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What You Will Be If Not An Engineer?

What do I want in life? is the most famous question we ask ourselves hell lot of time and keep it shut because of confusions and not a right answer. Answer to this question means you got a direction and need to work towards it. I am just not refering to answers like a millionier, a father, a mother..etc. With answer to this question I mean a direction a way out plan for ourselves for rest of our lives.

The truth is I myself still ask this question many many times. Sometimes mutiple times in a single day. Earlier everytime my answer was based on many constraints and influencing factors like friends and family members, teachers, neighbours, elders, and we see successful people around us. Those answers lead me where I am not but futher I want to lead on my own.

In 10th standard a teacher asked me what do we want to become. I wanted to say Doctor, but dont know the degree name (MBBS) so I looked around. When my friend said B.Tech, I said yes B.Tech. Then a little better marks in Math landed me engineering stream. When I was about to take engineering, again came the factor of Computers or Electronics. Yes because it was and is a trend in engineering and we consider rest of the fields as substandard, I had only two choices. I opted for computer science. After B.Tech I decided to go for higher studies, as I was not happy with the performance and knowledge in B.Tech.

I gave the best shot there and loved what i was learning, so was there in top 3 studetns in class. After that as everyone wanted a software job I ran the same race and joined a company. Felt like i am killing myself I moved out to teach but missed a pinch there too. Finally moved to PhD.

In PhD again I got that rythm and rocked it and had full fun with achievements in row. Scholarships, Awards and recognition was coming as if someone was waiting just apply. Got all big Schols and Awards during that time. Also made my frist internation visit. And not to forget the current job.

I am a crazy mover, I dont stay in one place for long time. I stayed in current postition for last 4 years and that itself is an achievement 😀 But during these last four years I asked myself a hell lot of time, what am I doing? Is the really I want to do rest of my life? The answer was no for many times.

I asked what do I want to do? that was hard very hard to answer, so I broke the question into parts to make it easy for myself.

1. Do I really want to do Engineering rest of my life?
2. If not Engineering then What?

Once I reached there life was easy, though not that easy ; ) . I n I born, I started taking pictures (photography), did research on cameras, started reading a lots of books and blogs ( though I read them a lot before too) traveled and saw different cultures. Basically I am and was getting ready for next plateform.

I am not a strong player as steve jobs, so I took a long route for the realisation of what do I want and need to do. I m not there yet but I am very close to it and I feel that from within. I dont know why I am still playing a very safe game.

With this post I want to ask you the same quesiton, what you will be if you are not an engineer? This is a good time to ask yourself this, you are looking for M.Tech admissions or waiting for results and you have time to discover what really you want from now on.

Do share your ideas in comments, that would help all of us to form an idea what do we want to do in life and what all we cand do 🙂

Wish you all a great luck and success ahead.


  1. Abhimanyu Raizada

    same case here man. i am also in 3rd year. i started preparing for GATE, but then after sometime i stopped going to coaching classes. everytime i think about coaching classes it feels like i dont want to go to that place. i dreamt of being an IITian but now i think should i become a computer engineer? or should i go for govt. job? its like the life is much tough in private sector, you barely have a life of your own, just working your ass off. i ask myself do i need that kind of life? surely not! everybody wants to live with their parents. sometime i make my mind like okay i will go for GATE but again it feels like do i want to do this? if not this then WHAT?

  2. ritika

    Hello sir,
    i have recently graduated in btech(2016) in mechanical and automation from GGSIPU,delhi. I got an aggregate of 73.5%. Courtesy my backlog history and non an impressive technical resume, i did not get place on campus. I am late for majority of entrance exams this year for post grad.
    Would appreciate if we could talk, i have read a lot of your articles and i am a fan

  3. Meghana pabbathi

    Hello sir,
    This is meghna..I’m doing btech 3rd year in EEE stream..I’m so creative.I don’t think I’m in a creative field now.i want to settle doing a passionate job..please suggest me any parallel creative courses to do while doing btech…
    Thank in advance….

