We live in a world of distractions and negative surroundings. If we don’t know how to deal with this there are high chances that we lose our way from our dreams and targets. Eventually end up you stop dreaming and live your life in a flow of regular life and later feel proud of being so.

To stand out of the crowd and to climb the ladder of success and achieving dream you and I need to show extra courage and patience. Patience is not something you follow when you are weak or don’t have a choice. The true form of PATIENCE is reflects when you have all freedom to do something and you stop yourself from it for a higher and a great target. Until we don’t have courage to be patient from things that kill our time and make us lose our focus we cannot achieve anything in life.

Whereas, when we show patience to keep ourselves from things that distract us from our goals we have a great chance to be successful in one or the other way. I made a small video to share my opinion on patience. Do follow it for more on it.

Concentration and focus is key in GATE preparation and it needs real patience and hard work to standout in a crowd of million people. If you cannot show at most sincerity and dedication towards your goal its hard to nail down the competition. Reaching sincerity without patience is just a dream.

With this I ask you to be more focused, as the time pass by you lose it more than anything and all other things start attracting you. Show at most patience and resistance to the things that distract you from your dream and goals.

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Wish you all a patient and focused time.