M.Tech Admissions 2013

Time has come where we start looking and tracking M.Tech Admissions in 2013. Inspirenignite have been tracking M.Tech admissions since 2009, to make it a single place where students can track all admissions. Every year we grow more efficient in tracking admissions and 2013 we use a simple table format make it clear for student what colleges already gave notices and last dates are.

We cover the following institutes all across India in tabular format. All you will have to do is to help each other by admission notices and use InI M.Tech admissions 2013 forum for more information sharing and question answers.

M.Tech admissions in 2013

IISc M.Tech Admissions 2013
IIT M.Tech Admission 2013
NIT M.Tech Admission 2013
M.Tech Admissions in Central Universities 2013
IIIT M.Tech Admissions 2013
Good Universities M.Tech admissions 2013 other than IITs and NITs
Alternative Exams To GATE in 2013

each other with admissions and get to know many opportunities that you might miss if you look for them on your own.

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  1. neha

    Sir, my GATE score is 440 and rank is 16275 in EC. What are my chances of securing admission in a good institute?


    sir i have secured AIR 7600 in gate 2014 CS dept cat-OBC. can you please suggest me few university where i could get admission?

  3. anju

    my gate score 424(2014)
    can i get admission in thapar university patiyala , bits pilani,jadavpur university and vjti mumbai in mechanical for general category

  4. Nirav Bhavsar

    I got 23.73/100 but qualifying marks is 25.53, and my gate score is 329. That means i am not qualified but i have gate score.

    So, Since i am not qualified in my category then what is importance of gate score, can i get M.E admission based on gate score?
    can i get admission in M.E. colleges like msu (Baroda) or nirma (Ahmedabad).?

  5. Kamlesh hathile

    sir i got 28.65 air 27310 in gate 2014 category-sc plz suggest me suitable colleges
    where i can take admission for m tech..

  6. J.Swaminathan

    In M.Tech Mechanical, what is the scope for Product Design and Engineering in with regard to placement and career growth ?

  7. Lokesh

    I am gate2012 qualified (CSE). cse(59.45%)
    last year gate cut off was31.54(gen.), i got 31.67(gen.). AIR 21681 gate score 311
    Am i get admission right now for programme with scholarship in any good institution.
    sir plz reply asap

  8. aditya

    sir, i want to seek admission in, Today is 31 July 2013 i think all universities close there admission process. Still i have a chance for get admission.Please suggest me what can i do.

  9. saran

    sir, i have prepared for IES one complete year by going to coaching classes after my completion of my but unfortunately i couldn’t qualify gate. as the technical syallabus is same as now i am in dialama as i got seat in local college in my state , so is it better to join and prepare for ies or else search for some software or any job and prepare for ies.

  10. prasad

    i got an 20 marks in gate 2013
    st reservation please tell me which coll adms is better?

  11. Monica

    Sir..m in a big gate score is 524..gate2013 rank:2400..female gen candidate..i havnt applied anywhere else den ccmt..nw m regretin my decision as al d colg’s applictn dates r over…wat should i do nw..plz reply asap

  12. RAMESH

    hai ,i got an offer from iitkgp but problem with me is, i dont have original 10th & 12th marksheet despite i have all original UG semester marksheet and original degree certificate,also i insisted the board of examination for the duplicate certificate(generally it take one year for tamilnadu board)they gave me a temporary handwritten and board attested copy(namely ccm ,most of the central and tamilnadu government job seekers getting job by showing this ccm if they lost),now the question is will it enough to enter with this documet only

    1. ISGA

      pls call them in the provided number.. and tell them your situation..

  13. naimish

    Sir I m from gujrat.I have completed b.e.electrical.right I am government state employee.I want to do in distance plz referd the aicte approved colleges.thank u sir


      Anna University , BITS , IDNOU , are few good well reputed institutes offering MTech in distance mode and there are many other too but AICTE recognition is to be verified personally .
      All The Best

  14. Madhu


    I have got call from IIT roorkee(CS Department) direct counseling (no interview/written).
    Mine seems to be the last name in the list.
    My score 552, rank 1874.
    Is there a chance of getting seat??
    Plz guide.

