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GATE 2014 Qualifying Marks

When I start to prepare for any exam I first try to know some stats about the exam. This will help me evaluating myself during the preparation and also keep me motivated to do better. The first thing I would like know what the highest marks that one can score in that exam. Once I know that I need to know what were the highest marks obtained in by any candidate in previous years and what are minimum qualifying marks.

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At InI we have been tracking these stats about GATE exam for almost 8 yrs. I don’t see anyone has done it before. For more GATE stats please follow GATE stats category from side bar or GATE menu. This is a part of GATE 2016 preparation guide.

GATE Qualifying Marks

Gate Paper Gate Paper Code General OBC – NCL SC/STPWD
Aerospace Engineering AE 25 22.5 16.67
Agricultural Engineering AG 25 22.5 16.67
Architecture And Planning AR 32.5 29.25 21.67
Biotechnology BT 25.84 23.26 17.23
Civil Engineering CE 26.57 23.91 17.71
Chemical Engineering CH 35.14 31.62 23.43
Computer Science and Information Technology CS 25 22.5 16.67
Chemistry CY 29.87 26.88 19.91
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC 25.56 23.01 17.4
Electrical Engineering EE 25 22.5 16.67
Ecology and Evolution EY 42.89 38.6 28.59
Ecology and Geophysics GG 36.33 32.7 24.22
Instrumentation Engineering IN 25 22.5 16.67
Mathematics MA 25 22.5 16.67
Mechanical Engineering ME 28.86 25.97 19.24
Mining Engineering MN 33.67 30.3 22.44
Metallurgical Engineering MT 49.87 44.88 33.25
Physics PH 31.72 28.55 21.15
Production and Industrial Engineering PI 25 22.5 16.67
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science TF 25.71 23.14 17.14
Engineering Sciences XE 29.18 26.26 19.45
Life sciences XL 31.04 27.93 20.69

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.

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