  4. Anil

    hello sir,
    i have also complete my (civil engg) . doing 1 year job. but confusion dimag me rhi. Na to satisfaction , upper se ek routin life jisme tifin le ke jao ,saam ko vehi same plan. NO invention boor ho gya .
    At last leave the job.
    ab kuch esa chahta hu jo kuch different ho, like semaz seva jo meri education ka shi value provide kere .
    so sir please help me………

  5. aneee

    Hi Zahid,

    Thanks allot yaar.. i am android developer with average pay.. i have went through the same situation as u.. worked as lecturer and then as developer and honestly not interested in coding or development but was so confused what next but after reading through your blog got some inspiration to go ahead to search something new 🙂 rather than pushing hard for bills 🙂

  6. balu

    Sir ,actually i’m also facng a kind of prblm that were in previous cmmnts .i’m pursuing my btech 2nd year from a normal college in ongole. in the stream of mechanical. But hardly i’m nt able to concentrate on my subjects n wanna do smethng different that suits my passion n lfe style .i like roaming n wanna see many new places. So can u pls suggst the path

  7. Rjdp Rathod

    Hello sir,
    i’m a BE(MECH) fresher student. Here all my seniers are confusing about their goal, and me too had this situation at the time of choose my clg. Bt i nevr want to regret about anything bcoz it is saying tht- jo hua achche ke liye hua,
    jo ho rha hai achche ke liye hoga,
    jo hoga vo bi acche ke liye hoga…

    As i’m little to say this thing bt i’m expressing my thoughts as a indian.

    Bt i learn 1thing just b4 3days that…
    1.Always keeps u busy as a child (it is very nice thing about childrens that they always asks- what, why & how. which gives birth to many inventions).

    2. What is your goal??
    For what you can work without food, contineously, without getting bore, can everything, n leave d all other work tht is ur goal.

  8. ameen sharma

    sir ,everyone here is goin through sort of same situation .please respond with some solution which can throw more light on us.

    thank you in advance

  9. Ashutosh Shrivastava

    Hello Sir,

    I was just looking up for solutions for my current situation and here I land. I have done my civil engineering from NIT Nagpur & have had pretty okay sort of grades. I am currently working in a civil consultancy but my seniors tell me to pursue higher education if I plan to stick to this field. I concluded in my final year that I am not at all interested in civil and have no inclination to go either for M.Tech. or a high-paying PSU job. When I talk to people about changing the field they either suggest Business Analytics (which I am not sure what is exactly, even though people have explained it to me a bunch of times) or IT (as a desperate measure). However, I am inclined towards IT but I feel like people will look down upon me and I cannot stand to even think that. Moreover I am not sure whether coming from a civil background will I be just another outsider in this field.
    I have a keen interest in Arts and Entertainment field. That is a language I understand and I don’t how to explain that but I can just feel it. But I hope it is just not my childishness that intrigues me to consider that field as an option. I am confused as hell and have so far not figured out a way to solve all of this. Please suggest something. Or at least tell me a way to figure this all out.

  10. trisandhya patra

    actually sir i am getting confused.i have passed my in this year i.e 2014 in electrical i am working as a software engineer in a small company..i got rank in state board in 10th class.I have a good cgpa of 8.57 in my aptitude n problem solving capacity is very much still i have a great interest for ias,its my dream,my life…please give me some solution if you have..where to switch?for psu or for or i should stay in the software company or i should persue mba or the ultimate ias exam…pls tell me

  11. Sneha

    As I write through I would expect you to read it and answer me likewise.
    I am in final year Ece now.The topper in my branch.People call me the best student.But I am not happy.I wanted to become a doctor. I appeared 3 times since class 12th but I never got mbbs.Now when I should be thinking of masters or job my heart says again appear for medical entrance.
    What to do.I know not.Please help me out.

  12. Rahman

    “When faced with two choices, simply toss a coin. It works not because it settles the question for you but because in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for”

    And this on-air-brief-moment was when i got provisional admission letter from iit madras for … God! And am still confused whether to accept it (deadline[today]: 06/07/14) or go for master of design- But for that I have to attend the design entrance next year (CEED 2015), wasting one year of time.

