same which atlast suceeded. Many DTH technicians are not aware of this adjustments.

      Thanks again for this forum..

      I HAVE ANOTHER QUERY. DO VIDEOCON D2H SUPPORTS 1080 WITH 120 HZ ? As the recent 46 inch Samsung LED TVs are coming with 1080 with 120 Hz. Can we use 120 Hz in India? Can anyone please confirm. But am sure if my model is 1080 with 60 Hz it is working fine for me. Am planning to buy 120 Hz now. PLS GUIDE AND CLARIFY

  101. Setu

    Sir , pls help me quickly, i m going back to india on 17th jan from usa… I saw an open box TV at bestbuy 39″ Insignia LCD 60 Hz only for 261 $ .. I want to take a tv to india only for watching movies connecting to laptop viaHDMI cable/playing games etc so as to make a kind of Home theatre… BUT my uncle told me that the tv would work fine for 2-3 months then the display would start having black dots or the picture would be distorted..bcoz of frequency difference b/w india & USA… He said laptops,mobiles work perfect;y but not tvs bcoz the have higher power requirements..I l have to pay 150$ for th oversized checked in baggage…
    So is spending 450$ in net worth ???

    The model supports 100-240 V input, 50-60HZ..
    Pls tell me
    1. Does this type of thing happen that tv would stop working after 2-4 months etc because voltage fluctuations or frequency difference??
    2. i just want to take it for playing movies via HDMI cable,nothing else!!!
    Pls respond asap , i dont have much time before i leave….


    i have also facing above i am trying to solve it with VIDEOCON D2H
    after i will post my resonse regarding it thank all

  103. Bhuvan

    Folks I had bought a TV from US visio Tried all options with my local cable operators set top box, almost alll the times not successed.

    Please help me.


  104. Nitesh

    Hi DSW,
    is your vizio TV worked with videocon DTH ? after chnaging frequency to 60Hz?

  105. dsw

    Folks I had bought a TV from US visio xvt323sv from US. Tried all options with my local cable operators set top box, almost at the verge of give up.

    Reading this post felt better that there are others who have resolved the issue.
    I am going to try and get a videocon set top box tomorrow with the 60 hz setting.

    Hopefully it works tomorrow.


  106. Prashant

    I bought 22″ LED Philips TV which operates only on 110 V. I connect the converter but TV is not getting switch ON.I m connecting that with Hathaway cable but could not connect it.

    Anyone plzz guide me.


  107. Supraja

    Hello All,

    I am facing same problem with my UN40ES6100F Samsung LED TV that I bought in the US. I have tried the above mentioned options but no success. So any suggestions? Also, how do I change the frequency to 60 Hz ? My TV has a 120Hz frequency… 🙁

    1. vishwajeet

      u dont have to change anything in ur tv.. all u need to do is change ur settop box settings.. just by connecting the hdmi wont help because the video streaming in india is at 50 hz and ntsc regions is 60hz. resolution is not an issue. your normal RCA cables wont work. u need a hdmi cable. i dont know if all set top box have the option to change the frequency. but i m using the videocon d2h hd set top box.. it works very well.. u can contact me on 9036909271 if u need any help.
      i hope u r issue is resolved.

  108. raj


    Am using my local cable digital set top box. I am also facing the problem of black and white . your help would be much appreciated. please let me know where should I change the settings.

    1. vishwajeet

      you can call me on 9036909271.. i ll help u regarding the settings..

  109. Vineet

    i am laos facing same problem. The settings mentioned by Zahid- are there changes required in TV setting or set top box settings? & how do we do it. I am still not getting any signal with Airtel HD box

  110. Mangesh

    Hi Guys,

    Facing same problem with Samsung LED TV with ATSC/QAM tuner which I purchased in US. With Tata Shy HD STB it is giving error “Mode not supported”. I played around with the resolution but not able to change the frame rate (60 Hz). Which STB allows to change the frame rate to 60 Hz?

  111. Mangesh

    Hello Guys,

    I am facing same problem with my UN40ES6100F Samsung LED TV that I bought in the US. I have Tata Sky HD STB and tried to play with the resolution setting 1080i/760p/576i/576p with the HDMI cable connected but no success. So any suggestions? Also, how do I change the frequency to 60 Hz in the STB?

    1. vishwajeet

      i have the same model which i bought it in mexico.. instead of trying so many things i tried videocon d2h hd box. it works very good..
      try chnaging the setting of the set top box.. i mean the resolution to 60hz.

  112. kannan

    Hi Sam, I’m also planing to buy an Airtel Hd STB. Could you please share how you changed the video resolution to 1080 60 Hz ?

