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Patience Is The Key For Success: GATE Prep

We live in a world of distractions and negative surroundings. If we don’t know how to deal with this there are high chances that we lose our way from our dreams and targets. Eventually end up you stop dreaming and live your life in a flow of regular life and later feel proud of being so.

To stand out of the crowd and to climb the ladder of success and achieving dream you and I need to show extra courage and patience. Patience is not something you follow when you are weak or don’t have a choice. The true form of PATIENCE is reflects when you have all freedom to do something and you stop yourself from it for a higher and a great target. Until we don’t have courage to be patient from things that kill our time and make us lose our focus we cannot achieve anything in life.

Whereas, when we show patience to keep ourselves from things that distract us from our goals we have a great chance to be successful in one or the other way. I made a small video to share my opinion on patience. Do follow it for more on it.

Concentration and focus is key in GATE preparation and it needs real patience and hard work to standout in a crowd of million people. If you cannot show at most sincerity and dedication towards your goal its hard to nail down the competition. Reaching sincerity without patience is just a dream.

With this I ask you to be more focused, as the time pass by you lose it more than anything and all other things start attracting you. Show at most patience and resistance to the things that distract you from your dream and goals.

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Wish you all a patient and focused time.


  1. Rohit Raju

    here is download link for Data structure book by Narasimha karumanchi, i got them from internet.

  2. Ramya

    hi zahid,

    Thanks much for ur inspirational quotes.

    plz guide me how to manage college studies along with GATE preparation.

  3. kuldeep singh sodha

    Man U r awesome !!!
    i watched each n every video of yours , u really motivated me through ur talks 🙂
    i m glad !! please keep doing this almighty will bless u !! 😀
    thank u soo much for all ur videos n information given by u !!
    i know thanks is not enough !

  4. Giridharan

    Dear Zahid ,
    Thank you for this golden message at the right time. I also have a nice and big dream but i cannot able to carry it for a single day because that much distraction i am facing everyday. Please show me the right path to get in good route

  5. Sougat Chakraborty

    Examination Schedule: GATE 2014 is now available in the

    Please go thorugh the same. All the best.

  6. Saptarshi Pyne

    Dear InIites,

    Zahid Sir discussed about almost all forms of distractions
    happening to us while preparing for the exam.

    So how to stop falling prey to such Distractions?
    “Nobody is going to stop me.
    But I myself with whole and full consciousness;
    I stop myself to attend a bigger goal.”

    It takes Passion to master such will.
    “That gives me utmost pleasure while preparing for the exam.”

    It is a long journey. What if we ever lose motivation?
    “All could be more patient, more humble
    and keep focusing on your ultimate goals.
    Patience has the highest reward in this life and hereafter.
    So if you hold back and prepare well
    then in couple of months you are going to see the best results.
    That would change your life.
    That would change what people think about you.
    Give a lot of pleasure to you and your family.”

    Zahid Sir in his informal Best!
    The video and the site are crystal clear.
    The audio represents a public place.
    But that could hardly be a distraction
    when we are listening to our favourite voice
    or doing our favourite task.

    Zahid Sir is sporting a cap with a big A and two huge wings.
    We can make out a lot of mighty words and meanings from it 😀

    Good luck for the exam, Guys.
    Thank you times and again, Zahid Sir.


    🙂 Nice…

  8. Gopal Nathani

    thank you sir, for this inspiring words…

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