    Hi sir,
    I did my Btech in Physics from NIT, 2013 passout. All the 4 years, i have lusted for creativity which is not at all required for my study. I liked physics from higher secondary itself, but going deeper in the course, it was not a good subject. At this very moment, i realize i had enough of physics . Its about time, i had given priority for my passion and the art-side of brain to come about. Still, people around me, parents, friends are discouraging me. Holding CEED coaching materials on one hand and mtech admission letter on other, am in a big dilemma.
    Please guide/advice me on this context.

    I really like your post. The post about m design is rather inspiring and nice.

  13. ketan kumar

    Hii sir,
    Rite now I am in 3rd year B.E from mechanical branch..I am very much confused about my future.i want to earn as much as I can..but m nt getting whethr to go for GATE,CAT or IAS….

    1. Abhinav tripathi

      sir i have passed 12 this year only .I dont want to take admisson in but i am !ntrested in IAS.

  14. kamalteja

    Hello sir,
    I have completed Btech(I.T) in 2010. But still now i did not get a job on DotNet.
    I have a gap of 2 and half yrs. What i have to do now? Whether i can put experience of 2yrs or can i try for jobs as a fresher?
    Please tell me….


  15. Shekhar

    Hello Sir,

    I am also CSE guy and currently working in reputed IT industry with average package. I am also going through the same confusion you all have. I think I can do something better, much better. I am very interested in coding but currently working in testing. For me, working in IT firm is not at all a good experience. I think M.Tech. or IAS is better option. But being IAS is time consuming process and is really unpredictable. Please guide me which option should I choose : or IAS

  16. Sobia

    Hello sir..
    I really liked your post. I was searching for something different to do in life when i found this article.
    I am a final year student of BE(CSE) and frankly i am not very good at it. The thing is if i put my mind to it, i can do better than others. But i really am not interested in coding stuff all the time. I search for what i can do after BE, all answers i get are — a coding job, or higher studies like ME, MBA, etc. I thought of preparing for GRE but then even that option now sounds less appealing.
    Now i have no idea what to do with my life after i complete my graduation. All my friends have their goals figured out. It seems i am the only one who is confused.
    I want to do something different with my life. I don’t have a passion or anything but i am quite creative. I don’t want to just sit in front of a computer all the time. No offence.
    I really very confused. If you could just shed some light on possible options to pursue after BE which are not coding related, maybe something creative, i.e. related to art field? I’ll be forever grateful. I really could use some advice.

    Thank you!

    1. ameen sharma


      same is the case with me. i guess you are an aqurian sign ,they always love to do cvreative things related to arts.Infact arts fields are best for them.

  17. Nitish Kumar

    I don’t know what to say…….. I as the other members here keeps on asking myself… what am i doing? Whattt???? it really drives me crazy sometimes.

    Currently i am in 3rd year of my college… I am in computer Science branch. I like coding and programming and i do it fondly. I am not interested in Subjects but i want to do Mtech as it will seal my place in Good companies where i can work as software developer.
    But the thing matters is i dont feel for my CS subjects as much i feel for actual programming and languages. I don’t know how to clear Mtech and land in IITs i want to… I have to. Because i dont want to go to the same Company which always comes to mine college and takes everyone at an average package of 3lpa. U can guess the name 😀

    the problem is i am not at all focused not at all disciplined towards my gate subject. I have made myself an average student in my college life though i was not earlier. Its an ordinary govt. college. Lack of hell lot of things.
    How do i move my interest into subjects. I know i can crack GATE and be in an IIT. But i am not working for it. I am not honest to my goals and to myself.
    I can wake up whole night doing coding making mobile apps….but i cant study my subjects for gate….whole night 🙁

    I fear to quit coding at this time and completely get focused to GATE. Should i take a drop….?
    I dont know….. am so confused…!!


  18. Abhishek Singh

    I know this ain’t related to the above discussion but this video really motivates and inspires me a lot ..
    A little long i know but would be worth seeing

    fetched 15,385,299 like on Youtube . An international best seller book to his credit this guy is no more !