    1. Sajal Rastogi

      ! I’ve the exact same score and the exact same rank in GATE 2013… my branch is CS… how is this possible? By the way, I’ve got MANIT Bhopal (Comp. N/wing) in round 1…


    i got 23 marks in obc category means just qualified in gate . im from cs branch in
    so plz suggest me college for me .

    thanks nd regards

  16. Shrihari A

    Dear SIR,
    I got 32.67 marks in GATE 2013(ECE) for general catagory. Score is 368 may i know the cut-off of all the NITs and which NIT i may get.??


      Its difficult to get a seat in any reputed NIT . But dont loose hope keep tryingvtill last round Especially spot round is likely to fetch you a seat . I suggest you to opt for universities rather than joining a NIT of poor standrds ex. Anna University . Andgra University , Copchinn institutre of science and tech.
      All The Best

  17. sharad

    my gate score is 280 category:OBC
    sir plz suggest me clg name, where i am get admission…
    can i try for NIT??

  18. Sagar Kate

    my gate 2013 score is 317, mech,
    sir plz suggest me clg name, where i am get admission…
    can i try for NIT??

    1. Ahsan

      you can check it out by just clicking a link named as Archieve on nit’s counselling website–

  19. balendra kumar patel

    i got gate marks in 27.67 ranks 24523sir plese m tech admission for nit

  20. shiva

    sir i got 4873 rank in gate mechanicalwith 457 there any chance of getting NITs.

  21. Rohit

    BITS notification is out check this

  22. dhanya

    Sir i have got 24/100 marks in gate general category and score is 346 my rank is 14375 if there is any chance to get admission in merit ? what should i do for that kindly plz reply

    thank you

  23. bhagyesh jirwankar

    Sir I got 6 marks in ME-OBC, is there any chance to take admission for M tech.????? Plz help me

  24. RAVI

    SIR i got 615 AIR in ec but didnt get offer from iit. ye india ka problem kya hai…256315 log me 615 rank lanne pe log izzat nahi karte….na koi psu na koi future….ab obama ji se asha hai….. sir BHU milega kya??

  25. vandana

    my gate 2013 score is 272, ECE,
    sir plz suggest me clg name, where i am get admission…

  26. vandana

    i got 18.67 marks in gate 2013 (EC-SC) , 272 score.. can i get admission in any good clg…..
    sir plzz help me.

  27. nitin

    sir i hv got 20 marks with score 235 n coming under sc category so cn u suggest me for which college i hv to try

  28. srilakshmi

    i got 4768 rank and 46.6 marks in gate ec 2013. can i get admission in any one of the nit’s?

  29. uday

    hi, i got 275 marks in mechanical paper in gate 2013 (obc) and my rank is 22057.
    which colleges i should target for ME/Mtech admission ?
    pl reply.

  30. manohar

    hallo sir,i have got 23.33 marks in mechanical branch and my score is 271 and AIR 22681(obc) in which college can i apply for M.TECH.

  31. bhavna

    pls tell us in low level NITs or in central university or other university like jadavpur,bits etc…which is more fruitful
    which one is good.give u more scope in future and can give more chance to learn new thing and at the end job also

  32. Akshay Bk

    Interested in research, I have applied to JNCASR, Bangalore. I have a research experience of 1 year at IIT Bombay working in nanotechnology on semiconductor optoelectronics. I wish to know a rough criterion on which shortlisting is done in these institutes. And also can you please post an article on interviews and written tests that are conducted after GATE even for IITs. This would help us prepare iin a short time. Thanks

  33. Madhu

    sir, my gate score is 552, AIR 1874 (OBC). In which NIT can I get admission. ?

  34. nikita

    my gate 2013 score in cse is 476 and all india rank(AIR) is 3800 which college i should apply and i may get admission.

  35. MOHIT

    SIR, CCMT notification is out. Registration starts from 15th April.

  36. naveen kumar

    sir, I have got 24.33 marks in Ece Branch and My score is 284, and 342……rank is 31919…what i can hope for??? plz suggest me…i belong to OBC category…..plz plz plz help me…..

  37. Rohit

    sir ,notification of Nits out
    check this link

  38. ramij

    sir, my gate 2013 score is 293(gen) & rank is 17355, can i get admission & where???? plz suggest me.

  39. Sneha

    sir my gate score is 374 and i got 26 marks and AIR is 10788… in which college should i apply?………which college will i get?

  40. Rids1

    Sir plz plz reply to my query….

