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InI Research Is Finally Here!!!!

A super duper busy day, woke up at 5 AM (don’t ask when I slept ; ) ) and got onto computer. I know its going to be a busy day, as I announced on InI FB page that we are launching InI Research. I still had to make a video and to some technical stuff at the extended blog itself where pending. Above all, I was invited for a lunch at Seoul, so I have only 6 hrs to do all that. The worst is video rendering itself take around 2 hrs (comp gets dead with that).

With all these things in my mind I got exhausted just in two hours n when I saw the warm bed could not resist ; ) Finally I woke up only one a friend’s message to start to go to Seoul. Took the super fast shower on the earth and ran.

When returning after Maghrib (evening prayers, I do at restaurants here ; )) drove at 140KMPH and told my friend that I need to catch up with something fast. On the way grabbed an Americano ( Kind of coffee) so that my tiredness is not shown in Vid 😀 (Ignore if I look tired, if not just trust me :D)

Here We announce

InI Research

I promise that this is going to be a great place for all who want to do research either in form of MS or PhD. A long-term plan with good hands would help you reach out there with a totally new perspective beyond what you have been hearing and thinking for a long time.

I know third year exams are over and this is just a right time for us to launch PhD as part of many other project that you can expect very soon : )

Thank you all for your love suggestions and naggings to provide best possible information.

Wish you all a great luck and ask you to join hands with InI.


  1. salman ulhaq

    zahid bhai superb, u are an inspiration for each and every believer.

  2. Betsy

    Thank God a lot at last there is someone who will be able to give information on the MS programs in IITs…………been searching for a long time thanku once again in advance.

    1. Rohit Raju

      Betsy, you can read this blog post

      click the red marked links.

  3. ashwin

    Hi Zahid,

    I am following your blog since i started preparing for Gate 2011 and I cracked that GATE….and i got admission in VNIT, Nagpur. Now i have completed my Masters and i m doing job as an Asst Professor. But now i want to pursue Phd either from IIT or Abroad. So I want some guidance regarding Phd from Abroad. can you give me some suggestions regarding how to prepare SOP’s and how to select good universities & all that things.



  4. Vageesha JM

    Super Zahid bhai.. we are grateful to your efforts

  5. kumar

    Hi Zahid,
    I have been waiting for this for long time…I want to know the procedures and requirements for Phd admission at the Univ’s in korea…

  6. Saptarshi Pyne

    Dear Zahid Sir,
    Unlike GATE, Research requires a life-long commitment.
    I am very happy to discover an opportunity of being a part of InI till death.

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