    The link

  19. Jayashri Sehajpal

    Can I pursue Master of Design in Aeronautics from IIT Bombay ! or kindly suggest me further institutions even if outside India Where this course is available ! Thanking You for the most meaningful Blog I hv read in my life , keep up the great work pls .

    Lets just go ahead towards the light and continue to Inspire n Ignite .

  20. vishwa

    Nice one sir. It will be very useful if u post article like this…

  21. venkatesh

    Good Article from Zahid……

  22. Mayur

    Zaheed Sir,
    It was a very good post.You are doing a fantastic job.I’m really impressed by the blogs.
    I need to know more about M.S. in US.
    Thanks a lot…

  23. Arvind

    I did my btech in mechanical engineering and now presently working as a software engineer.I badly wanted to be mechanical engineer but just like my peers i joined software due to financial issues at home.I never liked coding but now i find myself immersed in code.I often wonder what i am doing here in front of code that does not make any sense.First time i wrote Gate 2010,i was disqualified by 0.33 mark but rank was good.In the later years too,i have tried for gate.I qualified in gate 2011 and 2012 but ranks are very poor to get any good institute.I even qualified for IES written exam 2010 but score was not good enough to land a job.
    Family is happy that i am drawing a good salary.But I feel like i am killing myself everyday.I have forgotten most of my engineering stuff and I am not good in the coding side as well.
    So i am totally confused as to what to do.I can leave the job out of frustration but what do I do after that?I always dreamed of designing aircrafts.Mechanical engineering was the closest i could come near my dream.I was average in college and now I find it difficult to recollect engineering stuff.People are telling me to leave behind engineering and focus on the current job.But somehow i cant manage to do it.Please advise.

    1. Vedansha

      Hey !!..If you are really interested in Designing then you can try M.des. You can give ceed and NID entrance tests. Check out for these. I just read your content and I thought of sharing this I mean in any case you like this!!. Thanks.

  24. Sayan

    nice one ….. 🙂

    looking forward to read more of your articles on this .

    anyway , you are in R&D group 4 right ?

  25. A

    I want to marry a girl I love from 6 years and then want to b a scientist. .Im preparing for GATE for that.

  26. sourav sarkar

    Now i am pusuing M.Tech from NIT Durgapur in Operations Research… The lion’s share of the credit goes to Zaheed… Thank you so much… Its being a pleasure to know and get guided by a person like you… May God bless you… Thank You…

    1. Mohammed Ali

      How much you scored in GATE for NIT Durgapur?

  27. Seema

    Sir, hats off to you for this great post! Since the last few months I too have been pondering over this question, and still I can’t find any answers. But I know one thing that this is one of the most important questions one can ask in his/her life, and the early we get answer, the better. As every other kid in India, we just follow the rat race without giving having any thorough introspection(I myself included in this race). I feel like I was much more interested in technology in school, than after spending four years in an average Private college. I really clueless to what should I do now as I have lost GATE after waiting for a year. After reading biographies, I feel the happiest person is the one who knows what’s his/her passion and is following it, whatever it may be. I just keep reminding myself the words of Steve Jobs ” If you don’t know what it is, just keep looking for it.”

    As to your question, what would I have been if not an Engineer, its always been changing as I always wanted to be a scientist or an astronaut as a kid but now I think in future, I would like to open an Animal Rescue Centre or a career centre for school students where I could help them to find their interest inspire to create their future according to their interests and dont make blind desicions.

  28. Ganesh

    really its,,, complicated question…!!! even photography is my hobby.. but i would like to do a small job which keeps me happy and engaged… like a mechanic or a driver, any small job that gives time and space to me and my family… personally speaking software engg job sucks personal and family life…

    1. Lorin Ahmed

      I feel same like you buddy!! A happy and small life… but impossible in today’s world. A normal and small person can never be happy here.

  29. Krunal Patel

    Born as an Engineer, Die as an Engineer.