  41. Rids1

    Sir i get 483 score,6232 rank…gene categ n me frm ece
    plzzz tell me what r d chances for nit’s
    n other gud options

  42. akshay

    i got 36 mark in gate 2013……..
    my score is 336…….
    my rank is 5410……….
    in which col cn i apply for mtech in structural engineering

    1. niraj

      Private colleges…

      I got 381… let me know what u gonna choose. ..

  43. Shreya

    i have scored 561 gate score(GENERAL-EC) in GATE 2013 with rank 2678, marks 51.67…….can i get admission in any IITs or NITs in ec?????pls reply

    1. surya

      hey…i’ve got the same rank and score.. do you have any ideas about what next? i guess if we’re lucky we might get in nits, but not top ones.. but it’s not guaranteed in my view..

  44. praveen

    in gate 2013 (EC) i got 36 marks, rank=12795,score=402,category=OBC
    please guide me regarding mtech admission where should i apply?

    1. ravi

      i also got the same rank n score

    2. Srikant

      Apply any Good govt. & pvt. Universities………

  45. karteek

    Gate score-366
    Any chance of getting NIT’S not expecting in good nits but any nit’s????


    sir my name is Dhaval parmar

    branch :ece
    marks: 31.67/100
    score: 358/1000
    catagory: sc
    what are my chances can i get any good i have any chnce in iit or nit or any other good university..which give good placement??…..and what are chances for to get admission in phd courses??…should i get in new iit?..plz rply muhhmmed noufel sir

  47. MOHIT

    hii.. Muhammed Noufal…
    I got 49 marks AIR 3659 with a gate score 534, ECE ,OBC. What are the prospects for good colleges.

  48. Sarvesh Sharan

    Gate score-367
    Any chance of getting NITs or Jadhavpur university????

  49. Radhika Vasudev

    Gate score :505.
    ISthere any chance for getting admission in any of the Gud nits???

  50. mrinmoy pal

    AIR: 5836
    marks: 30.33
    score: 435
    OPEN, CS.
    Please tell me which good college in maharashtra I will get?? PLEASE

  51. mrinmoy pal

    i have scored 435 gate score(GENERAL-CS) in GATE 2013 with rank 5836, marks 30.33 can i get admission in any good NITs in cs?????can u suggest any other good colleges????pls reply

  52. ravi

    in gate 2013 (EC) i got 36 marks, rank=12795,score=402,category=sc.
    please guide me regarding mtech admission where should i apply?

  53. Rahul

    Marks – 42.67
    Gate Score – 449
    AIR – 5116
    Category – GEN
    Branch – CS
    Can anyone suggest what all
    colleges shall I apply?
    And what are the possibilities ?
    Thanks in Advance.

  54. gopal

    my GATE score –514
    AIR – 46111
    Branch- ece
    can i get any iit or should i apply for nit’s??
    plz do reply sir..thanks

  55. Rahul Ghule

    33.33 in ECE stream
    air: 15846
    category:obc non cremy
    which college i may get???????
    plz rply??

  56. dimple star

    mark :29.33
    AIR :444

  57. gopal

    i got gate rank 4611 in ece with gate score 514.
    i belong to obc.
    so plz guide me to get admission in nits..can i get good nit??

  58. santhosh kumar

    hai sir
    my gate rank is 5859
    gate score 436
    can i get a seat in nits?

  59. Aamer

    AIR 17681
    Score 303
    Gen Cat
    Sir pls Suggest me regarding Admission

  60. mayur

    sir my gate score is 29.33,
    air is 21600
    branch is ece
    caste is sc
    plz can u sugg me some good col, and should i apply for nit

  61. anirudha

    sia my name is

    anirudha marothiya my gate score : 380

    category : obc non cremy.

    is there any chance for getting admission in any nits???

  62. Santhosh kumar

    Mark : 37.67/100
    Score : 422
    AIR : 6655
    Categ : OBC NC
    Displi: Mech
    Can I expect IITs or NITs?
    Please reply

    1. Muhammed Noufal

      No bro…with this rank…NIT very less chance.

    2. MOHIT

      hii.. Muhammed Noufal…
      I got 49 marks AIR 3659 with a gate score 534, ECE ,OBC. What are the prospects for good colleges.

