GATE 2015 Organizing Institute

Though it is not important who is organizing GATE 2015, because paper is not set by an IIT, it is set by a committee of profs from different IITs. But, I take it as an opportunity to share few important things related to GATE 2015. GATE exam has seen a great change in 2014. It became almost complete online exam right from application submission to exam itself. I made a series of videos and posts on it, please refer to GATE 2015 Preparation Guide for more details.

As Elections results will be announced on 16th May and we have a new education minister in place well before GATE exam, therefore we can expect if they want to place any change in GATE have ample time to do so. In best case it will remain at least as it is now.

I made a list of GATE organizing institutes for more than a decade to help students with their quest to know which institute will organize the GATE exam.

GATE 2015 will be organized by IIT Kanpur.

I dont know when new IITs will join the league. I will keep you all updated when it comes to this part.

Apart from looking for organizing institute i would like to divert you to GATE Syllabus page and ask you to make a note and start making a schedule for yourself. As you can ask you seniors, time flies too fast once you fill GATE application form.

Do have a look at few videos I made related to GATE Preparations and subscribe to InI Youtube channel so that you get reminded time to time during your preparations.

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Wish you a great luck ahead.


  1. Mini

    sir, i want to know about non programmable calculators.I am using fx-991MS , is it programmable or non programmable,please reply

    1. Waquar Shaikh

      No thats not programmable calc…programmable mens capable of working as per instruction instslled in calc…calc works on some basic base stored in it self

  2. mounica

    sir i am from ece writing gate 2015 can u let me know how the paper of iit k will be like .

  3. atreya

    respected sir,

    your site is really helpful. may u please tell how do i manage college with gate preparation. i am in 4th year ece. approx 6 mths are left for the exam gate 2015. sir i can’t take coaching due to some reasons. i am dependent on self study. i am in the merit list of my college but when now i pick up any subject it seems i have forgotten everything. and revision takes a lot of time.
    sir i want to crack gate for psu’s but i want to know how much salary do psu’s offer . is working in psu’s better than the private. if yes why?should i take a private job and then do the preparations? i m confused please help. it depresses me when i think that im a merit holder & still i can’t figure out my future.your guidance will really be fruitful.

    thank you
    [email protected]

  4. sekhar

    by wringing GATE exam and getting good rank how it will help apart from and i am civil engineering background so for us in PSU’S less openings are there so how one use GATE rank in different way

  5. Aswani

    Sir I am from ECE branch i want to join in one of the good universities located in Banglore …plz give me list of the colleges and plz let me know how to apply for through kcet n tancet …
    thank u in advance

  6. ravi

    Will be conducted from 31-01-2015 to 21-02-2015
    Common data and Linked questions to be introduced again this time
    (ignore “2014” in link)

  7. Rahul Kulkarni

    Admissions to AcSIR PhD programmes : AcSIR , Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research :

    1. Thyag Raj

      Thank you Rahul.

  8. kedar

    Dear Zahid,

    I am production and industrial engineer, willing to do masters in instrumentation/ electronics/ related field. Can you please let me know if this is possible? What are my options?


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