  30. Praveen Singh

    I’m reading InI since last 2 year and you really post interesting things. Sometimes it makes me think, “is it good what I’m doing? Is this is the thing I wanted in my life?” and get a reply… “I don’t know”. I am very confused with my life and want to know what is better for me. My dream jobs have been changing by time and are still changing. Don’t know where I will end up. I like computers but don’t like engineering. I don’t want to go for M.Tech so looking forward for MBA. But now I think, if I wanted to do MBA then why I opted for Engg at the first time. I always aspired to be a businessman, but never got a good idea. You have a good sense of this thing sir, please help me if you can. I hope later in life when i will go through my past, I’ll be satisfied with my life.

  31. dev

    95% engg dislike engg…its factual..

  32. Ravi

    It’s regret to say that ,the quality of your blog is going down rather than guidance blog to GATE it has become more philosophical blog.Even in the above post there are lot of spelling mistakes, it was not the same few years back . I think you are time pressed.Hoping to see a quality post from you .

    PS:As your blog had helped me to secure admission in IIT few years back please consider above comment of mine as reader of your blog , nothing personal.


    1. Zahid

      Sorry Ravi, if you feel that way. I gave my best here and try to give my best all the time to help others. Its just reflections of my mind during certain time. This post you would come back after four years and will like it. Because it is a reflection of mind after working for four year 🙂

    2. Ravi

      Hmmm ok Zahid!


    3. Abhijit

      Dude, the post gives guidance at many levels. If you really care about ‘spellings’ and ‘grammar’ rather than content…then check first sentence of your comment…
      It should be either “I regret to say that..” or “It’s regretful to say that…”
      (and wont appologise for any offence..because it really doesn’t matter!)

  33. govind

    Excellent thoughts , ideas will be germinated in the minds of readers and great inspiration, definitely. In the race and competition, we should think first “what i want to do ? Will my decision make me say ‘I am satisfied’ ?”

    Only dead fish goes with the flow…

    1. siva kumar

      nice statement “only dead fish goes with the flow”

  34. VV

    Hi Zahid, I’ve given a lot of thought to this question over and over again. And, the only thing that flashes my mind are the images of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Larry Ellison. Starting from a very young age, I was inspired by reading their biographies. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and help the poor societies. The main constraint for me was that, I’m from a lower middle class family, i.e. we have the money to spend for what we need(basic necessities) and not for what we want. I got a full scholarship during school right from 1st std till 10+2. I had a dream of studying in IITs, but couldn’t afford to join any coaching, so scored less in maths in JEE. I asked my father whether I could skip a year for studying for JEE, he denied abruptly (maybe his decision was right after all). But, I had good marks in 10+2 (not the best). So having no choice, I joined Computer Science in an engineering college nearby (to skip the hostel fee). I took an educational loan from a bank. Then I accepted my fate, and improved myself by developing my English and technical skills, during college. I successfully learnt 18 programming languages during the first three years, got selected as a Microsoft Student Partner and even won prizes in various technical symposiums, including an online hacking contest conducted by the best college in my region. But at the end, like most of the average students (with beginner programming skills), I got an offer from a good MNC for 3 lpa. But I always thought something was not right. I asked myself, what’s the difference between me and the other students who got placed in the same company. Having done so many things in the 4 years of study, I still get to be on of them who just focused on scoring good marks and with meager technical skills. So when I asked my professor, he suggested me to do M.Tech from IITs or NITs. But I had less than a month for GATE, so I didn’t apply for it. Now I’m really confused. When I asked various industry professionals, they said they would focus on only one technology for their entire career. This really hurt my mind very badly. I really want to work with all the technologies at the same time. I really want to make a new software/web product like Facebook or something that influences the whole world, and make India proud. I’ve been having an everlasting urge to prove myself. I’m about to complete my final year. So, I have a thought of skipping a year and work on my dream project right-away. Now I have three options.

    1) Joining the job for 3 lpa. (safe but not interesting)
    2) Joining higher studies ( or MS) next year. (not safe but interesting)
    3) Work on my dream project. (risky but exciting)

    As you are an experienced person and a true mentor, please suggest me a good path.

    1. OMPrakash

      Dear VV, I am happy that atleast there is someone like me(in all sense).
      The students are seemed to be in cat-mouse race for marks, good job. yada yada.