  63. Santhosh kumar

    Mark : 37.67/100
    Score : 422
    AIR : 6655
    Categ : OBC NC
    Can I expect IITs or NITs?
    Please reply

  64. avanti

    i have scored 487 gate score(GENERAL-CS) in GATE 2013 with rank 3515, marks 34 and 98.4 percentile…….can i get admission in any good NITs in cs?????can u suggest any other good colleges????pls reply

    1. Muhammed Noufal

      You will get in NITs…but not in good NITs..

      Good options for you are:

      –IIIT Hyderabad,ISI Kolkata,IIIT Delhi,JNU Delhi,BITS Pilani are very good and seperate entrance also…so try this

      —If you are not interested to write one more entrance…Try COEP,VJTI,HCU,Thpar uni,Anna uni,PES,ISM Dhanbad etc..

      Best wishes

  65. Anand Dhole

    Marks – 42.67
    Gate Score – 609
    AIR – 1067
    Category – OBC
    Branch – CS

    Can anyone suggest what all colleges shall I apply?
    And what are the possibilities ?

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Muhammed Noufal

      Good options for you(with rank 1000)
      .Try IITs M.Tech..but less chance…Aplly for MS in IITs..have a good chance to get
      .NIT (Warangal,surathkal,trichy,allahabad,calicut)
      .NSIT Delhi
      .IIIT Delhi,IIIT Allahabad,IIIT Bangalore*

      —IIIT Hyderabad,ISI Kolkata,JNU Delhi,BITS Pilani are very good…but seperate exam.
      *IIIT Bangalore have interview

      note: You have solid chance to get institutes other than IISc and IITs(M.Tech). Apply for MS in IITs…,You will surely get in HCU,COEP,ISM Dhanbad,PES,Anna uni,Thapar,VJTI,VIT,VTU…But you deserve better with AIR 1000.

  66. Anand Dhole

    Marks – 42.67
    Gate Score – 609
    AIR – 1067
    Category – OBC

    Can anyone suggest what all colleges shall I apply?
    And what are the possibilities ?

    Thanks in Advance.

  67. Vikramaditya mukherjee

    my GATE score –367
    AIR – 1733
    can i get any good college?

    1. ravi

      my GATE score –363
      AIR – 1799
      where can i get admission?
      can i get in vjti or coep???/

    2. Vikramaditya mukherjee

      some one please reply to my post 🙁

  68. ARIJIT


  69. ARIJIT

    MY GATE SCORE IS – 504

    1. hansmukh jain

      yes, u can apply…..
      u will get mst of d nits except warreng, trichy….
      bst of luck..!!!

  70. rahul

    My air 5343 mech in cs
    marks 31
    score 445
    which college i should try
    plz reply [email protected]

  71. Shashank Gupta

    Hi i got 16,000 AIR and my marks is 23.5.
    I am from CS branch and category General.
    I was not able to clear the cut-off.
    Please tell me where i should apply for

  72. Annapurna Mahanta

    I have got 30.33 marks
    which college should i try?

  73. Sundara Bharathi

    Hi, How about specializations such as Energy Engineering, Geoinformatics, Technology & Development courses in IIT Mumbai. Is it possible for me to get an admission with the above marks?

  74. Sundara Bharathi

    Gate – 2013 (EE)
    My Gate Score: 440
    AIR: 5142
    Category: OBC
    Any chance for getting NITs. With your help, I noted that might get NIT silchar @ third or fourth round may be. NIT silchar opened admission. But I couldnt find details about posting address and the DD to be taken. Please help me. Tried contacting them and no use. And also suggest is it worth applying other NITs too?


    sir i got 28.67marks & score 304 ee can u suggest me which colleges i should try

  76. vinay

    i hv air 7733 mech
    marks 36
    score 405
    which college i should try

  77. Sreejith P R

    Hi sir,

    my gate rank- 41811
    my gate score- 201
    marks- 16.67/100
    category- SC

    can I get admission in IITs or NITs ?


    GATE SCORE 627
    RANK 872
    STREAM CSE(2013).

    Should i apply for IIITs and central universities or will i be able to get seat in IITS/NITS… which other colleges i should prefer??

  79. tripti

    BRANCH- Electrical
    GATE SCORE- 350 & 431
    GATE MARKS- 33.33
    AIR- 10871
    PERCENTILE- 92.86
    CATEGORY- General

    do i have any chance of getting any iit or nit.????

    please do reply!!!!!

    1. tripti

      den in which college shuld i apply.??