    Thanks Zahid for sharing this. I came across this article when I thought the only option left is to buy a PAL to NTSC converter. My DTH operator is kind enough to let me test Videocon as well as Airtel HD STBs (both without installing the dish) before I make a decision.

    First I tried Videocon (without the dish – so no signal). I connected HDMI to my Samsung LED TV and got an error saying “Mode not supported”. Then I connected the Component cables, switched my TV source to AV and saw a screen saying no signal in Black and White. Then I changed the settings as mentioned here and switched back to HDMI to see the same screen with colors. I’m yet to test with real video signal and sound.

    I tried the same with Airtel HD box but couldn’t finish the first time installation screen as it requires real signal from the antenna. I’m going to carry my TV to the showroom so that I can finish the test. Airtel has good number of Tamil channels compared to other services and that is the only reason I want to install Airtel.

    I’m very happy that i’m able to make it work without a converter.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your experience.

    1. Sandeep

      Hi Kannan,
      Can you help confirm if you wold work your TV with Airtel HD and what were the steps taken , if it worked … looking forward for your kind response.


  113. Sri

    Hi All,

    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I am facing the same problem. I brought an 32″ Samsung 720p LED tv which has ATSC/QAM tuner. I tried Videocon d2h but did not succeed. Not 100% sure if the videocon technician attempted to change the frequency (where is the option of changing the frequency?). Getting black and white picture.

    Is the procedure mentioned above by Zahid and co works for TV with ATSC Tuner as well? I really appreciate if any one can tell me a solution. Also, Does Airtel with HD box work for ATSC tuner TV’s

    1. Syed

      Hey Sri, I am facing the same challenge as you did, by the way did you resolve this?

    2. Dr. Sabyasachi Mishra

      I bought a “MINI PAL-NTSC TV Converter” from eBay india for 1600 bucks. Connected it thru two AV cords and powered it by USB port of TV. Hurray.. it worked perfectly for my old LCD TV brought from Canada with ATSC/QAM tuner. Finally RED is RED and BLUE is BLUE… crystal clear…with TataSky SD STB or any other DTH.

  114. Sam

    FIRST OF ALL THANKS A LOT ZAHID . MY TV REALLY WORKS AFTER FOLLOWING UR GUIDELINES…U dont require a voltage convertor just check in the input specifications if it is mentioned 110-220v then you dont require a voltage convertor .well the use a set top box having a HD option …use a HDMI cable provided in it…well i m using airtel HD set top box with recorder and my tv is the KDL NX 72/46 inch sony led 3D. its working absolutely fantastic with crystal clear image and sound….and ofcourse all channels….

  115. Raj

    You would still need to buy a voltage convertor since the TV in USA won’t support 240v … also what about the settopbox we are talking here ? what if the cable just goes into the TV directly ? how can that be handled ?

  116. Kiran

    Hi Danie,

    Even I had same problem. Connect to AV (red and white) which will come with HD box and go to settings…It will ask for password..Type 1234..go to box settings and then TV…select resolution 1080i and switch back to will able to watch perfect clarity color pictures…all channels..when you connect to AV it will show black and white pictures and you just need ot use to change setting as explained below. It will work 100%..let me know if you need more information.

    1. Danie

      It works… Thanks Guys.. First use the RCA connector and then change settings and then connect with HDMi. But clarity is little less than I expected – How is it for everyone?

  117. Danie

    I dont have a option to set the Frequency. Where should it be done. I am getting a blue screen with “invalid format”

  118. Danie

    I am not able to connect to videocon D2H for my vizio LED HD NTSC TV… It says “Invalid Format”. Any idea what needs to be adjusted?

    1. Zahid

      Just try again. Read all instructions carefully one by one. It worked for many and i am sure it will work for you too. Just need follow steps properly.
      Good luck…

  119. Ram

    Very useful information. It worked very well.

    Thanks a lot,

  120. Tamilselvam

    I am plannig to get a smart TV form US to india.
    I have seen replies form folks that Videocon D2H HD works fine.i have few queries
    Does all the channels (non HD) works fine?
    Assumes we buy a HD package i belive it might come with few non HD channels as well .Does those channels work fine?

  121. Poojan

    Thanks Zahid for the inputs.

    I have Videocon D2H HD with Samsung 6000 LED TV from US.

    It works perfectly fine!

  122. tony

    what is model no of your d2h STB? is it 500 GB or 160GB.
    means it works with 1920×1080 @ 60 Hz.

  123. Praveen


    I feel bad to see so many irrelevant personal comments on this post. People need to be more civilized. Anyway, I have a doubt.

    1) Is the frequency (60Hz) you are mentioning about refreshing rate of the TV or the electricity?

