Steve On Love, Loss And Confidence

I finished my demonstration with an amazing feeling of working with few of most hardworking people in the industry. Can you imagine non of us know MRI machine before and we are on to making one of the miracles of physics, maths and computer science that gave a new direction to medical domain.

Few of the smart people from different work profiles are put together in a place and asked to make a miracle and after eight months of hard work they did make it thought its not perfect but they took the first image from the magnate that would take a shape in few days. I was just standing and looking at the faces that didn’t sleep for last couple of weeks preparing for it. Every single individual know what he has contributed and what is important in their module. I strongly believe everyone single individual loved what they are doing and gave their best. At least I am sure about my work and contribution I made.

The moment we finished the demonstration the team decided to go for dinner. But I really wanted to rush to home because I have been missing InI for a long time. All these amazing and fast forward things in life reminded me of one old post that wrote about Steve job. He once said, ““Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.” The time I am going through I really feel this so closely. Life never had been soo beautiful and amazing. I love what I am doing at work and love much more to share it at InI.

Yesterday at lunch I was talking to a friend and told him how amazing things turned for us in months, he said how easily you forget the sleepless nights and the super stress of deadlines. I was like yes we forget all because the what we are getting this evening is just amazing and we all always wanted to work on a challenge that gives us a happy that makes us forget the super effort we put in all together for months.

If you really something trust me you will give your full efforts into it. There no need for someone to come and motivate us, no need for someone to wake us up for the dream we want to realize. Just try to expand the idea of love from a single opposite gender to the whole world. The same amount of effort would go to different domains and you will really know what I am talking to you. The same amount of effort is needed for everything you will do in life as the amount of effort you put into see someone you love, same sacrifice and same amount of eagerness.

Trust me if you love something you will be ready to lose everything for it. I mean you will be ready to leave timely pleasure, movies, dramas, time pass and even routine that you followed for years long and you really don’t think twice about them. That’s what steve job was talking about love loss and confidence. I ask to listen to you his whole talk at Stanford.

You all are preparing for GATE, time is hard you need to change many things you have been doing for years. You need to move ahead and give your best of efforts to crack it. Remember that someone next door is preparing for GATE with love and full heartedness and if you really want to stand out you need to at least love the preparation at least as good as you love it. Accept the challenge and give your efforts and you will love it whatever the result is. Without full efforts you neither be happy nor like the time you are preparing for it.

Show total sincerity and love for your goals without that it’s impossible to reach there. If you are not sincere to yourself then whom will you are sincere in life?

Wish you all a great luck ahead.


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