  80. Varun

    sir i’ve a gate score 500.
    Rank- 3246..
    branch- mechanical
    i want in which colleges i should apply??..


    Sir, my gate rank is 328(general) & stream is instrumentation.
    what is the scope in iit & nit?
    Also my main interest is in control is there any scope of getting control field in iit or nit?

  82. GAURAV

    AIR: 5116
    %tile: 97.72
    marks: 449
    score: 31.33
    OPEN, CS.
    Please tell me which good college in maharashtra I will get?? PLEASE.

    1. sayantan

      is your all india rank exact 5116?? bcas i also have the same rank..

  83. raja

    hi sir,
    marks 27.33
    AIR 8861
    score 393
    stream CS
    category OBC(NCl)
    can i get admission any central university or any good university…?

  84. Sakshi

    I have got 6655 rank with 425 score in mechanical engineering branch with general category. Plz help me which college i can get for mtech purpose ? I will be highly thankful to you.



    I got 37.33 mark in ECE.

    score- 416 obc catogary

    plz help me where do i get and is there any chance for getting IIT or NIT even worse subject( means subject that people usualy doesnt take)

  86. ajay

    sir,thrz a supernumerary quota for J&K students ,,, what does this mean?

  87. mutassif dar

    sir , I have scored 355 in CS GATE 2013,& my AIR rank is 13077 please suggest me where do I need to apply…
    do I have any chances!!!!

  88. Rohit

    Hello sir
    my gate rank = 1385
    marks= 36 and the score = 309
    and my category is SC. Am from XL
    please help me where do i need to apply??
    can i have any chances…

  89. Kallol


    Can you help me with a prediction of which NITs I can get (taking PSUs into consideration)?

    Rank: 2927 (CS General category)
    Score: 505


    1. ajay khan

      3000 rank h aur apko PSU chaiye, aap next tym aaiye….

    2. kuheli sai

      It’s actually very difficult to tell in which NIT you can get. Because it varies year to year. But you can hope to see NIT-durgapur. And if u want to take admsn in better NIT’s than NIT-durgapur, then u have to wait till last round of counselling. But it is a bit risky.

  90. meher

    i have got rank 571 in gate 2013 mechanical score is 651. sir what should be my course preference in the top iits in which placements happen.pls also suggest should i go for any course in top iits or psus if i have a choice.kindly rply sir

    1. Hari Babu

      Can you tell me your GATE mark out of 100 ??

  91. Shravan kumar

    Hello, my gate rank = 11422 and marks = 37.33 and the score = 416 and my category is OBC. Am from ECE do i have any scope to get admission in NITs….? Please reply…..

  92. Saurabh

    Yes sandipan, you will get most of the nits. Apply to all nits. Gud luck

  93. Sandipan Saha

    i have scored 599 gate score(GENERAL-CS) in GATE 2013 with rank 1176, marks 42 and 99.48 percentile…….can i get admission in any good NITs in cs?????can u suggest any other good colleges????pls reply

    1. ajay khan

      you can get admission in Dr MGR University, chennai.

  94. snigdha

    my GATE score –571
    AIR – 1579
    Branch- CS/IT
    can i get iisc or any iit or should i apply for nit’s??
    plz do reply sir..thanks

    1. kuheli sai

      In 2011, one get direct admsn in M.E in iisc with 650 rank being a OBC category. So, by that prediction you can hope to see IIT’s. You will definitely get a chance in top NIT’s.

    2. kalicharan

      forget about iits..look @ccmt 2013 and try also in iiits

  95. luxin

    my gate score is 302…n AIR rank is 28008..! is there any chance to get admission for mtech in govt colleges.

  96. rakesh

    my GATE score – 280
    AIR – 28577
    Branch- CS/IT
    can i get any iit or other college?????…

  97. rakesh

    my GATE score – 280
    AIR – 19336
    Branch- CS/IT
    can i get any iit or other college?????…

  98. smaranika

    GATE score – 564
    AIR – 2574
    Branch- ECE
    in which collages can i get apply ?????

    plzzzzz suggest

  99. deepak

    rank – 11869 obc branch – cs
    where I can apply???

  100. sandeep yadav

    GATE SCORE-387

  101. pavan


    i got AIR 23685 rank(score 257) in gate EEE in OBC category. do i have any chance in getting a seat in nit’s

  102. sandeep

    my GATE score – 318
    AIR – 19336
    Branch- CS/IT
    in which collages can i get admission ?????