    I would like to confirm this, coz in US the electricity frequency is 60Hz where as in India it is 50 Hz. So the TV simply won’t work without a frequency converter (which is expensive and usually not reliable). The situation is same for Blueray players.

  124. Hemant

    Hi Zahid,I tried both ways but both STB & samsung led tv remote does not have the option for changing resolution.please give more clarity as I am facing same problem which you had earlier.

  125. Hemant

    Hi Zahid
    Want more details on
    the following steps ,

    Buy a Videocon d2h (HD DVR) only this model was supporting 60Hz setting when I tried. Now not sure ^^. I paid around 3000 INR for all, box and setup fee around 4 months ago.
    First connect TV and setup box using Component Cables. You will find some screen there. Go to setting and change Resolution to 1080 60Hz.
    Now connect TV and Setup box with HDMI cable. Remove Component Cables.
    Switch on TV (don’t worry if it’s not showing anything here) go to Sources (where you can select or connect to HDMI cable) and select HDMI.

    1) How to change resolution means by using TV remote or using STB remote
    Not getting the solution for this step
    As I am having same videcon d2h

    1. Zahid

      Try using STB first and then if TV is not set automatically you can change TV settings. As I remember TV was automatically adjusted to the input resolution.

  126. Hemant

    Unable to enjoy videcon dth on my us purchase samsung led tv pl help me

  127. Malcolm

    Hi Folks,

    I was also worried for the last one month on the TV I purchased from US which is an NTSC out, I tried all possible over a month with cable and other wires but it just did not show color on the TV, I was worried that the TV was a waste then I booked in the VIdeeocon DTH HD box and to my surprise the TV worked. No problem at all, I did not have to take the HD CHANNELS also it just works fine with clear picture without HD channels yes but with HD it has an add on experience which I exp. during the demo.

    Thanks to Videocon DTH, also the engineers are so very good and supportive. This is in Mumbai what I am talking about. one more thing to mention I did not try TATA SKY since I called them so many times but they did not reply nor turned up for a demo.

    Videocon DTH rocks for me.


    1. Kaman

      May i know your tv model number?
      I have a Samsung UN40C6300 LED TV (NTSC Only).
      Tried Airtel HD STB, But Failed. Now Want to try Videocon DTH.

  128. mingus

    I stumbled across your site looking for PAL to NTSC converters. We use Tata Sky and have an American TV we’d like to hook up to it.Would these instructions also work for Tata?

  129. Srini

    Thanks for the detailed info NTSC to PAL. I worked for me.

  130. In kesava rao

    Aii the tech ideas are above my hat. Can some one give me a simple solution to convert p al to NTSC and enjoy my tv. The poor me has only 32″ Samsung LCD tv.
    1)do I needs frequency converter?
    2)I need signal converter that makes all work?
    Simple non tech answer will be well come

  131. Mohit Abhishek

    What happened to you Mr. Zahid, after looking at my previous 2 comments! Well, you have the right to make a show-off in the public regarding your achievements but I don’t have! What’s your opinion? That could be the reason that you had not published my last 2 comments. I am agreeing that it’s your website & you have the full authority to make moderation regarding any sort of comments. I had not included any sort of slang language or anything similar but was something against your show-off. Well, our discussion on the topic had been converted into a fight of richness & achievements. A good human permits a clean war & doesn’t attack from the back side. You are performing a similar attitude. Provide equal opportunity to everyone rather than playing from your side itself.

    Well, I am also annoyed with the whole process & again your article had been messed up! So, I recommend 2 options regarding it,

    First, continue the process of this silly war/fight & publish my previous 2 follow-up comments.

    Second, remove all my comments on that particular article & again your follow-up comments over the topic & become friends. In this case, I promise that I will not post anything serious & lengthy things on your articles which are off-topics wrt your articles. That doesn’t mean I will not stop posting comments on I&I. If an article will is well-written, I will praise it. If something is missing, I will give the suggestions. Again, I will help the students who post the comments related to their problems in the career, only if I have the solution. I use to do the same regularly on your website, whenever I found one!

    So, decide the things & process in a day or two!

  132. Mohit Abhishek

    One request, please allow your visitors to modify comments, if they need to!

    Again, provide a preview before posting the comments. You can see that I forgot to put the closing tag & every line had appeared in bold face giving a poor impression!

  133. Arun Kotha

    Dear Mohit,

    If you think
    *only IITians can be called Engineers,
    *students from government colleges don’t pose sharp brains,
    *people who work in foreign countries only are well settled,
    *lower class people never study and
    *lower class people only need a degree and then a job,
    you should grow up 🙁

    That’s not at all the fact. The fact is
    *There are lot of scholars who never went to college.
    *IIT does not represent the entire youth of India. It only represents 2-3% of it.
    *Lot of government college students shine brighter than IITians.
    *Getting a job in Foreign is in no way nobler than getting a job in India. Only the salary matters. There is a proverb, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility lies in being superior to your former self.”
    *Lower class people are only lower in terms of money, but never in terms of brain.