      Being from a lower middle class family, i lack resources of all kind to do something risky in life. But do we need to be satisfied with what we have?

    2. kalyan

      18 languages???totally unnecessary!If you want a hefty package, get your basics right and learn one programming language and learn it in depth!it takes 7 or 8 years to become a specialist in one programming language!this is the what the companies want,a specialist in one platform,not someone who just knows basics of all languages!you should be able to develop a software in your interested technology with minimum guidance given to you!If you have dream projects or willingness to start an own company,gather some experience and Then indulge in it!!just take a breather, think normal and Join that job.And later,you can try to do a masters degree and your dream project there!

    3. Yog

      Hi brother, i liked some of the things of ur post very is that u learned 18 programing languages in ur engineering. Second is u want to work with all the technologies at the same time. Third is you want to make something that will make INDIA Proud.
      Actually i have seen very few people who wanted to do all or most of the things simultaneously & very fast.
      But you know, you will find people saying that you have to focus on something to prove yourself. Actually its true, but i personally believe that if you have caliber & if u can believe yourself that u can do it, then u can go on with anything.
      I think you should go on with ur 2nd or 3rd option. But condition is M.Tech with some good institute or else atleast from such an institute having a great faculty, since i am already experiencing this, it matters a lot.

      I hope Zahid sir will guide you on this because he is a well experienced player..

    4. Sushant

      My thoughts are just similar to you, but you don’t really need to master all technologies. First choose you area of interest e.g. web development then master any one of its technology and then create product in it. And most important , please don’t expect overnight success from your product, it can be failure also. So if you want to become entrepreneur , be ready to face failures. But if you keep struggling, you will become successful one day. YOU CANNOT BECOME ENTREPRENEUR IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF FAILURES.
      I recommend you to read book ‘Connecting the Dots by Rashmi Bansal’.

    5. siva kumar

      HI VV,
      I am a final year ece guy . I am really happy to see your reply for this post and others replies for your reply. Because I came to know that many people are feeling just like me.
      In my case i) preparing for gate 2013
      ii) getting into a good MNC with a good package where i got placed
      iii) working towards my dream
      after thinking a lot i decided to start working towards my dream.

  35. Divyanjali

    Hello sir,
    its a real tricky question. I have completed my B.Tech last year and still wonder why, on fist hand, I went for B.Tech.
    I thought about a lot of career options, but engineering was never in the list. The reason is I could not decide what should I do? So influencing by my friends i choose it.
    Now, like you, i am not satisfied with my knowledge at this level. So want to do M.Tech. But don’t know what after M.Tech?
    Obviously, not software engineering. May be I will go for a teaching career or PhD. But if PhD, then what next? I am still searching…….

    1. dev

      ITS NOT only u believe me its about every one .. some those r honest like u speak it some just keep quite

  36. Michael

    Dear Zahid,
    This is Inspire and Ignite. This site is meant for something else. agree you had written this post to determine what we want to become, but you could have shared something meaningful rather than showing off your success story and sort of what you believe are achievements.

  37. Cooltrekk

    Hi Zahid,

    Of all the posts on InI so far, i liked this one the most. With the expertise & experience you have, mentoring students comes naturally to you.
    But this post is unique in the sense that it invokes thoughts of self-questioning. It is so true that you can not move on & on in life only on external impetuses, there comes a time when you have to look within.

    To cut long story short, i am in the same boat as you a bit behind on the timeline. After successfully completing my B-tech in E&C in 2009 managed to be in top 2 academically :), landed in an IT job with a reputed IT firm.

    Carrying on the same since last two & half years, feel like a square peg in a round hole. I had enough of moving in life on external impetus but now i know i that i can not go like this anymore.

    The only glitch is that, i have not moved much since i started pondering over this question ‘What I want to do in life?’. In fact, i have been playing it too safe so far clinging to my current job.

    Feels like i will have to leave shores to sail far in the sea now.

    Would like to hear from you at [email protected] .

    Keep moving, keep inspiring.