  103. jerin robins e

    my category is general.i am an mechanical student.

  104. jerin robins e

    sir i have got 545 score with an air 2060.can i get ms in iit madras or mtech in thermal in nit calicut,thrichy,warangal…..

  105. dilip

    categoru obc

  106. dilip

    sir i’m a student of ece decipline
    gate marks:-39.33
    rank air:-9600
    can i know what are the universities which offer mtech program for ece through gate score
    thanks in advance
    plz respond sir

  107. rohit

    GATE score – 440
    AIR – 5587
    Branch- CS/IT
    From Which good Colleges can I get interview call with this score?

  108. ghanshyam sahu

    sir, my gate score is 278… rank is 21396 (OBC) in Mech.)…

    Is there any chances of getting any good college??

  109. Aamir

    sir,does JNU offer any mtech course in ECE engineering.

  110. Avanti

    GATE score – 487
    AIR – 3515
    Branch- CS/IT
    From Which good Colleges can I get interview call with this score?

  111. Avinash

    sir, my gate score is 395… rank is 13498 (General) in ECE)…

    Is there any chances of getting any good college??

  112. Kavya

    Stream:ec marks:26.33 gate score:304 rank:27307 category:general
    Sir plz tell me , which is the best option for me , job or and in which colleges or PSUs i can apply.. what are the top colleges i can get??

  113. Ram

    Marks: 52.67
    AIR: 2383
    Gate 2013 score: 571
    Category: General
    Any chance in IITs?

    1. smaranika

      hello…frnd…i hav got 52….i am also in a dilemma…for where to apply…pls tell me if u get any info

  114. Ram

    Marks: 52.67
    AIR: 2383
    Gate 2013 score: 571
    Any chance in IITs?

  115. Ashutosh mohan

    i hd got 13498 rank in gate xm my branch z ec ,,,whch all colleges ‘l get

  116. GOWRI

    I belong to general category. I got 32 marks in gate 2012. Shall i use that mark this year for M.Tech ?

  117. sanju

    Rank: : 40181
    Marks : 17
    Gate score for this year : 248

    cat : ST
    stream : CSE

    Pls tell me, where I should apply…
    can i get in nit r iiit? r daiict please help me…..


    My gate rank is 314 n my score is 692 in EEE. would u please tell me dat will i get call lettrs frm PSU’s n IITs.

  119. jayanth

    hi sir,
    I am s jayanth i got gate score 25.67obc from me my rank is 18662 so pls tell me the which colleges i will done my mech pls slove my problem sir

  120. ram alapure

    Hie sir,
    i am ram. i am gate 2013 aspirant. my AIR- 13498 (EC), Score(395), Marks 35.33, GEN category. Can I get admission into universities avialable in maharashtra. I want to take VLSI/Micro Electronics/ Chip designing as a specialization. Can i get the admission for M.Tech in the local universities.

  121. Kamna

    Can you tell me what are the possibilities for AIR 11744 marks 37
    General category
    Gate score 412 & 490
    plz reply

  122. Prithivi

    I got 34.7 in Gate 2013.branch cse and AIR-3200.Score -516 in General category.i belongs to OBC Category any chances of getting good nits.

  123. sridhar

    i got 8200 rank and 480% and am belongs to general catogory and ece?
    can i get in nit r iiit? r daiict please help me

  124. priya

    can any one tell me, whats the cut off marks for CSE…..

  125. Devki Nandan Gouttam

    my GATE rank is 4227, GATE SCORE:468 FROM 15/03/2013 to 14/03/2014
    GATE SCORE:481 FROM15/03/2014 to 14/03/2015.

    i get 32.67 marks. My cgpa is 6.29/10 …suggesd me plz…………..

  126. anish

    my GATE rank is 13146 in ECE ,, marks 35.67,,,,,,,,,whatz the best clg that i can get

  127. venkatesh


  128. venkatesh

    my GATE rank is 2186, GATE SCORE:445 FROM 15/03/2013 to 14/03/2014
    GATE SCORE:538 FROM15/03/2014 to 14/03/2015.


    1. RAJ

      Congrats I have the same rank in Civil the same year…..How is it possible????

  129. padmanabham

    My son got 11000 rank in Gate exam in Mechanical stream. He is a OC candidate. He got 82% in B.Tech. He is having NCC (C)
    certificate with B grade. Suggest M.Tech admission opportunities to him in good institutes.