    As a member of the community I have all the rights to give suggestions and feedback.

    Zahid, I used to suggest my friends to subscribe to your mailing list. If you remember, it is I who helped you with the last dates of IIT admissions, which you missed totally. I’m not frustrated, I want to support you in making the community better.
    Hope you understand and take this in a positive way. Good Luck 🙂

    1. Zahid

      Thanks Arun,

      I remember it. I was on extensive travel during that time so could not post that. I am sorry to you and all other students for a such run away.

      I really appreciate your effort and i am really thankful to you.

      Hope we grow and help the bigger community.

    2. Mohit Abhishek

      Dear Arun,
      I am explaining your points one by one;

      *There are lot of scholars who never went to college.
      Dude, if there’s a scholar exists who never went to college will be considered as an exception. Such cases are rare. I am talking about the whole human community. You will find millions of examples where people never went to college & are struggling hard to earn 4-5K/month!

      *Lot of government college students shine brighter than IITians.
      Well, few students (100-200) from lower level colleges shine better than IITians but 99.9999999999999% of them struggle hard to earn 30 K salaries during their 1st job. Well, I am not just considering IITs but wanna cover the top colleges including NITs & other branded colleges where admission gets closed at 20K AIEEE rank under general category.

      *Lower class people are only lower in terms of money, but never in terms of brain.
      I recommend you to the read a few articles from genuine sources on the topic, regional based intelligence”. Well, most of the people who are low at monetary resources are also low at the intelligence level. If you have doubt regarding the words, please go thru the maslow need hierarchy theory & try to understand his concepts. You will move to the next level only if your basic needs had been satisfied. Your brain works with respect to your environment & surroundings. If your family members concentrate on studies from the beginning, then one uses to study a lot. If it’s related with business, you are shaped with business mind & similar things go on.

      In lower class, there’s a need to satisfy the hunger & other basic amenities. So, lower class guys concentrate over this only. If these things are satisfied, then people concentrate on the education & others. Next level comes with secure job. After these things are satisfied, then we think about other ways to improve out lifestyle & others.

      I am not talking about the exception as exceptions are produced all over the world & this had happened in every century.

      *IIT does not represent the entire youth of India. It only represents 2-3% of it.
      Completely agree with your words. That’s why, India pose around 6.5 million unemployed youths. This shows that majority of the youths are useless & garbage bin is a better place. In India, if a youth is able to get employment worth 15,000-20,000 rupees per month, they are considered as they had achieved a lot. I feel that this is the reason that around 43 lakhs student had appeared at the clerk exam held by IBPS last year!
      So, it is better for us to make the students from top colleges (not just IIT/IIM but which pose fame in the country) to make the face of our country. Else, people from other nations will have a poor image about our country if you try to make the face of our country from such sort of unemployed youths.

      *Getting a job in Foreign is in no way nobler than getting a job in India. Only the salary matters.

      Completely agree with your words. Well, at present I am doing MBA (PGDHRM) from IIM-Ranchi but at no cost, I will opt a job in European countries or any sort of foreign countries. If one opts for the job outside his country, even his home city, he will lose his family & relationship between his parents & siblings will become a formal one!
      A package of 18 lakhs in India is far better than a package of $60,000 in US. But still, I will say that package of $100,000 will matter!

      There is a proverb, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility lies in being superior to your former self.”

      An idol proverb; not optimized according to the present market trend! Just for fun,
      एक driver जो पहले किसी के घर में full-time Maruti 800 चलाने का काम करता था & आज वो किसी Company CEO का BMW drive करता है; तो क्या हम उसे great कहेंगे??
      Previously, he earns around 2-3K/month. Now, his salary is 15K/month. बहुत rise किया अपने दायरे से but still is far below than a Bank clerk. So, competition is necessary with your fellow-men & the market!

      Don’t be unpractical in your attitude. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Abdul Kalam Azaad etc. are not examples but are exception!
      Look at the whole market & not just figure out something with a handful of people. When you will look at the market, you will understand that my words are true in all respect!

    3. Rohit

      Hi Mohit,
      Why dont you start your own site and give us the link here, with all these useful information, instead of nullifying one anothers word and causing tension or abusing a person who is trying to help,let it be who ever views the site or not how does it affect you, we can see your post and increase our knowledge on what you know, let Zahid continue with his humble work.

      If possible you start a new site and lets see after a month whose site has the max views/llikes,etc via your so called “alexa” site


  134. Vivek

    hey nice info….

