A super duper busy day, woke up at 5 AM (don’t ask when I slept ; ) ) and got onto computer. I know its going to be a busy day, as I announced on InI FB page that we are launching InI Research. I still had to make a video and to some technical stuff at the extended blog itself where pending. Above all, I was invited for a lunch at Seoul, so I have only 6 hrs to do all that. The worst is video rendering itself take around 2 hrs (comp gets dead with that).

With all these things in my mind I got exhausted just in two hours n when I saw the warm bed could not resist ; ) Finally I woke up only one a friend’s message to start to go to Seoul. Took the super fast shower on the earth and ran.

When returning after Maghrib (evening prayers, I do at restaurants here ; )) drove at 140KMPH and told my friend that I need to catch up with something fast. On the way grabbed an Americano ( Kind of coffee) so that my tiredness is not shown in Vid 😀 (Ignore if I look tired, if not just trust me :D)

Here We announce

InI Research

I promise that this is going to be a great place for all who want to do research either in form of MS or PhD. A long-term plan with good hands would help you reach out there with a totally new perspective beyond what you have been hearing and thinking for a long time.

I know third year exams are over and this is just a right time for us to launch PhD as part of many other project that you can expect very soon : )

Thank you all for your love suggestions and naggings to provide best possible information.

Wish you all a great luck and ask you to join hands with InI.