Galaxy Note: A Phone or Something Else?

As you can see I am talking about galaxy note and you can guess that what the matter is? lool I actually bought a galaxy note two days before and spent my time quickly checking the uses and applications to maximize the productivity. Just trying to make a use of it, don’t mine.

Before buying note I had a very normal yet sophisticated phone. I had huge concerns over the size of the phones. I liked apple size phone and galaxy S2 was great in hardware. But for a long time I was looking for something more productive and have multifunction.

As I said in my 2012 post, that I will make decisions quickly this year. I just went to the shop and was looking for phones, and suddenly saw Note and told my friend I am going for it. He said size is too much. Then I said I read a lot and need something that I can carry easily.
That’s it bought the same day and made the contract and got the phone next day. Below is the first look πŸ˜€

Before we I buy something I check my needs and usage and then make a decision. Previous years I used to make a research too. But these days I just want to avoid spending much time on that area. So just make decisions based on your requirement.

My major activities in a day are reading, mails, and messaging, I talk less one phone because I use voip to call home and other places. So major activity is reading and for that I needed a little bigger screen. When I saw it in hands I made decision and someone helped me with color, was confused about white or black.

After using two days, what I feel is, this device is not for taking notes in class. Battery dry so fast and if you are a video freak just don’t forget to carry a bunch of batteries with you to support it all day long. Note taking is good but the screen is not that big and pen is slow. Do check it in the market before you make decision.

Try to make decision based on your need. If you are looking for nice phone go for something that is 4 inch and if you are looking for a productivity tool that you can carry around go for device which is something around 5inch.

Then, why Samsung? Because I work in Samsung and supporting my profit share πŸ˜€ do your research before you buy you next phone.

Have fun and study well for exams. GATE is close stay focused stay tuned


  1. Aamir

    I haven’t had any issues with the battery. Are you sure you didn’t get a faulty piece? That said, the Mugen 4500 battery is something I would like to get later on.

    1. Zahid

      I read a lot. may be that is the reason it dry up faster. It all depends on how long you keep your screen active. I feel that way.

  2. chandan

    i had a problem sir, regarding campus interviews.But i dont know wa’s that??
    I usually top in technical & aptitude tests, but i dont know how i end being rejected in PI’s?
    Any suggestion\help wud be most welcome..

    Thank you.

    1. Mohit

      I feel that your attitude is not clear. In interview, the interviewer basically select the candidates who have a practical attitude and whose communication skills are fine. Communication skills doesn’t mean English only but the way you speak. Regarding attitude, it’s a tough job to expain using words but recommends you to look over the successful candidates. Try to copy their behavior, the way they talk, the way they speak and many more things.

  3. Krishna

    Hi Zahid,
    Get a 4500 mah mugen extended battery , it will add a little on size but its worth for a device like Note πŸ˜‰

  4. shivani

    That looks very good

  5. aonkar

    this mail alert comes under the tag all bat education tag in my gmail inbox.. some education indeed..! πŸ™‚

  6. Abdul Farook

    Nothing like iPhone 4S or iPad2. Those who used these can’t turn back to other products. I think Samsung Tab 7″ is better choice than note.

  7. lalith

    as u work in samsung…can u get us some discount…?

  8. Dhruv

    Thanks Zahid bhai , u saved my 32,000/- INR

  9. Shanaz Parveen

    cool phone bhai… πŸ™‚
    new pinch πŸ˜€

  10. arun

    Hi zahid bhai I am your ardent fan would you please post on a topic of iisc vs MS abroad would like your views on it

  11. Kalyan

    That piece looks cool!!zahid bhai

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