  135. Mohit Abhishek

    @Zaheed: I will say that you should not write these posts. There are a few reasons:-

    (Please don’t delete this post after moderation as I am writing the truth but if you support my post, your admirers will get angry from you. Even, if you delete it but agree from my points, please reply to me at my E-mail ID)

    1. Your readers are mostly students. Well, student is a wrong term! Students from average to poor level private/government college who call themselves Engineer!
    a. Only above category of students uses to cross your words, when you write something related to your great TV!
    b. Again, not all the students but the one who is studying in great college according to them but on national level, don’t pose any rank!
    2. They had not done anything in their past, means unable to qualify AIEEE & IIT from a good rank.
    3. This means they are weak students who don’t pose sharp brains.
    4. Again, 90% of them belong to lower class (not middle class) family. Middle class for developing country implies $3,500 per capita. It means if you are 4 in the family, your family income should be above 6 lakhs (in general).
    5. So, these students will never understand, what’s great in your TV! They just know, there’s something called Smart TV, 3D TV, HD TV & they are costly things. But, what’s the benefit & meaning of these words; none of them knows!

    6. Again, these students need a degree only. They are not interested in M.Tech to sharpen their skills or to acquire knowledge. They think that just obtaining a degree from IIT will land them in great jobs!
    7. 6th point is the main reason for admiring GATE as at least they will get a second see the face of IIT.
    8. They just need a degree of M.Tech from IIT. But, these types of guys will never study but needs a great post related to GATE!

    9. They need information, will collect everything related to GATE but will never study & after the exams, they will write,

    a. Zaheed sir, I will get 35 marks in GATE xxxx. Which colleges will I get? Please reply to me on my E-mail ID, [email protected] (These guys have similar E-mail ID; Gmail is a sure as they had created account in Gmail because of Orkut)

    b. After the results, the same students use to write, Zaheed sir, I got 27 marks in GATE xxxx. What should I do? Which colleges will I get? Should I try for the next year or take admission in any college? Please reply to me on my E-mail ID, [email protected].

    c. Another set of student, Zaheed bhai (some hi-fi use bro), I had been placed in TCS/Infosys/Satyam/HCL/Wipro (with proud). I am from civil/Electronics/Mechanical/Electrical branch. I am interested in my core area. Should I think about M.Tech or join TCS/Infosys/Satyam/HCL/Wipro. Please reply to me on my E-mail ID, [email protected].

    So, Mr. Zaheed; what you expect from such sort of guys! Again, I can give writing on the stamp paper, these guys will never move to foreign countries while working! Well, foreign country doesn’t imply Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka etc. hehehe 🙂

    So, these posts are of no use on this website as your readers are not capable to grasp your point!

    1. Zahid

      I know Mohit, but you know its not just students i am writing for. There are many parents and many people look for this information and usually 500 readers everyday benefit from this post. Mostly they are from US, Europe and other developed nations.

      I dont mine writing such posts, as long as they benefit a larger community and when I have first hand information. I just know that we have lots frustrated people around and we dont need to care for ; )

      Mom was not impressed because i am not living around her. She just me to be around her and thats what makes happy.

      Just to share, I have 60 inch 3D LED Smart TV at home in Korea : D recently i m working on some design projects and needed nice display. And I know many would go bonkers on the size but what really matters to me is nothing should stop me working, money comes and goes.

      Lastly thanks Mohit for patience to write everything long here : ) Keep in touch and keep posting..

    2. Mohit Abhishek

      Sorry for the late reply!
      I am taking your point step by step.
      There are many parents and many people look for this information and usually 500 readers everyday benefit from this post. Mostly they are from US, Europe and other developed nations.

      Can you answer a few of my questions regarding this statement?
      I hope you know about Alexa, the most reliable & trustable website monitoring company. I have some information regarding your website.

      Average pages view per day: 756 (Doesn’t mean unique visitor)
      Percentage of users who are using visiting your website from India: 97.4%
      Again, most of the users are in between the ages of 18-24. Again, most of them are Male. Majority of them access your website from the colleges (Approx. 75%-25% ratio)

      Just taking the average case, just 2.6% people are outside the India & I believe that you pose the largest share in that 2.6% as you use to perform administrative task to your website.
      Again, find out the 2.6% of average visitors from last 3 months!

      I feel that in India, girls are married at 18 years & boys at 21 (minimum age). So, parents of 2-3 years kid look for this information??


      Mom was not impressed because i am not living around her. She just me to be around her and that’s what makes happy.
      I can understand her condition. It’s the worst & really depressing case, if you are not in the contact of your loved ones. Everyone use to say that Internet & mobiles had reduced the distance but still emotional differences exist when you are talking via skype or mobile & talking face to face!
      Just the person who is at India waits seamlessly for their loved ones having a useless hope of return for the person living in United States!
      If possible, come back to India. She will be a lot happier, if you work in India!

