GATE 2013 Organizing Institute

This is a very common curiosity among GATE aspirants, they start with this question, which IIT is going to organize GATE exam this year. Also they think that the difficulty of GATE exam depends on the organizing institute. Also previous GATE papers conducted by that institute would help them preparing GATE and also give an advantage.

I hope everyone know that GATE exam is conducted by 7 IITs (new IITs not included yet) and IISc. Every year an institute will take responsibility of conducting GATE exam. If interested, do check the GATE organizing institutes a year wise list for details.

Predicating the difficulty of GATE exam based on organizing institute may put you in a strange situation because difficulty is independent of organizing Institute. GATE organizing institute just take responsibility of managing application forms, taking question set from different professors from different IITs and making random choices on question and conducting exam. At least, nowadays whole process is automated so it’s impossible to map difficulty back to organizing institute.

Yes we can definitely predict who is organizing GATE exams. If we look into GATE organizing institutes we can easily figure out which institute is organizing GATE exam. A constant pattern is followed by the institutes to conduct GATE exam and following that patter, if nothing strange happen, IIT Bombay will conduct the GATE 2013.

For more details you can also enjoy a conversation at I n I about predicting GATE 2013 organizing institute.

Now you have an idea of which institute is organizing GATE. I suggest you to leave that question aside and start seriously preparing for exam. Competition has grown exceptionally, almost all student opt for GATE exam these days because of job prospects and other opportunities trough GATE. You need complete focus and concentration it. Take it from me you don’t have time to waste now. Just refer to GATE 2013 Preparation Guide and take the study material from there and start.

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Wish you a great luck ahead.


  1. DEEP

    I am pass out of year 2011 batch having one backlog in 8th semester, which I have given for revaluation in University. Now whenever I am filling up the form as not a GRADUATE AND GRADUATION YEAR 2011 it
    s not getting accepted. I have really prepared a lot for this examination,should I fill as GRADUATE and submit 1 to 7 th semester mark sheet with director certificate. Please help urgently..

  2. shahid

    is there any website wer i can login n get alerts in time about all the opportunities through gate 2013….abt jobs …mtech n everything ????????? plz tell if anyone knws

  3. Raj

    I passed out my B.Tech. examination in last year 2011,but still I have a backlog, which result is pending.
    May I eligible to appear in GATE-2013.
    Passing year-2011
    Backlog- 2nd semester(already appeared, result will come likely in December-2012)
    As eligibility criterion is saying—
    “Candidates with backlogs
    Candidates who have appeared in the final semester/year exam in 2012,””

    So I am confused, what about students passed in 2011 or earlier and having backlogs.

  4. Shubham Gore (IIIT-Jabalpur)

    @ Ranga Chaitanya : Its very difficult to predict level of difficulty for GATE-2013 by sake of the organizing institute, frankly saying, you can make out nothing from this information.

    Better focus on basics in the initial stage to get the sound concepts and try to prepare self-written notes from standard textbooks, then go for extensive problem-solving (Previous year questions , Made-Easy Study Material or Ace Academy Study Material, MCQs from Kanodia) to grasp (assimilate) and apply the learnt concepts.
    This stage is the most crucial stage, the more questions you’ll practice , the more comfortable you will be.
    Make your study plan such that you’ll get enough time to revise the syllabus covered and to re-polish your weak areas.
    Try to make quick-revise-formula notebook for each subject.

    And the last stage is to go for subject-wise test followed by atleast 3 MOCK-GATE papers. (Preferably TarGATE by GATEFORUM (Offline) or Online Test Series by ACE ACADEMY, Hyderabad (Online)) to simulate the real exam conditions to knock out performance anxiety, silly mistakes, to identify your weak areas and finally to build exam strategy for 10th February,2013 (The Final GATE).

    Quick Re-View ::::

    1.> Concept Building and Self Written Notes.
    2.> Extensive Problem Practise and Previous Year GATE questions.
    3.> Revision of the so far covered Syllabus.
    4.> Repeat the steps(1-3) until you covered atleast 80% syllabus.
    5.> Test-Series and MOCK-GATE.
    6.> Analyse and evaluate your performance in the Tests.

    (TIPs ::
    You can take help of Classroom NOTES XEROX from ACE Academy, Hyd (or) MADE-EASY, New Delhi, if you wanna save some valuable time in preparing self-written notes.)

    (Start Preparing from your strong Topics rather than kick starting from the topics you feel difficult, as it will boost your confidence as you’ll proceed. )

    Best of Luck. 🙂

    ~ GATE’13 Aspirant like you.

    1. sri

      @shubham gore hey what u exactly mean by classroom notes xerox… take some ace student’s notes xerox???

  5. Ranga Chaitanya

    can any one tell me if IIT Mumbai organizes gate 2013 which subjects will be given more weightage in EEE

  6. kangan

    which subjects are important in computer science gate paper…??
    please name them all which are mostly asked in the paper…

  7. kangan

    it might be possible,,they may have differnt organistion for seeting up the papers…
    our goal should be just to prepare well for the paper…

  8. Debashis

    Guys….please help me.I have passed btech in 2011.R8 nw m doing job in CTS. I want to do M.Tech…but in 2013 i think it is not possible to crack GATE.I am aiming for 2014 GATE.Now please tell me that if crack GATE 2014 with a very good score and get chance in top NITs then will I get any help of my 2yr job experience?I dont want ro be professor or don’t wanna go in research line…..i want to be in job.then wiil this 2 yr job experience help me at all or not…..

  9. rahul

    i am facing a big problem in my career i am placed in infosys but my date of joining is 21/01/13… until then i thought i can prepare for gate (from made easy) n try for anything else but nw got to know that very few psu’s and the no. of seats are very less… plz give me a sugetion m realy tensed about this

  10. anu

    doesn’t every stream(subject) has a different organization for setting the question paper??

  11. kangan

    im just getting puzzled about where to start from….plzz tell me important subjects from which i should start….reply asap…

    1. anu

      check out the syllabus for your stream.
      you can either prepare yourself or join some institute for coaching. or take up some correspondence coaching. the material provided by them and test series help a lot..

  12. kangan

    im enter’n 4th year…n hve not started preparing….n m gettin nervous….reply asap…plzzzz….

  13. kangan

    thanxx a lot rohit…:)

  14. kangan

    is a time period of one year enough for the preparation for gate….???

    1. Rohit

      It depends only on you i.e. the way you prepare.
      The concept clearance is the key and this you yourself will realize when you will attempt last years GATE papers. Ideally GATE preparation starts from July, fourth year.
      And don’t restrict yourself strictly to syllabus as merely names of topics are mentioned. As we all know, completing whole 4 year syllabus with equal depth is not possible so cover whole syllabus so that you can attempt easy Q. but try to give importance depending on your wish and marks you want to score.
      Good day.

  15. kangan

    is gate restricted to specified syllabus….???…
    i mean …do topics not specified in the syllabus r covered in gate…??

  16. Rohit

    Thanku poornima 🙂 i got it.

  17. Rohit

    Can any one provide me solutions of GATE 2012 general aptitude section ?
    Plss I am not getting them anywhere !!! 🙁

    1. Poornima

      You may get it from, the last 10 questions.

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