  130. arun

    SIR i scored 46.39marks in gate 2013EC OBC category.what are my chances for NIT’s.i appeared in gate 2011 just Qualified in that.Gate 2012 not dream is to do mtech in NIT WGL/IIT’s.i known all concepts and subjects very well but probelm is iam struggling to prove in gate examination from past 3years.what should i do now…??please suggest me please

  131. KIRAN

    sir i scored 37 marks in gate 13 , what is my chance for or should i take drop and prepare for gate 2014 ???
    where can i get admission with 37 marks ??

    1. monika

      where can i get admission with 44marks in gate 2013 cse general category??

  132. sachin

    sir i got 31 in civil rank 6200 is there any hope for structural

  133. pandari

    i will get 58.33 in gate 2013,but i lost my 10th and +2 marksheet though i am in process it will take around four more months to get them in hand ,will it enough to submit the following documents for mtech admission
    2.Application sent to BOARD OF EXAMINATION
    i am in much confussion though i wrote GATE well i am with this problem,please help me out as soon as possible

    1. Srikant

      Not Possible…..U have to wait another Yr. But Some private Varsities are making Admissions in July. For those, U can apply.

    2. kuheli sai

      hi pandari,
      you can do one more thing. Directly go to the place in which board you have appeared for the exam. Tell them your situation and also request them very much so that atleast they give you scanned copy of your marksheet and all that. Go that place carring your registration certificate and admit card.

  134. md sattar ali

    i have done in chemistry and now i want to do can u kindly suggest me which subject will i prefer for that has a good prospect, and i can get a good job…………..thankyou

  135. tanvi

    sir, plese help me to know about good colleges without gate for m.teh. my branch is ec

  136. Divya

    Sir i want to know about the institutes or universities that conduct their own M.Tech admission test…

    1. kuheli sai

      Best way is,go to every institutes site. Read their criteria for M.Tech admission. If they conduct their own entrance for admission in M.Tech, that will be clearly written in their brochure,else criteria will be only through gate. From there you will have clear idea. I am also doing that now.

    2. kuheli sai

      As far as I know, JNU ,ISM-dhanbad, JU, BESU, CU ,ISI-kolkata,IIIT-HYDERABAD(only through their own exam) conduct their own entrance apart from taking through gate.

    3. Srikant

      Kiit, Srm, Amrita, all central universities, IIsc, Manipal, Anna university, JNU, etc…..

  137. deep

    i am getting 38.04 marks in gate cse. In which all colleges i can apply. Are there any non gate good institutes?

  138. Viswa Teja

    got 56 in gate 2013 ece. is there any chance of getting in iit’s

  139. vikas

    Gave gate 13. Ec.
    Will get around 50 marks. What are my chances for IIT Delhi? And about the PSU’s ?

  140. Parixit

    Sir, please tell me how to apply to IISC Bangalore through GATE…
    i searched the net and found about the IISC entrance test only, not through gate…

  141. Poornima

    So here we start!!!

  142. ANIKET

    Respected Sir,
    Please give reply to my question. I have made two attempts on Gate CSE,in 2011 and 2012.This was my third attempt in 2013.In 2011 and 2012 i fail to qualify.Now in 2013 the paper was difficult.But i will be able to qualify,but it is of no use if i have to get into IITs.I have to make one more attempt in 2014.But sir,i am affraid that pattern may change in 2014.As their is news that they may conduct gate on two teir system i.e gate prelim and gate mains.Prelims will be in aug.and mains in feb.and only those students who qualify prelim will be able to appear for mains. Sir,please reply wether this is going to really happen for not.As I am doing job i am not getting enough time to prepare.

    1. kuheli sai

      I think implementation of two-tier system of exam will take time.

    2. sagar

      I too preparing for 2014 gate exam.
      and i am afraid of that two-tier gate exam.
      but right now we can’t predict whether there will be change gate pattern in 2014.
      we have to wait for the IITs consent…..

  143. kuheli sai

    plz tell me all the institutes name, which also conduct ENTRANCE exam for admission in

  144. kuheli sai

    plz tell me about JNU. Is it good for pursuing in CSE? and what about its placement?

    1. Amit

      hey JNU is good for as its faculty is awesome but placement wise it is average

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