      Just to share, I have 52 inch Sony 3D TV in our dining hall. Again, I use to play games on my 3D surround Gaming PC with the following specifications:
      Intel Core i7 2600K,
      Kingston 8GB RAM @1333MHz (4x2GB),
      Dual EVGA Nvidia GTX 580,
      Transcend 128GB SSD & 1TB Seagate HDD
      Dual Cooler’s Master 600 W PSU.
      Again, three 20” Dell 3D Monitors (1600×1200) for getting 3D surround vision.

      The best part is that I had not taken help from any shopkeeper or company but had ordered all the components from flipkart (Except monitors) & assembled them myself. I made a lot of studies to assemble my 3D SURROUND GAMING PC as none in the market had any idea about it. Again, the screen refresh rate creates lots of problem in 3D surround vision. So, most probably, I have a little idea about that!

      One will find a lot funny, if the screen refresh rate of all the 3 monitors are different in 3D surround mode. Again, don’t synchronize the refresh rates & you will find something out of this world!

      My final question, what’s the need to connect first via component cables & then use HDMI cable to convert the screen refresh rate to 60Hz? This can be achieved simply via connecting the HDMI cable at first & setting 60Hz from the options found in your STB!
      I had done a lot of experiments regarding the screen refresh rate but unable to understand the 2 step process as the same can be achieved in a single step!

    3. Zahid

      I am just answering because you said about alexa 🙂

      to share with you, if you are into online business and analysis, you should know that its impossible for for some app to predict traffic until its integrated with website it self like analytic tools.

      I n I was receiving the traffic alexa say in early 2009 🙂 now its a million page views a month website ^^ you can get that from subscribers facebook likes itself.

      Regarding computing devices, I dont care much because i work on high performance parallel systems with at least 8 GPUs, if you know Nvidia you might know K10 card, and i write program that works on 8 K10 GPUs. Not for gaming serious medical application 🙂

      Regarding connecting component cable. When you connect with HDMI you can not see settings option, that setup box configuration. Dont worry much about it. When you get a chance to try this you will love it 🙂

    4. Mohit Abhishek

      Your website is doesn’t produce a million page views per month
      I am agreeing that it’s a tough job to get the exact the number of page views until & unless, it’s not integrated with the website itself. But, there is something called approximation. Websites like (Official website of Indian government), (Official website of Jharkhand government); & many others had not integrated with the Alexa but still get an accurate ranking.

      WoW, your website reaches a million page views per month. A joke of today! You had mentioned something related to Facebook. But, when I move towards your so called official page on Facebook, I got some amazing data:

      Number of likes on any post: 15, 20, 9, 6, 3, 7, 4, 19 etc.
      Number of comments on any post: 2, 4, 9, 2 etc.
      For month of June: 364 people like this
      For month of May: 524 like this & 629 are talking about this

      Logically, it seems that you are just uttering extra things about your website. If your website is getting such a huge number of responses, then why there are just a few comments over a silly topic & just hundreds of comments on active topics & most of them are in a question pattern. I had discussed about the same beforehand!

      Nvidia Kepler Series cards
      You are programming for Kepler series card. OMG! Well, I feel that these cards had been recently launched & you had started working over it. Even, if you are working, then what’s great in it! Do you own those high-tech gadgets??

      Why you are trying to show-off in front of me? You might have a feeling that I am from a middle/lower class family & will be impressed from those lols! Well, there is something called requirement for profession & another thing is called pride of honor!

      Just an example, if an internet café owner had purchased 20 computer & 5 printers, it is not called the pride of honor but actually, it’s his requirement!

      Guys like you who are actually pseudo-rich in reality use to make your identity from your company’s identity. Even a security guard & a sweeper working in MNC think that he/she is huge. As soon as he/she comes out of the company lives a miserable life.

      Pride of honor means we purchase those high-end things just to fulfill our desire.

      For instance, you uttered that you are using K10 card, its peak performance is 2.3TF. You are using 8 in numbers. I am using GTX 580; its peak performance is 1.6TF. I am using 2 in numbers. For your information, K10 is just a down clocked GTX 690. I might have purchased GTX 690, if I had assembled my PC, this year! At present, GTX 580 is priced at 28,000 rupees & GTX 690 is priced at 37,000 rupees. I hope you can remember what is rupee as Pseudo-rich guys like you use to forget about India as soon as you move to other countries!

