Team India Has Done It, What Am I Doing??

Wooow we have the world cup home and what a pleasant moment to see that a winning shot from the skipper in a winners style. Loved it, simple awesome, we all expected to windup this world cup in that fashion he did it rightly.

I have been watching world cup matches along with work, which you all might have noticed for my inconsistent posts during this time. What a time we lived in these days almost one and a half month on the ground. Do look out at you skins, even they might have tanned watching all these matches.

Wonderful performance by men blue, the played well and were mentally tough during worst situations. Wait wait!! This is not a ICC world cup review 😉 I just wanted to share my feeling and learning throughout ICC world cup with you. Do drop your feeling and learning in the comments.

Never Underestimate Someone. (Ireland Vs England)
All of us know that England made first half of the world cup thrilling and exciting. Especially the matches with India and Ireland will never vanish from our memories.

The lesson from Ireland match was very clear and depicts the life. Never ever underestimate someone’s capabilities. And on the same time, never ever underestimate yourself. If Ireland can fetch the match from 6th wicket we can succeed from no hopes, we can too at any part of life, just need to carryon and see what’s up there for us. Do our best and rest leave it to Almighty. Let’s never ever give up. I am not are you?

No One Is Bigger Than Your Desire To Win (India vs Australia Quarter final)
Australia was the strongest side for a decade. Best in everything and we got to show them way to airport to get the cup. With that only option and India’s desperate hunger for the cup Australians have to go home.
Just being desirous for something and not doing anything wont workout and called as cowardness. If your desire is strong enough you will get it, you will not sleep and always think about it until you get it or your heart stop beating.
If you love something be passionate about it, that will come to you. Just never stop loving something just you have to face something bigger or a bigger challenge is ahead.

Hang On!!! You Have To Be Focused Till The End (India vs England)
There is nothing easy in life. England was put to a target of 338 runs wow that’s huge. Don’t you think so, yes I do thought and slept. Thank god I recorded it to see it later next day morning. To my surprise it was a draw.. DRAW I mean it.
If English men surprise us with such a huge score to chase, we can dream of any big thing in life and keep running after it.
Mare winning battle doesn’t mean that you won the war. To win a war one need to be focused till the end. Small successes towards a bigger goal should make us so happy that we lose the ultimate dream.

Prepare Well And Dream High (India Vs Pakistan)
Every single effort is very important, preparing well and staying confident and focused will take you there. This was totally a mental game nothing else. Both the teams were best in one area of the game. If you watch it closely Pakis were happy to reach semis but we were playing for the cup. That’s what matter in life. Aim higher you will leave many others behind. Do prepare well and work hard for higher aims too.

How You Finish Is What Matters (India vs Sri Lanka)
At the end of the day what matters most is how you used your resources well. Optimized everyone’s performance, how confident you are, how much you love your goal. Unity is strength and to use every single resource one need to know the strength and weakness of the resources and put them in a combination so that they perform the best. That’s what leads to ultimate success and lead to a great rocking finish.
Being students we know our resources, like books, magazines, libraries, Internet, friends and time. We need to sync all these and many more to get to our goals in life. If we spoil them and neglect them the will neglect us towards the success path.

Lets remember the lessons and a lovely feeling of the ICC world cup for rest of our lives, noooo till we get the next one. Hope we won’t let anyone see that for a decade 😀


  1. suraj

    Thank u sir,

  2. samvaran kashyap

    this is my favorite website of all time
    every time i get depressed i read article in this website
    i inspire and ignite all the way
    the above article is a wonderful article
    this remainds me about one of my favorite quote


    thank u sir for ur inspiration given

  3. abhishek kashyap

    i proud on being a regular visitor of this m going to have MTech..a lot of thnx for inspiring me now its my time to ignite.


    The article is very nice and timley.. What u hav wrote is absolutely correct.We all should gain inspiration from TEAM INDIA winning the world cup.
    I like to take a note of SACHIN too. We all must admire his hunger for playing cricket. He is really a roll model for all of us……

  5. Amit

    Nice things to learn. Thanks

  6. syed aamiruddin

    nice inspirational article keep the gud work zahid

  7. mohd shahzad tyagi


  8. mohd shahzad tyagi

    you are saying right.indian team win show that if we are mentaly strong for achieving to our aim then we can get it.””

  9. Srivathsa

    Wonderful observation sir.u r great.:-).But even after reading all ur inspirational words why many of the students go in their wrong routes?..why successful people are less in number?plz reply

  10. Kallol

    Nice. Also there are some thing very important to learn from Yuvi and Dhoni. Yuvi was once in bad performance and critics made his life hell. He come back from that position and be the Man of the series in WC. And Dhoni, he took purposeful risk (i.e. come earlier in batting) and they clicked. For getting something extra ordinary that we did not get any time before we have to do some thing extra ordinary that we did not do before.

  11. Vivek

    Nice Article..the way it is related!!

  12. Mohit

    Great Article Zahid,

    It is the only website, I check it daily (After Gmail) as there are some very great things present in your articles. Your articles are really interesting & again this one.

    I will just present a matter of fact. At present, who had qualified GATE with a rank that he/she wants are flying in the air & the one who are kicked off are crying behind the scenes but I feel that the former ones are at the worst position as they think that they are stable now. I want to say just a thing for those students.

    “Every achievement is not an end but the begining of the new journey.”

    And the one who worked & had lost the game this time had learned a lot, better than the one who had won. Actually, they had learned something new, a real, a practical theory in life which is better than any of the existing topics that the one had learnt from these silly text books.

    The guys who had not lost his hope, even after the failure will succeed in life, better than the one with stability because it is the failure which encourages us for the new challenge & the stability had always declined one’s performance.

    The one who had lost his hope is good for nothing & cannot do anything in future.

    So, I will say that never lose hope & work for the future. And the one, who had succeded, please don’t fly in the air.

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