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All NITs GATE 2012 Cutoffs

GATE cutoff information is one of the most important information students always look ahead for right after GATE exam. Till GATE 2012 All NITs used to take institute based admission that made it difficult to get all cutoffs. From GATE 2012 all NITs decided to have a common counseling for M.Tech admissions called as CCMT.

The common counseling made it easy for collecting cutoff data but the eligibility made it more confusing. We designed and developed a simple to use tool for easily finding cutoff for all eligible branches for every engineering stream.

The following link will take you to the NIT GATE cutoff and college predictor tool or CCMT 2012 cutoff and college predictor tool.

NIT Cutoff and College Predictor

We collected some data from the above tool for 5 NITs to Computer science, Electronic and Electrical departments for your reference.

All NIT Computer Science GATE Cutoffs GATE 2012

Institute Course Score Goup
NIT Warangal – (WL) Computer Science & Engineering – (XG) 775 G1
NIT Tiruchirapalli – (TY) Computer Science – (XS) 770 G1
NIT Warangal – (WL) Information Security – (IS) 752 G1
NIT Allahabad – (AL) Computer Science & Engineering – (XG) 738 G1
NIT Surathkal – (SR) Computer Science & Engineering – (XG) 738 G1

All NIT cutoff for ECE in GATE 2012

Institute Course Score Goup
NIT Tiruchirapalli – (TY) VLSI Systems – (VY) 771 G1
NIT Warangal – (WL) VLSI Systems Design – (VD) 747 G1
NIT Tiruchirapalli – (TY) Communication Systems – (CY) 735 G1
NIT Surathkal – (SR) VLSI Design – (VN) 729 G1
NIT Calicut – (CL) Microelectronics & VLSI Design – (MG) 717 G1

All NIT cutoff for EEE in GATE 2012

Institute Course Score Goup
NIT Tiruchirapalli – (TY) Power Electronics – (PE) 719 G1
NIT Warangal – (WL) Power Electronics & Drives – (PD) 677 G1
NIT Tiruchirapalli – (TY) Power System Engineering – (PS) 671 G1
NIT Calicut – (CL) Industrial Power & Automation – (IA) 654 G1
NIT Surathkal – (SR) Power & Energy Systems Engineering – (PW) 653 G1

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