      One of my friend who is working in HP India. He had been given the authority to look at the server. The server is really a powerful one with 4 XEON 8 core processor @ 3.0GHz resulting in 32 cores @3.0GHz with 32GB of RAM. He always uses to utter about this powerful machine & use to compare with my gaming PC. One should not forget that I am using my gaming PC for personal use but he cannot use it for simply decoding a movie. I am agree that decoding an entire length of movie in full HD quality will hardly take 10 minutes of time on that monster machine but can he perform the same freely as I do in 1 hour of time!

      As soon as he comes out of the office, he have just a single option; to work with his so called 65K i5 processor with 6GB RAM & Nvidia 540M?

      One should remember his actual position & should not make identity from his workplace!

      Regarding the component cables & HDMI cables
      I pray from the GOD that I don’t want to get a chance to try that. In simple terms, at no cost, I will move outside the India as I can understand the pain of the family member when someone move to other countries/state leaving their parents & siblings intact!

      Regarding your words that with HDMI, you cannot see anything on TV, I will say that it might be the limitation of Videocon STB as in dishTV HD or TATA SKY HD, such problems doesn’t occur!

      One more thing, related to this, connect your TV & PC/laptop with HDMI. Lower down the refresh rate to 24Hz or 30Hz or 50Hz; if the TV is capable to infer these signals, it means that it was the limitation of your STB

    5. Mohit Abhishek

      A brief introduction about Me
      Well, I know everything about you but you feel that I belong to those so called middle/lower class student who is studying in poor to average grade college. For your information, my dad is working in commercial taxes at the post of Assistant Commissioner. We have a huge family business & monthly turnover is far beyond your expectation & includes public transport & construction companies. This year, we had inaugurated a multi-specialty hospital also.

      Regarding academic performance, I had cracked IIT in 2007 with a rank of around 4,200 & in AIEEE, secured around 3,000 rank; opted for BIT Mesra with CSE as I don’t want to leave my home. Later on, got placed in DELL India (6.5 lakhs CTC), TCS (3.8 lakhs CTC) & local IT Company of Delhi (4.2 lakhs CTC). In January 2011, I had qualified CAT with 98.9 percentile & again in March, 2011, I had qualified GATE with around 3,300 rank i.e. 97.5 percentile. Low score in GATE can be attributed to the fact that I had studied during the last month due to CAT Score. During January, 2011, I first visited your website in order to find what I should score to secure AIR 1 in GATE but left the hope after looking at the huge marks!

      Now, I am presently doing PGDM (MBA) with marketing as my specialization from IIM-Ranchi. Well, I was getting an option for IIM-Lucknow but I cannot leave my family. Again, IIM-Ranchi is working for the Jharkhand government for the improvement of E-governance in the state & I am also the part of this 18 member group! I hope you know about the annual package that one gets after completing his degree from any IIM (its at least 10 lakhs CTC from IIM-Ranchi & highest was 24 lakhs).

      Again, I am planning to start my personal IT Company after completing my degree. I am so confident about my knowledge in this domain that I am not seeking huge investment from my family side. So, don’t say useless things about the website marketing & SEO. Again, it was just a funny thing to hear from you that I&I pose a million page views per month!

      So, it’s better that you keep your Pseudo richness & show-off activities related to technologies far away from me!
      Something about your website
      Well, I&I is a great website for students who are from average grade colleges & I respect your website & articles. I was a regular reader of your website & again I use to read approx. all the comments posted on your website in order to collect data about the students who are from average colleges. Truly speaking, keeping my hand on the heart, these comments had helped me to make a proper decision about the job market & will surely help me in establishing my company & recruiting Engineers from average grade colleges.
      Next, most of your articles provide an in depth source of inspiration for me especially the one who had written after the world cup 2011. Again, I really had appreciated your way to calculate the rankings of the NIT. It’s really great!

      But from last few months, your articles are not as powerful as it was before; number along with the quality of writing had declined a lot. Again, some of your articles are a little bit showy. You can find the same from the number of comments. I am surpassing you but trying to provide a view from a reader’s point of view. You can look at this article. Just 3 people (including me) have commented over this!

      Request you to provide better contents with a better line up according to the needs of the market (here, your students) else you will face a similar scenario that Nokia had faced in the mobile market & your company Samsung overtook the sales figure. Even after the launch of Belle (Which is better than Android 2.3.7), it is able to just stop the declining figure & had just increased the market share by less than 1% in last 3 months. So, don’t let your customers (here students) feel bad about your website & provide regular & great updates rather than sharing your personal things!

  136. Mohit Abhishek

    Well, this article is a dumb one from technical point of view but students who are a great admirer of this website should not write that Zaheed had posted useless things, if he is sharing some of his life experience.