  38. Mohit Abhishek

    Well, I had completed B.E. in CSE from BIT Mesra last year, qualified in GATE with 97.5 percentile. At the same time, I had opted for CAT also & scored 98.9 percentile. I was recruited in DELL India & another local company. DELL was providing a handsome salary of 6.5 lakhs.

    I was a lot confused that time. What to do? Join DELL or take admission in NIT (as there’s no chances of IIT) or join IIM or other prestigious MBA College.

    As the package of IIMs are better than NITs & even IITs. So, I decided to do MBA. Finally, I got a seat in IIM-Ranchi for the course of PGDHRM. It’s entirely different from what I had learnt during B.E. Nothign related to CS or Engineering. In simple terms, my knowledge related to CS moves to Hell. In the intial time, I can remember just one dialogue from 3 idiots, पहले Engineering किया, फिर MBA कर के United States में Bank का नौकरी करने चला गया; जब Bank में ही नौकरी करना था तो Engineering क्यों किया| It was completely applicable for me. The term Aamir Khan had used for that person was गधा & most probably, I am that गधा|

    But later on, I realized that from my childhood, I want to become Business-man. Now a days, idiots use the term entrepreneurship and feels that it’s also a job, a prestigious job. During my childhood, I use to make silly business plans for small scale, better to say cottage industries. For instance, I was very much interested to setup a Papad & local potato Chips Factory. Again, I was a lot interested to setup a travel agency where I will drive taxis & pick up passengers from railway station at very low cost.

    After spending an year of time in IIM-Ranchi, I am now feeling that business-tycoons are inborn & any IIMs cannot produce a great business man. Yeah, IIMs provide handsome salary & is meant to produce hard & smart workers only.

    Now, I am really in a mood to setup my personal IT Company. Only initiating my personal IT Company will help to use all my skills & my knowledge over computers & again my interest on programming will not die. I am really in a need of investor, who can provide initial seeding.

    I am so much interested in my company that I want to quit IIM-R (inspired from the top Billionares of the world) & start the company from today itself but don’t have the guts to quit IIM as I had taken birth in India. But truly speaking, once I get into the touch of superb investors of the state, I will start my company & at the same time will continue in IIM. Well, I am in contact with IIM-R till next March, just a few months left.

    I will move to my dreams rather just working as an employee in top companies with superb handsome salary.

    1. rajender

      hello mohit;
      i am also in same situation as you 2year ago. but yaar we cannot spent whole life as a programmer .after some exp we become team leader and other managerial position .so doing mba after is not a gadha like task . 3 idiots is only a movie and don’t inspired by a dialogue . it has nothing to do with reality .ok

    2. Mohit Abhishek

      Agree with you. But, my specialization is Human Resources & it’s hard to get a job in software field with a superb package. There are chances that I will get a job in Banks or in Reliance industries (my Dream Company). So, the role of software will be vanished from my life, once I join these sort of companies. Only starting my personal company will help me to utilize my knowledge of software & MBA (PGDHRM).

      Again, Reliance industries (Mukesh Ambani wala) provides huge package to its managers. I means to say above 30 lakhs & again increment is great.


    HI zahid,
    what u said was wright, none will be able to answer this question ,but people get to decide thing only when u know properly about the questions arises are how do we get to know about things ?what happens if i choose something ?……these sort of things are the actually the ones which make us to choose.what i say is keep fallowing,the path ahead of u .
    After all every one wants to be successful,well settled,happy.

    i think u for got to mention about what u choose when it came to u?

  40. Sushant

    I think everyone should ask this question to our self daily, because we are so buys in our daily activities that we almost forgot why we are doing this, we just keep walking without knowing where road ends. We can see many software people with higher packages but still not satisfactory with their jobs, we choose our career field to earn money, but we forgot that money is secondary, passion is more important.

    I recommend you to watch this grt video of Ruchi Sanghavi from Facebook:

    1. meenakshi

      The video was awesome…thanks for the link…it has truely inspired me…:)

  41. bakeel

    excellent post sir… inshallah you will get all the things that you want… wishing u a very good luck ahead.. 🙂

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