    Well, students are not paying him anything for such great information related to GATE. Again, like other educational websites, this one is not filled with advertisements, which will make Zaheed the richest person on the Earth. In short, it can be said that it’s the greatness of Zaheed that he is doing such a great job for GATE aspirants. He has full rights to share his day to day life experience. But, ill guys will never understand this.

    Ill guys just need post on GATE. But, still one should not write bad things related to him.

    He had written a similar article related to his smart TV

    But, many guys had written useless thing. One should praise him as he was from a normal middle class family but from his works, he was able to purchase such a great TV.

    Someone had written he is doing advertisement of Samsung, others will say that he is doing advertisement of Videocon D2h.

    In India, its cost will be around 1.5 lakhs as its 3D+Smart+46”+Samsung. Again, it’s not easy task to bring such a huge item from Korea to India.

    The guys who don’t have a 32” inch branded LCD TV had said a lot about him!

  137. Mohit Abhishek

    Regarding your steps, please go thru my previous comment that I had given at

    Again, I had mentioned about the DTH provider.

    I cannot understand what’s the need to follow these steps? You can either connect with 3/5 component cable for NTSC/PAL or with HDMI for 1080p or 1080i.

    What’s the need to connect 1st component cables & then remove it & the connect HDMI? Looks funny!

    Better steps are:
    From options, you can directly select HDMI from the set top box & then connect your TV to STB via HDMI cable. That’s all. Your 5 steps in 1!

    For better performance,
    1. Enable Simplink option on your TV.
    2. Throw your STB remote.
    3. Operate STB from your TV remote
    4. Clean up stuff around you and drop down in couch and enjoy the HD quality & NTSC/PAL without the need of STB remote! Huhu

  138. Mohit Abhishek

    One more thing, I cannot understand how such a big TV was unable to impress your mother. When, you were doing M.Tech from IIT, I was a kid that time. For the first time, I had seen a 42” LCD TV. Just looking at the size, I said, WoW!

  139. Mohit Abhishek

    Dude, I cannot understand about the frequency mode you are talking about. Are you talking about the voltage frequency which is measured in Hz or about the refresh rate of the screen which is again measured in Hz?

    If about the voltage frequency, then it’s impossible to connect the TV without a proper stabilizer which can increase the frequency level.

    If you are talking about refresh rate of the screen, then your article sounds a little dumb as these days, no LCD/LED TV uses 60Hz but rather 100Hz or 200Hz. Again, these TV can run at 50Hz, 60Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz & a lot more. So, there’s no problem whatever the signal, you are getting from the channel provider.

    You had written that “There is no fun having a TV with HD resolution and watching HD content in non HD way like an old dumb TV box.”

    Over that I wanna add just one point, Dish TV is the only DTH provider who is providing 35 HD Channels, again most of them are useless from your mother’s (and my)point of view. Again, Videocon D2h provides lesser number of HD channels.
    I feel that she will watch just Star Plus, Sony, Zee TV, Colours & similar. Well, I also watch these channels only, no sports or IPL!

    These channels are not broadcasted at 60Hz. Well, they provide at 1920×1080 or at 1280×720 (also considered as HD).

    So, your work will not give any fruitful result to your mother regarding the screen refresh rate!

    Regarding 60Hz option in your STB, it’s just a fake mechanism to cheat customers. If channels are not recording their serials at 60Hz. How, your STB will convert it to 60Hz. Well, it’s applicable for only English channels.

    It’s similar to recording your video at 640×480@23fps & then converting it to 800×600@30fps & saying that I had recorded my video at 800×600@30fps.

    Again, every DTH provider whether it’s Dish TV, Tata Sky or Videocon D2h provides HD channels (Some channels) at 1080p @60Hz with HDMI support. Even, the Airtel Digital TV provides normal STB with HDMI cable. Again, 3000 bucks is a lot for purchasing a HD set top box!

    Dish TV provides you the same at 2300 rupees with 1 month subscription worth 435 rupees

  140. Mou

    Smart idea! ^_^

  141. Arun Kotha

    Hi Zahid,

    Good that you could spend your valuable time in writing such a big column on NTSC and PAL converters for TV. Of course it may be helpful for some people here. But I wish you could be able to address some of the career related queries you get as well.

    I’m sorry if I’m being too bold. I wrote to [email protected] and [email protected] but all in vain. Now I see your updates on LED televisions which makes me feel bad. I know you cannot attend each and every email you get. At least you could use the time you spent making this page, in a way useful for students 🙁

    1. Zahid

      Sorry Arun for not replying your mail. But please keep yourself in my shoe and think, how could be my life. and regarding TV its a big problem and many people ask me everyday. One day when you have a LED that is not working you would love this. This just save my life, time and help many others looking for information : )

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